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Ishqbaaz 30th November 2018 Written Episode Update: Priyanka elopes to marry Rajiv

Ishqbaaz 30th November 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Priyanka calls Shivaye wrong. Shivaye and Om leave. Rudra says we can’t help if anyone loses mind, don’t request her, she will have food if she feels hungry, come on, Bhavya. He takes Anika, Bhavya and Gauri out. He locks the door and says this is the only way to stop her. Anika says this isn’t any solution. He says I know her, she will get adamant at first but agree later. Sahil calls Khanna. He says I want accounts book of Oberoi pharmaceuticals. Khanna says sorry, just Shivaye can check that, its Shivaye’s rules. Sahil says its not bad to change rules with time, your work is to follow orders, go now. Khanna says I just follow Shivaye’s orders. Sahil says I m Shivaye’s brother in law, go and get accounts book, your habit is to tell everything to Shivaye, he is much worried for Priyanka,

no need to disturb him. Khanna nods and goes.

Anika says Shivaye and Priyanka are alike, they didn’t have food and medicines. Anika comes to Priyanka. She sees the food tray. She asks Priyanka to have food. Priyanka asks do you think I m doing wrong. Anika says love isn’t wrong, but leaving all relations for one is wrong, have food, else your brothers won’t have food, I promise I will try to convince Shivaye. Shivaye asks someone to get Rajiv’s details. Anika says I want to talk about Priyanka, she loves Rajiv, for the sake of her happiness, we must give him a chance, she may end up doing wrong in anger. Shivaye says she is my sister, knowing that guy is wrong, how shall I agree. She says meet him once, maybe he is a nice guy, she will be glad that you gave him a chance, she was heartbroken because of Daksh, please give a chance to Rajiv. He says fine if you are saying, I will give him a chance.

She asks him to have food. He asks did Priyanka have food. She says yes. She feeds him food. He thanks her for support. Rudra shouts to him. They rush. Rudra says Priyanka has run away. They get shocked. Everyone tries to find Priyanka. Nani says don’t know why did she do this. Dadi says she has lost her mind. Rudra shouts to Shivaye. He says I have asked her friends, she is nowhere. Shivaye says where do I find her. Om says maybe she went to Rajiv, call the investigator and ask for info. Shivaye calls and asks Sanket to find out about Rajiv. Om says you locked the door right. Rudra says yes, but the door was open. Shivaye asks who opened the door. Anika says I did, I fed food to her and forgot to lock the door. Shivaye says its imp thing, she has run away because of you, Rajiv provoked her to run away, that’s why I told you, that guy isn’t right for my sister, if anything happens to her, I won’t forgive you.

Shivaye recalls Priyanka and says what happened to you, you always took my advice, you didn’t feel the need to ask me before taking your life’s big decision. Anika gets medicines for him. He throws the glass and asks Anika to just go. She says I didn’t marry you to leave you alone in problems, its my mistake, I forgot, I can’t think of locking up someone. He says you think I m liking it, Rudra did this for a reason, you have seen the result now. She asks how long can you lock her up, she loves Rajiv, we can’t stop her. He says she loved Daksh before, she loves a wrong guy even now. She says I know what Priyanka means to you, just you can get her back. He says sorry Anika, I vented all my anger on you. She says if I have right on your love, I have right even on your anger. Shivaye gets Sanket’s call. He says great, I got Rajiv’s address, I will get Priyanka. Om says we will come along. Shivaye says no, stay here, take care of Nani and Dadi, I will call you when I get any info. He comes to Rajiv’s house and finds it locked. He asks a man about Rajiv. The man says yes, he stays here. Shivaye says but his house is locked. The man says yes, he left some time back, a girl was with him. Shivaye says she was Priyanka, where did they go. He gets Priyanka’s message… I m marrying. He calls Om.

Priyanka is at the temple. Rajiv asks her to come. She says I m thinking of Shivaye, he is like my parent, if I marry against his wish, his heart will break. He says I don’t want to force you, you can go home, Shivaye won’t let us meet again. She says you know I love you, so I have come here to marry you. He says we have to give a name to this relation, else we can’t stay together. She holds his hand. Shivaye comes there and shouts Priyanka…. He asks her to come home. She says I love Rajiv. Shivaye scolds Rajiv. Rajiv says you can’t take Priyanka this way. Shivaye pushes him. Priyanka asks are you hurt Rajiv. Everyone comes. Shivaye says Om, manage Priyanka, I will see him. Priyanka says stop there else… She shows the poison bottle and threatens them. They all ask her not to be mad. She says its better to die than living without Rajiv.

Shivaye says don’t do this. She says I will drink this poison. Anika says we can talk. Priyanka says you have insulted my Rajiv and locked me up. Rudra says I locked you for your betterment. Anika says I know my betterment, I will decide about my life. They ask her to stop. Priyanka and Anika sit for the marriage. Dadi says let it be Billu, more poison is filled in her mind, she won’t agree. Shivaye asks shall I see her life getting ruined. Anika says she will understand when she listens to someone. Shivaye says she thinks Rajiv is a nice guy, if we prove that Rajiv isn’t good, she may change her decision. He calls to ask about Rajiv. He asks Jai Kothari… He says Rajiv worked at Jai’s place. Rudra says he won’t help us. Anika asks who is Jai Kothari, tell us.

Shivaye says Jai’s annoyance changed into hatred, I don’t think he will help us now. Om asks is there any other way. Shivaye says I have to meet Jai and ask for his help.

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