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Mariam Khan Reporting Live 30th November 2018 Written Episode Update: Fawad rescues Mariam

Mariam Khan Reporting Live 30th November 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Zain meeting Aaliya. He recalls Mahira and goes. Aaliya asks why isn’t he talking to me. Rifat says when will I get rid of these problems. Choti says you should get Zain remarried, even Aaliya needs a mum. Rifat agrees and says I need someone who raises Aaliya as her own daughter. Meher looks on and thinks if marriage was the only solution to end problems, none would have problems, everyone has only one solution, marriage. Rifat asks about Fawad’s job. Mariam is at office. Everyone claps for her. Fawad says the award goes to Manjeet Kaur. He gives her an award. Mariam sees Akshay.

Fawad says I thought I know journalism, but I was wrong. Mariam asks what big thing did you do that you are boasting about you, I just have to reach people’s heart. He

says you think this is called journalism, what do you know about us, we need to stay awake all night for a small news, you think what you are doing is reporting, you are wrong, follow up keeps that news alive, after Majaaz’s news, you know about the people’s lives in risk, you don’t know anything about reporting, focus on Majaaz khan. Mariam thinks my dad can’t hurt anyone innocent, I need to find the truth. She says you want to see my reporting, give me an assignment. He says terrorism has terror in its name, its dangerous. She says I m used to handle dangerous things. She takes the challenge. Rifat taunts Madiha and Biji. Madiha argues with her and taunts. Rifat gets angry on Madiha. She screams when something falls on her. She shouts lizard. Biji says Lord made a joke on you. She goes. Rifat says she is talking too much.

Majaaz meets someone and asks him not to make any mistake again. Mariam comes there. Majaaz goes away. Mariam gets the message about the informer. Fawad sees Mariam and says when you know whats his next plan, only then you can stop him. He keeps an eye on Mariam. She goes ahead. She sees Fawad in the mirror. She turns to see. She doesn’t see him. She meets the same man. Fawad looks on. The man stares at her. Mariam warns the man. The man says she is asking me for Majaaz’s info, come with me. They go to some place. The man and the goons catch Mariam. She gets worried. The man asks Mariam to come to him. She asks what are you doing. Fawad comes there and beats the men. He protects Mariam. Saansein jahan….plays…. Mariam hugs Fawad and cries.

Mariam says even if you hadn’t come there, I would have managed myself. Fawad scolds her. He says I was scared of that situation and followed you. She asks why. He says because I….

Update Credit to: Amena

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