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Paramavatar Shri Krishna 27th November 2018 Written Episode Update: All people go to find kanha.

Paramavatar Shri Krishna 27th November 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with all people in village, balram says to everyone, that ekanga has taken kanha away again! She has become a headache now. The people say yes this is too much now, we left her and she is coming here always to trouble our people and is going after everyone, she attacked our village. Damodar says we should not stop now, nand baba now it is time to teach ekanga a lesson, lets go and bring back our kanha. Nand says yes and everyone take sticks and go behind balram and radha.
Narad muni talks with lord Vishnu and says prabhu, the people don’t know what ekanga has done for kanha, ekanga lives inside kanha now. Lord Vishnu says devrishi, I will always be in debt to ekanga and also to shanta! Shanta sacrificed herself for my birth in treta yug and ekanga did the same

for kanha’s birth in dwapar yug. Lord Vishnu says I will always be in debt and will do anything for them.
Everyone reach and see kanha. Balram says kanha you are here? Where is ekanga? Kanha says brother ekanga has gone, she is not here. Balram says how did she go like this? Kanha says brother she wanted something she had craved for all her life, she did not get it that is why she was evil to everyone. Nand says but kanha, how did she leave you alone? Kanha says father, ekanga is not bad, only her situation was bad. Balram says what do you mean? Kanha says brother, I will make you understand just think that you are very hungry and need laddoos, but if you don’t get you will be angry and sad, as soon as you get laddoos you will be very happy and calm, with ekanga it was the same way, she was craving for love and she got it so she calmed down and became happy. Nand and everyone smile and say kanha we understood. All people pick kanha and say hathi ghoda palki jai kanhaiya lal ki. They go back to vrindavan.
Kansa is in his palace and says bhadraksh, there are 2 hari narayana! Bhadraksh says what do you mean bhagwan? Kansa says bhadraksh it means one narayana who gave my aakashvani that I would be killed by kanha and the other narayana hari is me! I am the one who lives in kanha and have become hari as well. Bhadraksh says from that I remembered bhagwan, your soul is kanha so can it be that you will know everything that kanha knows. Kansa suddenly lights up and says oh my, that is true. Rishi charbak says yes kansa, you can know what kanha knows now, because your soul is connected to kanha’s body and mind as well, so you will know everything that he knows.
Radha and kanha are on a swing as it sways forward and backward. Kanha says radha, now I wont stop you from telling anyone who you are, if you want you can go and tell everyone that you are the form of mata laxmi. Radha says no kanha, I understand what it is! I know why we both have been born and what our purpose is.
There bhadraksh goes to kansa and says bhagwan, kanha is with that radha who is also a form of laxmi, because of that laxmi there is shakti in vrindavan, if she is removed then all evil can enter vrindavan and yes, bhagwan you will know everything that kanha knows, because of laxmi that is not possible. Kansa is celebrating the success of putting his soul in kanha’s body, he gets angry and throws his sword down and says first I want that radha dead!

Precap: Yamraj comes to take soul of nachiket. Rishi gargacharya and kanha strip rishi vrijwas from his position of sage.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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