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Nimki Mukhiya 30th November 2018 Written Episode Update: Babbu to divorce Nimki

Nimki Mukhiya 30th November 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Tettar in angry. Nimki says do you know where you are? This is my office. Do you know who am I? I am mukhiya nimki. He says I don’t care. How dare you speak to me like this? Nimki says there is a tea man here. His name is also Tettar. Ritu says we are here to talk about tender. Nimki says sure, chacha will tell you. Tettar says why would we talk to him. Ritu says we should. Tettar sits with Kishan lal and says stand up first. Nimki says talk to him with respect. He works hard here. Ritu says you didn’t get the forms out. Nimki says kishan lal show him the form. Tender was out 15 days ago. Ritu says this is a lie. Nimki says yeah you are a lawyer, go file a case. Tettar says you can’t fool us. Nimki says ask Nehar. Nehar says I got to know 15 days ago. Nimki says couldn’t

find your tender.
Tettar says to Nehar you are also taking her side/ Nhear says hide your face. Tettar gets angry. Nimki says show your anger outside. Tettar says I wont leave her. Ritu takes him.

Moraylal says to abhi Nimki is messing with Babbu every day. this is very dangerous. Abhi says Babbu was insulted by her today too. Mauha and Ram come. Ahi says you.. Mauha says papa wanted to meet you. He is really worried for Nimki. Abhi says don’t worry we are all with her. Mauha says papa wants her to get divorced. Abi says don’t worry I have spoken to lawyer. Ram says what will happen to her. Who will own her?
Ram holds his hand says I am really worried for nimki. Will you handle it? Abhi sas don’t worry I will handle it. Moraylal comes and says some people are here for work. Abhi says to Ram I will talk to you about this tomorrow. Ram leaves with Mauha.

Nimki says see now how Nehar and tettar fight now. Tune says you shouldn’t get him so angry. Nimki says what can he do? Tune says Ram is also worried for you. Nimki says where is Ram? mono says Mauha took him out. Nimki says I will give papa chance to look for a guy for me this time. TNUne says you have to divorce Babbu first. Nimki says I will take revenge for all insults I faced in that haveli.

Scene 2
Tettar comes home angry. Dablo says lost the game.. Annaro says what game. He says I am talking about my phone. tettar says ask him to shut up. Rekha says he couldn’t become anything. Tettar says I worse than Nehar right now. Babu says Nimki insulted us again. We lost the contract. Ritu says we will go to collector and say that Nimki gave the contract to her friend. Sweeti says if she gives it to Tettar people will say she gave it to her father in law. We haven’t divorced her yet. Rekha says she is right. She should be divorced. Tettar says you are right. Tettar says Babbu sign the papers and give it to me.
Precap-Ramla says take divorce and end this. Nimki says I wont take, I will give him divorce in front of everyone.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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