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Muskaan 30th November 2018 Written Episode Update: Ronak accepts Sujjan’s challenge

Muskaan 30th November 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

The Episode starts with Ronak and Muskaan coming for the engagement. Sir ji asks Ronak is he ready or not. Gayatri asks Muskaan to take a step ahead and accept this relation in front of the society. Muskaan thinks I m getting this respect because of a lie. She takes the ring for Ronak. Sir ji thinks I know Ronak can’t get engaged. Sir ji and Gayatri ask Ronak and Muskaan to exchange the rings. Ronak forwards his hand. Muskaan holds Ronak’s hand and makes him wear the ring. Sir ji gets shocked. Everyone claps. Ronak sees Sir ji.

He holds Muskaan’s hand. Someone comes to stop the engagement. Sir ji asks how dare you come in my house like this. Sujjan says I m Sujjan singh, I m Muskaan’s husband, I have come to take my wife. Sir ji scolds him. Gayatri says how can you call Muskaan as your


Sujjan says I can show you the photos. Ronak and everyone get shocked seeing the pics. Sujjan gets fake evidences. Lovely says this girl has come here and some drama begins here. Muskaan says all this is a lie. Sujjan says I have paid big amount to marry her, I gave money to her family, she would have come here for money, she has fooled me a lot, come. Gayatri says leave my bahu. She falls down. Ronak holds Gayatri. Sir ji shouts Gayatri. Ronak says Sujjan singh, before I break your hand, leave her. Sujjan challenges Ronak for a boxing match. She says if you win, you will get Muskaan, else you will lose her and your life as well, tell me do you accept. He laughs. Ronak accepts the challenge. He says I will get you to senses. Sujjan says you have lost your mind. He warns Ronak. Muskaan and Gayatri ask Ronak not to go. Ronak leaves.

Ronak and Sujjan come for the match. People cheer for Ronak. The fight begins. Sir ji looks on. Ronak gets beaten up. Bua says this girl is a problem for us, Ronak is always in trouble. Lovely says mum, save Ronak, send Muskaan to her husband’s house, Ronak’s life is in danger. Bua says yes, throw her out, save Ronak. Muskaan plays the shank. Gayatri goes to see. Muskaan and everyone pray. Ronak gets beaten up. He fights with Sujjan. Sujjan says you have a habit to bite the dust. He smiles. Sir ji sees Ronak and goes home. He asks will you take my son’s life, if he is your life, go and save him, prove you love him, end this game before he dies. Muskaan cries and says even if I don’t come back, Ronak will surely come. Sir ji stops Gayatri. Muskaan leaves.

Muskaan sees Ronak falling unconscious. She stops Sujjan and says I m ready to come with you. Sujjan takes her. She cries.

Update Credit to: Amena

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