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RadhaKrishn 30th November 2018 Written Episode Update: Krishna Faces Agitated Ox

RadhaKrishn 30th November 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

Ayan makes wild Ox Hasteen smell Kans’ given black magical perfume thinking Krishna will die for sure today. Radha confronts Krishna and says though he may let her win, but he will never get her. Krishna says she deserved to win as she drew really nice rangoli. Radha says he let her win to sit on swinger with her. Krishna says she is amazing, she is a good dancer, good rangoli maker, good advisor to elders, etc. Krishna’s friend calls him. He says he will return after winning final competition. Radha thinks Krishna cannot be understood at all, he told truth though.

Host announces fight between Agitated Ox Hasteen and Krishna. OX attacks Krishna, but Krishna escapes. Ayan thinks Krishna cannot face ox and will succumb. Balram walks to Krishna and asks why he is playing around,

he can beat ox with a single punch. Krishna says nobody is doubting his power, but what will happen after that. Ox gets out of control and starts hitting people. It breaks barrier and hits Ayan first followed by others. It heads towards Radha when Vrishbhan tries to save her and gets hit. Bull runs behind Radha. Balram asks Krishna if he should hit ox. Krishna says why to punish innocent animal, Ayan has done all this mishap, now he will handle this problem. Ox runs behind Radha. Radha runs into jungle and stands under a tree. Bull is about to hit her when Krishna interferes and holds bull. Radha thinks why he is risking his life for her. Krishna asks bull to calk down as it is not his real self. He asks Radha to move behind him and get away from Ox’s vision. Once Radha moves, he shows his and Radha’s united form to ox. Ox stops. Krishna then jumps on ox and pulls Radha behind her, then keeps his hand on ox and calms it down. Radha asks how did ox calm down. Krishna says as their sat together on it like barren land turned into garden. She asks what does he mean. He says he knows her better than herself and asks her to get ready to sit on swinger with him.

Vrishbhan asks Nand if he got any news about Radha. Nand nods no. Krishna enters on ox with Radha. Everyone are surprised while Ayan fumes in jealousy. After a bit of speech, Vrishbhan announces Krishna as winner and says he will sit on swinger with Radha. Everyone chant Krishna’s name.

Krishna gives moral gyaan that nature created all living being and gave means to calm their hunger, in the world, only human learnt to earn and spend money, but human could not fill his hunger due to greed, all living beings don’t gather anything except human, so they should not feel greedy, else they will have to go from world hungry.

Precap: Krishna collapses and thinks he will wake up only if Radha wakes him up. Radha says she will wake him up, but not Krishna. Kans tells Ayan it is time to call most powerful rakshas/monster.

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