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Krishna Chali London 30th November 2018 Written Episode Update: Krishna understands Radhe’s helplessness

Krishna Chali London 30th November 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Radhe asking Krishna to leave from his life. He asks her to go anywhere or London, whatever she wants to decide. Shuklain stops him and slaps. She asks are you out of your mind, are you asking Krishna to leave from this house, the responsibility of saving this house and to keep everyone healthy is of this girl, you are saying as if you won’t get affected by her leaving. Radhe says yes, I won’t be affected by Krishna. He lies to them. The doctor says if your blood group matches with Sheikh, your kidney can help him. He takes Shukla’s blood sample. Shukla gets shocked.

Doctor says I got the sample, we can conduct the operation if the blood group matches. Shukla begs them to leave. Doctor says you should have thought of this before hitting on our man, you

will lose your kidney. Shukla asks Chandan to listen to him, leave him. He falls back.

Bela and her mum get glad for TT and dance. Bela’s mum asks how did this happen, Radhe always disliked TT, how did he agree. Bela says you forget all this. TT asks what about the problems ahead. Bela says I will complete my task, Lord’s blessings are with me. Gajanan consoles Shuklain. Lali and Shuklain cry. Krishna comes. Bela taunts Krishna and laughs. Triloki praises Bela. Gajanan gets a lawyer come. He calls out Shuklain and everyone. Shuklain asks what happened. Gajanan asks Radhe to come. Gajanan asks lawyer to start the work.

Lawyer says I m not saying this, its the law, the divorce case between Radhe and Krishna has been filed in the court, the court will give the verdict after 6 months, they can remarry someone else only after 6 months. Gajanan asks shall I explain this to you again. Lali says Gajanan, I knew you wouldn’t let me down. Radhe thinks I can’t get money if divorce doesn’t happen, I have to do something. Bela gets a message that divorce case can get done in fast track. Bela asks the lawyer about it. Lawyer says it can happen if both the parties want it. Radhe asks Lawyer to do it then, get the divorce papers in 3 days, then I will get mahurat for my marriage with TT. He says I m doing this by having a well thought. Bela smiles. Radhe asks Krishna to sign the papers in 3 days. Lali asks Krishna to please say no.

Shuklain cries. Krishna agrees to sign. Dadda smiles. Krishna says confirm the date after three days, and fix his marriage as well. She says its between Radhe and me, so let us decide. She gives best wishes for Krishna’s marriage. She says I won’t waste your much time, you have to prepare for your marriage and I have to prepare to leave you forever. Krishna goes. Bela’s mum gets thankful. She asks Radhe to take the initiative, he should remove the veil off TT’s face. Radhe gets reluctant. He lifts the veil and sees TT. Bela sings Raja ki ayegi baraat…. Radhe asks can I leave now, are you done. Bela says go, get a facial done, you are going to become a groom. He goes. Krishna says I didn’t agree for this, I have bought three days time to find out what’s wrong. Lali asks what do you mean. Krishna says I understand Radhe, he wants to marry TT for a reason, I think the matter is something else, I have seen truth in his eyes, he wasn’t looking at my eyes, I must find out the truth.

Radhe says I have sold myself and earned money, I have agreed to marry TT. Dubey and Bua get shocked. Krishna signs the papers and cries. Radhe looks at her.

Update Credit to: Amena

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