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Internet Wala Love 30th November 2018 Written Episode Update: Ash and Rupa’s conspiracy hurts Aadhya’s heart

Internet Wala Love 30th November 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Aadhya imagining Jai infront of her and then getting his message. She imagines Jai asking her if she can confess her love. Rupa calls Aadhya as a caller and asks if she is in love with anyone. Aadhya says it is a personal matter. Rupa says we talk to you about our feelings and asks her to say. Jai thinks if Aadhya is in love and I didn’t know. Samrat also hears her show and thinks Aadhya can’t ruin his doings and confess her love. Aadhya tells that love can’t be expressed in words, though it have incomplete words, but it makes the person complete. She plays the song. Jai thinks Aadhya answered the song smartly. Rupa gets irritated and thinks she will never let her get Jai. Samrat thinks he will make complications for Aadhya and get her. All colleagues compliment

Aadhya on handling the show alone. Tanisha also wishes her best. She thinks Papa must be happy to hear my solo show. Vihaan comes and asks Aadhya to talk to Jai. Shubhankar is recording video for online cricket training, when a man comes and introduces himself as cricket team head and asks him to train under 19 boys team. Samrat takes their video as the man gives him money as advance. Shubhankar takes it when he insists.

Aadhya calls Jai. Jai praises her for handling the show well and asks if she wants to take his job. Aadhya says he was always on her mind, when she was doing the show. Jai asks her to come to his house and says I want to know about the man whom you love. Aadhya gets surprised and says Jai. Jai says you have to tell me being my best friend. Aadhya smiles and says Jai. Jai asks her not to hide this important thing else he will come to office. Aadhya promises him. Jai smiles and says bye. She thinks I will tell you that I love you and not anybody else.

Rupa comes to Ash and tells her that she made special coffee for her for taking care of Jai all night. Ash thanks her. Ash takes a sip and says it is bitter. Rupa asks her to remember this and tells that Aadhya came here and went to Jai’s room and taken care of him. Ash says Aadhya can’t do this. Rupa says Jai have become Aadhya’s love now and asks Ash to do what she says. Ash gets upset. Aadhya thinks how to tell Jai that she loves him. She sees Jai as a peon asking her if she needs help. Aadhya tries to touch him and confirm, but the peon calls her Madam. Aadhya thinks why I am seeing Jai in everyone. She dances happily. Naye Naye Manzar song plays…..She sees I love you Jai printout and then checks the papers again, it is something else. She imagines Jai everywhere and smiles. She dances with her colleague and he swirls her. Aadhya realizes he is not Jai and says sorry. Everyone laugh on her. Vihaan asks what happened? Aadhya nods no.

Jai sees Shubhankar’s video and thinks how can views become 1 lakh in one day. Shubhankar comes to meet Jai. Jai asks him if he did something for his video promotion. Shubhankar says talent doesn’t need promotion. Jai says ok. Samrat gives money to Shinde and thanks him.

Tanisha comes to the washroom and sees Aadhya practicing to confess love. Aadhya tells her that she is practicing for show. She asks Tanisha to do her eye make up. Tanisha does her make up. Aadhya comes to Jai;s house and thinks to wait for him in his room. She thinks she will confess love to Jai. Ash comes out of Jai’s washroom and tells Aadhya that Jai asked her to give him sponge bath. Jai calls her and asks where are you? Ash tells that Jai called her in Delhi as he wanted her to meet his mum and impress her. Aadhya asks what? Ash says we were about to declare everyone, but I am telling you first, don’t tell this to Jai and says we are going to tell everyone that we love each other a lot. Aadhya is shocked and teary eyes.

Aadhya peeps in washroom and sees Ash infront of Jai as if they are kissing. She runs out of his house. Jai meets Aadhya and says he is habituated to meet her. Aadhya asks if he likes any girl.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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