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Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 30th November 2018 Written Episode Update : Vibhuti caught.

Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 30th November 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Prem walks to dadi and greets,vibhu says enough of joke and listen to me,prem says okay stop fooling and tell ke what is it, Anu hears them talk,Vibhu says this wig has lice and is very itchy,get me similar one please, Prem says give me 2-3hours.

Tiwari walks to Anu,Anu says i was waiting for you i have a bad news for you, there is no soul of dadi in vibhu, tiwari says what and how did you find that,anu says i heard them talk, Tiwari says he played with my emotions i won’t leave him,Anu says calm down think of an idea that he will confess himself and come back to me runing.

Angoori says dadi i love talking to me,tell me some of your stories, dadi says i was very pretty when young and boys were always behind me,your dadaji was always behind me,tiwari walks in and says

dadi look who i here dadaji, Angoori greets him and takes blessing,its Saxena as dadaji.

dadaji goes to dadi and says i searched you every where and finally found you my love and kisses her,Tiwari says let dadi and dadaji stay in our bedroom.Boys upset on loosing kidney, malkan says its result of our greed, tilu says he is so right, Hapu walks to them and says so boys whats up.Teeka says you didnt do good with us,malkan says yes why our kidneys, Hapu says how would pay those hospital bills and listen carefully all is fine its fake mark,it was to teach you lesson.

Dadaji gets romantic with dadi in bedroom, dadi says look it’s someone elses body that to a man, Dada says thats a deadliest combination,vibhu gets scared, dada says okay i shall leave you on one condition drink this milk,dadi drinks it and says happy, dadaji says very happy i had added poison in it and now we will die and go heaven and have fun.

Angoori asks tiwari why didnt they come down. Dadi comes down panicked,dadaji says wait lets spend some time,dadi says he has given me poison,tiwari says but you are dead already,vibhu says shutup im no dadi im vibhuti.Tiwari says i know that and now tell us why this nonsense,Angoori says so true why did you play with his emotions, Vibhu says i didnt play,i saw his love for dadi and so took this step because i got so emotional and will give him that love.Tiwari says thank you vibhu, I didn’t expect you to think this way,im sorry and you did make me believe that you are my dadi.

saxena says but Vibhu bhaiya i think you are dadi and me dadaji, i fell in love with this old women.Vibhu slaps him.Vibhu slowlu enters home, Anu says welcome home dadi, Vibhu says im tired i shall go to sleep,Anu says no dadi, Vibhu says look i got emotional for tiwari and i wanted to help him like good human being,Anu says you never see my emotions,anu says you never cry.

Anu starts crying,Vibhu says im sorry, Anu says you never see my pain i hide it to not trouble you, Vubhu says share it baby, Anu says the vessels in kitchen the clothes in bathroom and my legs are paining.Vibhu says i will wake up early tomorrow and do all the stuff.Anu says okay but for now my legs they are paining massage them, Vibhu says but the emotions look fake but i and will massage.

Pre cap:Putan to his girlfriend says I’m Bihari,she says but my father wants a gujratati son in law

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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