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Ladies Special 30th November 2018 Written Episode Update: Ashok Disappoints Babita

Ladies Special 30th November 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

Mini tries to study in her room. Babita brings food for her. She walks to bed angrily. Babita pampers her and asks why did not she have food. Mini says she does not want to have food. Babita asks not to get angry for small issue. Mini says she has exams. Babita says she knows she never sleeps during Mini’s exams and never has food without Mini. Mini says she told papaji loves and cares for her, but he proved today he does not. Babita says he does and will prove soon. Next morning, Mini gets ready for school and sees Ashok ordering to fix AC by evening. Lovely says her babes/Babita’s room is getting AC. Mini gets happy and touches Ashok’s feet. Ashok is surprised and asks what happened. Babita says she is going for exam, so taking his blessings. Dadaji says daughters

don’t touch feet. Mini says why should only boys get blessings, it is gender equality. She touches Dadaji, Daadi, Babita, Sukhwinder phupa who gives her hi-fi. Babita feeds her curds and asks to touch Lovely bua’s feet. Lovely asks Ashok if family can go to movie. Ashok agrees. Mini thinks Ashok will take Babita for movie and touches Lovely’s feet. Lovely asks if she is fine. Mini says her promise and leaves for school.

Babita tells she will go for movie with Mini after her exams. Dadaji insists that Mini will go later with her friend, Babita should go for a movie with Ashok. Babita agrees and shyingly gets ready looking into mirror and asks Ashok how is she looking. Ashok speaking to his girlfriend Meeta over phone says she looks good in any dress. Babita shies. He realizes she is in room and walks away. Lovely tries to book 5 tickets for her, Sukhi, Dadi, Ashok and Babita. Ashok takes phone and tries to book tickets next. Babita shyingly asks to book corner seats for them. Ashok lies that only 4 tickets are available, so if Babita can stay back and go with Mini after her exams. Babita gets sad. Dadaji asks Daadi to stay back and let youngsters go, but Lovely insists Dadi to accompany and walks away with Ashok and Dadi. Dadaji yells old woman wants to watch movie instead of sending son and DIL, woman is woman’s enemy. Babita sadly says it is okay, she will watch movie some other day.

Mini returns home after exam and say dadaji she left 7 marks question. Dadaji asks to go and inform Babita. Mini asks if Babes did not go to movie and rushes to her. Sad Babita acts as smiling and says she stayed back for her. Mini asks how can papaji ignore her like this and takes her out to have masala dosa, orders it, and says her Babes prepares excellent Pujabi food, but loves Madrasi dosa. Dosa comes, Babita finishes one. Mini thinks sometimes she thinks she is Babes’ mother, when Babes get gets, she binge eats. She offers her dosa and says she can understand Lovely bua and Dadi’s rude behavior, but how can papaji ignore her and go for a movie alone. Babita says he cares for her, so he ordered AC for her and even gifted her lipstick. Mini says she will ask Papaji to take Babes to London, if he loves her, he will. Babita angrily asks how is she to confront papaji and walks away. Mini thinks whatever Babes think, she will confront papaji.

Precap: Meeta insists Ashok to inform about her to his family. He over phone informs Lovely. Lovely nervously informs family.

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