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Chandragupta Maurya 30th November 2018 Written Episode Update: Chandragupta Becomes 1-Day Prince

Chandragupta Maurya 30th November 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Dayimaa shows Mura’s cloth to Dhananand. Dhananand looks at cloth and says it is very pretty, he did not know Mura is expert in stitching. Maids drag Mura in front of Dhananand. Dhananand shows her stitched cloth and asks if it is hers. Dayimaa says long ago, she told her son is dead and mourned his death, now how did this cloth come suddenly. Dhananand says that means her son is alive, where is he. Mura says she does not know where he is now. Dhananand burns cloth and says he did holika dahan, but burnt prahlad instead. He then says he will find her son and will burn him into ashes like this cloth. Mura sits crying and is dragged away. Aide informs Dhananand that servant Dhananand escaped as he does not want to become 1-day prince. Mura returns and taunts that he could not

control a boy who ran away from his grip, soon her son will return and burn Dhananand into ashes. Dhananand angrily fumes and orders to capture slave and kill him. Dhananand enters apologizing and saying he ran away due to nervousness of becoming prince, now he is ready to become prince and returned.

Lubdak returns home and fumes that Dhananand burnt most of his wealth. Chanakya enters and says he will repay his loss. Lubdak asks what he wants in return. Chanakya says he wants to know about Chandragupta. Lubdak fumes not to take Chandragupta’s name, he is very arrogant and uncontrollable. Chanakya asks then why he was under his grip for so long. Lubdak says to know about his mother and hates her a lot as she sold him and became Dhananand’s concubine to enjoy lavish life, so he went into palace becoming 1 day prince to find his mother and take revenge from her. Mura cries reminiscing her son and thinks where he is now.

Chanakya informs Bhairav that their future king is in danger and they have to save him. Chandragupta wears prince’s cloth and walks into place, searching his mother reminiscing telling his friends if he finds his mother, he will scrape motherhood from her face and ask why did she give him birth when she had to sell him for a few bucks. His friends ask how will he identify his mother, palace is huge and it will take 1 day to see whole palace.
Chandragupta says his mother is king’s special, king will not let him go away whole day, so he may find his mother soon. He says maa, he is coming to meet her.

Precap: Chanakya stops Chandragupta saying his death is for sure in this palace. Chandragupta walks in saying he does not care.

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