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Meri Hanikarak Biwi 30th November 2018 Written Episode Update: Ira gets Akhilesh’s sample

Meri Hanikarak Biwi 30th November 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Ira scolding baba for cheating them and taking Akhilesh’s sample. She says I will kill you, that sample is the last hope of my pregnancy, where is that sample, tell me. He says you can take my life, I have already burnt that sample. The man asks why is baba lying to this girl. She drops the trishul and cries. He says Akhilesh can’t become a father again, you are the reason for this, you did his vasectomy. Ira says it means Akhilesh can never become a father, I had this last hope, I broke Pushpa’s biggest dream. She cries and goes. The man asks why did you lie to her, Akhilesh took the box home. Baba says when this girl goes home and tells this truth, Akhilesh will angrily oust her from house, his family will end this way. He laughs.

Akhilesh says we should

burn this vibhuti fast. Chandu says yes, we will burn it, first check how does this look. Ira comes. Akhilesh hides the box. He asks what’s the matter. She says I need to talk something imp. He gets a call from Banaras. Sushila informs him about the house sale. Akhilesh says we are not selling it, stop any agent from doing this. He wonders who is doing this. Devina comes and says Ira wants to sell it. Pushpa comes and asks what happened. Devina shows Ira’s ticket to Banaras. She says Ira has gone there to sell your ancestral house. They get shocked. Pushpa scolds Ira. Birju thinks how shall I tell them the truth.

Pushpa tells the importance of her house where Akhilesh was born. She shouts why did you lie to me. She coughs. Akhilesh asks her to calm down. Devina asks what’s wrong with you. Ira says I didn’t go there to sell the house. Akhilesh asks why did you lie. Ira asks Chandu to get Pushpa’s medicine. Chandu gets it. Ira asks Pushpa to have medicines. Pushpa gets stable. Ira thinks I can’t tell the truth to Pushpa, she can get more sick. Akhilesh says calm down, I have sent Ira to sell the house. Devina says you are lying. He says much money is required for my operation, I didn’t wish to use dad’s money, so I thought to sell the house, I told Ira not to tell this to anyone until the deal happens. Devina says sorry to say this, you are lying to save Ira. Pushpa says he never lies. Devina says I m so done with it. She goes.

Pushpa says I would have not stopped you, I want to become grandma. She apologizes to Ira. Ira asks her not to apologize. Akhilesh asks Pushpa to take rest. She says I m fine, don’t worry. He takes Pushpa to her room. Ira goes to her room and cries. She says everything got ruined, baba ruined the sample, what did I do, I m harmful. Akhilesh comes and says harm didn’t happen, what’s the matter, I had to lie for Pushpa, answer me.

She says I was trying to arrange money for reversal. He says you should have told me. She says I can’t hide truth from you. He says I also want to tell you something, I went to that cave and got this box, that baba can’t control anyone now. She thinks this ice box is to store sample, it means Akhilesh’s sample isn’t destroyed. She asks what’s inside. He says vibhuti, by which baba hypnotizes people, now he can’t harm my family, just ruin this. She thinks he doesn’t know the truth, it means we can still become parents. She hugs him. He asks what happened. She says I go to do right work and harm others, you go to do wrong work and benefit others, you are the best. He says you are happy as someone said you will become a mother. She says you gave me similar happiness. Chandu comes and says explain Pushpa, she is making laddoo and saying she will become Dadi. Akhilesh says don’t hide anything from us. Ira promises. Akhilesh goes. Ira sees the sample and smiles. She says once I get pregnant, all the problems will end.

Aditya says selling the house was my idea. Devina gets shocked. Ira confirms about the sample. Mishra says tests are done, but there is a bad news.

Update Credit to: Amena

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