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Good Morning My Lovely Readers

Thanks alot dear jasmine sia and silent readers

Recap- Zoya is all lost n hurt Yash meets her He shows her pooja n adi’S pics

Yash  is shocked  to know that zoya had no idea about  their affair

Zoya rushes to ask Anjana

Adi is worried as zoya has not returned home

He goes to look out for her.

Anjana  is shocked to see adi n pooja’s photo

Tears fall from her eyes

Zoya (lump in throat )-who is she maa??

Anjana – zzzzz zoya Zoya beta She is pooja She n adi were good friends they studied in same college  Actually  they loved each other I will tell u everything



Anjana  is busy supervising  decorations

Harshvardan enters

Harsh-so all preparations done

Anjana -I just cannot get confident Harsh Everything  should  be just perfect  Its my adi’s  engagement I’m getting  so nervous

Harshvardan laughs

Harshvardan -Anjana  Anjana everything  is just perfect  U pls Relax

Anjana  hugs him-Am so glad today my adi is so happy he is getting  engaged to love of his life to his good friend

Adi is shown getting ready

Arjun is teasing him

Arjun-Bhai now onwards u will lose ur freedom  Now Bhabhi will be ruler of ur life

Adi-Arjun she will make my life beautiful  marriage  is most pure relationship Its not a bondage  what do u mean by I will lose my freedom? ?

Arjun laughs

They hug

Adi is impatiently  waiting  for pooja in hall

Harshvardan -Where is pooja n where is her mother

Guest are shown gossiping

Adi nervously calls pooja

She doesn’t  pick his calls

Just then pooja enters

But she is wearing  very simple  clothes

Adi is shocked


Pooja-Am sorry Adi but I cannot get engaged to u i cannot marry  u Adi I have my own life I mean I want to go abroad  I want to make my career i have no time for all this marriage n responsibilities

Adi-pooja u r joking  right??pooja ur dreams are mine I will support  u in every step pooja Together we will fulfill  all responsibilities

U will  always feel free

I will not force anything on u

Pooja -am sorry  very sorry  Adi is cannot let u rule my life I need command of my life in my hand sorry

Pooja walks away

Adi cannot stop her

He breaksdown

Harshvardan Anjana n Arjun feel helpless

Flashback ends

Anjana  (tears flow from her eyes)-Iam  sorry zoya I should  have told u this before itself but zoya I was scared u will refuse marrying my adi My mamta made me selfish

Zoya  after that day adi was broken he was shattered

He never made any friends

He was always  reserved

But then when wasim bhai shaab n Harshvardan became partners n u started coming  to our house

I saw adi was comfortable with you

I felt only u could  bring  happiness  in my adi’s life

Am sorry

Zoya is unable to say a word

She leaves

Adi comes to hooda house tensed n worried

He enters his room

He sees zoya standing  near window

He goes near hugs her

Zoya is teareyed

Adi-Thank God u are fine i got so worried  for u

Adi realizes that he is hugging zoya

He releases her n moves away

Zoya looks in his eyes

Zoya’s eyes are filled with pain

Adi is getting uncomfortable

Zoya-Aditya  u want to return to usa as pooja is waiting for u

Adi is shocked

Adi-pooja? ??

Zoya shows him printouts

Zoya-maa told me everything

Adi-zoya pooja is my past she is not a part of my life now

See i cannot prove u

But if u can trust me

Yes I didn’t want to get married

Because  I lost all faith in this marriages n all

But I cannot cheat on u

Definitely not

Iam going to usa as I have some urgent work

Still to trust me or not is ur choice

If u feel am cheating on u

U can serve me divorce pprs

Adi walks away

Zoya breaksdown


Zoya goes to a masjid

She is teareyed

She asks Allah to help her

A Bhabha is shown talking to zoya-beti what Allah feels is urs Allah never takes it from u whats in ur destiny is all urs

Anjana-Adi u cannot leave zoya here n go like this

Zoya-maa its ok pls let him go i understand work is imp

Adi takes his luggage n moves out of room Zoya looks on

Adi is driving

Adi truck hits his car


Adi’s photo frame kept on zoya’s  table in her hospital falls

Zoya gets restless

Adi is severely injured

He is brought to hospital


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