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Bigg Boss 12 30th November 2018 Written Episode Update: Sree calls Surbhi characterless

Bigg Boss 12 30th November 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

Day 75
Inmates wake up to song to nayak song, they all dance and enjoy. Deepak hugs KV.

Dipika says to Jasleen that you are most interested in going to jail. Deepaks says Jasleen is going, Jasleen says then Somi is going too because she was wrong too, you wont take my name? Somi says we both did mistake in task.

Megha says to Jasleen that Dipika and Sree uses people and then when they are not useful, they go against them.

Surbhi taunts Sree and says he is a coward, Romil says you are wrong. Surbhi says he has sister without any identity. Romil says its actually me, you have no identity. Surbhi says Sree will cry that he wants to go home, you keep making stories about fights in cricket and family, we have seen sad moments

in life but you use them to your advantage. Sree says you are fake, I made you captain, enough of your drama. Jasleen says to Rohit that this will happen with you too. Surbhi asks Sree to cry over a slap, Sree says its okay, Surbhi says keep crying. Sree says have some shame, I made you win. Surbhi says he uses emotional card. Sree says she has no identity. Surbhi says he is a coward, I pity you. Sree says you are fake. KV laughs at their fight. Romil says KV is their background music, Jasleen laughs. Surbhi says you are nothing. Sree says you are characterless. Surbhi says he is provoked and saying all that, you are coward.

Sree says to Rohit that Surbhi should be in limits, I mean she should do it so she can talk again, she was saying so much to Dipika but Dipika made food for her, she has no identity. Rohit says dont fight with her. Sree says she has no standard. Surbhi comes tehre so Sree leaves.
Sree says I feel bad for Surbhi, you are not fake you are disturbed. Surbhi says you are provoked? Sree says you are misbehaving so much for show. Surbhi says you do everything for show.

Dipika says to Sree that keep doing that, you are not giving her attention in anger. Sree says to Megha that she is taunting my sister which I wont bear. Surbhi asks him to go and take bath. Sree says if there are no cameras then I will answer her, he takes off his mic. Dipika says you will not say bad words, dont say that. Sree says I want to take her on. Jasleen says dont say that otherwise people will go against you when we know Surbhi is wrong. Surbhi says he is provoked. Jasleen says enough of you Surbhi. KV asks her to not stop her, she is my friend. Jasleen asks to not take footage.

Sree says to Romil that we supported so much but Surbhi doesnt care. Romil says she is selfish.

Bigg Boss asks inmates to choose 3 inmates for jail. Surbhi says Sree wanted to provoke others, Jasleen was wrong in task, Romil broke peace of task. Jasleen says you are not taking Somi’s name? Sree says you started provoking. Deepak says Jasleen was partial from start of task, she was sitting with a team, he takes Sree’s name for disrespecting show. Somi takes Sree and Surbhi’s name for not listening to her in task, Sree says I was doing my task. KV takes Sree’s name for taunting and cursing unit workers. Rohit takes Jasleen’s name and Sree’s name. Jasleen takes Deepak, Surbhi and KV’s name. Megha takes Deepak’s name, Surbhi and Sree for misbehaving in house. Romil takes Surbhi’s name for poking, he takes KV’s name for trying to fight. Dipika takes Surbhi’s name, Megha’s name and KV’s name for sending her to jail without any reason. Deepak says Sree called Surbhi characterless and now you are not supporting a girl? Dipika says I have heard a lot in this house, people hide friends’ mistake in this house so I will do it too. Sree says what is characterless? you are. Dipika says to Surbhi that I am fake, send me to jail. Surbhi says I dont want to talk to you. Surbhi says leave you fake. Dipika says yes I am.

Sree takes Megha’s name, Deepak’s name, KV’s name. Deepak takes Romil’s name. All inmates decide to send Sree, Deepak and Surbhi to jail. Bigg Boss asks them to go to jail.
Sree says I am not going in jail.

Surbhi says he was wrong for calling me characterless. Somi says you all cross limit in saying words.
Jasleen says Rohit’s vote sent Sree to jail.

Somi says to Dipika that you crossed the line so dont argue.

Sree says to Surbhi that you said so many bad words and I said only one word. Surbhi says you shut up, I am characterless, I will not talk to you, you are a piece of ****.

Dipika says to Sree that you said that word unintentionally but they hide their friends mistake all the time.

Task is assigned to inmates in jail. The representatives of the three inmates can get their mate out of the kaalkothri if they sit on ice and convince others to help. Jasleen is the sanchalak of the task.
The three people who sit on ice are Rohit for Deepak, Karanvir for Surbhi and Romil for Sreesanth. There is another ice slab, representative have to convince other inmates to break that and give them key to open the box, the representative who gets the key and give card from box to Jasleen first, that inmate from jail will be released.
Rohit says to Deepak that no one is breaking ice for you. Task starts, Somi is breaking for Deepak. There is The people who manage to break the ice first are the two fighting for Sreesanth (Dipika and Megha) and he gets out of jail.

Sree praises Somi for managing to do a lot alone in the time it took two of the others to do their task.


Surbhi says to Megha that you should take side of good people, he curses people. Rohit says Somi was brilliant task. Deepak says she was excellent.

Megha comes to confession room, Bigg Boss gives her secret task and says you have to put lemons in house when everyone goes to sleep with needles inside them, you have to convince inmates that there are evil powers in house, this is a secret task so nobody should know about it.

Deepak says to Surbhi that you were wrong for provoking Sree. Surbhi says I didnt use any bad word.
Deepak says to Rohit that Romil thinks he brought me so far in this show, people know who has mind here. Romil says everyone knows truth. Deepak asks him to go, show your smile to someone else.

Rohit says to Romil that he is playing bad right now. Somi says what? Rohit says you wont listen, you favor him. Rohit says you keep saying that nobody has mind. Rohit says I will make your game stuck, you and KV planned to break the group.

Romil says to Somi that Deepak is trusting Rohit and not me.
Rohit says to Deepak that Romil says I broke your relation with him but he accepted he called you mindless.

Somi comes to meet Deepak at kaalkothri, tries to tell him that Romil doesn’t remember saying that Deepak is in the show only because of him. Deepak says that he can never be friends with Romil again.

Sree says to Megha that if Surbhi cant take it then she shouldnt say words to others, she said so much to Dipika. Jasleen says she is in jail now. Megha says she is wrong. Sree says she was taunting my career and everything, I didnt curse any worker, KV wants to become great again, I dont want to give him attention.

Rohit says Rohit backstabs his friends, he claims Romil stares at everybody
Romil says yes, he observes everyone’s actions and figures out what they are doing. Megha says dont allege like that. Rohit stares at him.

Megha starts her task, she puts lemon in different corners of house with needles in them and red chili powder on them.

Megha enters Jasleen’s bed and says I am scared, I felt that someone stirred me awake forcefully and I ran to your bed.

Jasleen goes to washroom and finds a lemon there, she is spooked and goes to washroom.

PRECAP- Dipika and others inmates find lemons in house. All are spooked.
Salman says to Sree that your words are not acceptable. Sree argues and leaves.

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