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Avneil FF: Tum Mile (Chapter 11 )

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Recap: Neel ran away from his wedding, when he came back, he finds that Avni has met with an accident. after a week everyone discovers that Avni has amnesia and she has forgotten Neel, so Neel teases her on every occasion to make a beautiful love story. And he has gotten Avni a puppy as a present and he has gotten one too


In the morning (In the mansion)

Avni says “I just love golden retriever pups”

Neel says “come let’s go and show them to bebe”

Avni smiles and says, “let’s go” and they walk together with their puppy baskets. They reach bebe’s room and knocks on the door. Bebe opens the door.

Avni says “bebe”

Bebe says “arey my baby, you here”

Avni says “yes me here” and they all go and sit on the bed.

Bebe says “anything special that you two are here early morning that too this happy”

Avni says “yes”

Bebe says “so tell me”

Avni says “bebe look what Neel got me”

Bebe says “what, show me show me”

Avni says “this” and she shows bebe her puppy basket, in which a golden retriever pup is sleeping under blanket and then Neel shows bebe his basket.

Bebe says “aww they are so cute”

Avni giggles.

Bebe says “by the way you always get everyone good gifts”

Neel says “thank you bebe”

Bebe says “you are welcome ji”

Neel says “by the way bebe, this girl over here who is busy adoring her pup wasn’t interested in my gift, she had said ‘to hell with you and your gift, I am not interested, just go ‘” and mimics the last sentence

Bebe says “what? Really! you said that”

Avni lies “no bebe, what are you saying Neel I I didn’t say that”

Neel says “yes you did”

Bebe says “Avni very bad”

Avni pouts and says “bebe”

Bebe says “now say sorry for behaving rudely”

Avni holds her ears and says “I am so sorry Neel”

Bebe says “now forgive her”

Neel says “it’s okay Avni I forgive you”

Bebe says “good”

Bebe says ” so have you decided names”

Avni says “no I haven’t, about Neel I don’t know, but I was wondering some names”

Neel says “I have decided “

Bebe says “what have you decided Neel”

Neel beams and says “Buddy”

Bebe says “wow nice name”

Avni says “I like Buddy”

Neel says “Thank you Thank you”

Bebe says “So Avni what names are you wondering”

Avni says “Umm, cookie or berry or”

Neel says “I know that you love sweets but still naming puppy after food is not a good idea I think” Avni looks at Neel while bebe coughs. Neel realizes his mistake and says, ” I mean whoso ever will see you would know that you love sweet”. Bebe and Neel laughs at Neel’s hinting at avni’s fatness.

Avni asks “what do you mean by that”

Neel says “no- nothing”

Bebe says “oh ho leave it you two”

Avni says “I have decided the name”

Neel says “what is it”

Avni smiles and says “Bubbles”

Bebe says “wow nice names”

Then Avni and Neel’s pup yawns and opens their eyes.

Avni says “aww how adorable”

Neel says “yeah”

Avni takes her pup out and says, “from now on I am your mother and your name is Bubbles” Hearing this bubbles licks her face. Neel does the same with his pup. Neel says, “from now on I am your father and your name is Buddy” Then buddy licks his face.

For some time, Neel, Avni and bebe adore and play with the puppies. Around 6.30 am, Avni says “let’s take them to walk Neel, what say?”

Neel says “yeah let’s go”

Avni says “yeah”

Neel and Avni says bye to bebe and goes outside of bebe’s room with their puppies to their respective rooms to change their clothes from pajamas to sportswear.

Neel comes out of his room wearing, a tight t-shirt that flaunts his muscles and a track pant with sports shoe. He is standing outside avni’s door and holding Buddy via leash, he is about to knock on the door, but the door opens and Avni comes out. She is wearing sports top and capris with sport shoes. Her hair is pulled in a pony tail, seeing her Neel whistles lowly. Avni does not notice it. By her leg bubbles stand. Neel gives her a leash and collar for bubbles. Avni makes her wear it.

Neel says “shall we”

Avni says “yes”

And they go outside to the car. Before settling in the car, Avni remembers something. She gives the leash in Neel’s hand and says, “take this and wait, I will just come” and she runs to the house.

Neel says “okay but where are you going”

Avni turns and says, “my bottle” and goes inside.

Neel says to bubbles and buddy “uff this girl” and he settles himself and the pups in the car and waits for Avni. After a minute or so Avni comes running to the car with a bottle in her hand. she sits in the car and says, “let’s go”. Neel starts the car and they goes to a park. After five-ten minutes they reach the park. they get out of the car with their pups and looks around. there are many people in the park, jogging or playing.

Avni says ” shall we”

Neel says, “after you” and they enter the park and walks. For a few minutes they walk quietly as if they are two strangers just walking together. Then Neel breaks the ice and says “Since you know I have gifted you a puppy and that now we both have a puppy”

Avni says “yeah so?”

Neel says” so shouldn’t we start again”

Avni says “I didn’t get you”

Neel stops and says “what I mean to say is that, friends? ” and he forwards his hand.

Avni stops and says, “yeah sure” and she shakes hand with him.

Avni says “Even I am tired of fighting and getting annoyed, and because of this you will at least stop troubling me”

Neel thinks “nope its impossible babes”

Neel says “yeah and since we got pups, I don’t think it will be good if we will fight in front of them. what will they learn”

Avni says “yeah you are right. we are their parents.”

Neel smiles and thinks “aww how cute, when she said we”

Avni sees him smiling and says “hey I know what you are thinking, don’t think that way, I meant I am her mother and you are his father. that kind of parents”

Neel teases her and says “I know that Dumbo”

Avni gets angry and pointes her finger to him, she says “you!”

Neel acts innocently and says “look how bubbles is looking at you, you are teaching her all wrong”

Avni looks at bubbles and says “fine.”

Neel says “great, so let’s start from the beginning, I am Neel Khanna” and he forwards his hand.

Avni shakes his hand and says “I am Avni Ayesha Parikh”

Neel says “nice to meet you”

Avni says “same here”

They are looking in each other’s eyes, then suddenly someone says “excuse me” they look and see an aunty who is standing as they have blocked her way. Avni and Neel apologies to her and moves a side. while going she says in a low voice “kids of these days”.

Neel looks at Avni, he says “so shall we walk now”

Avni says “yup”

And they start to walk, after walking a few steps in silence, Avni stops and says, “oh wait” and Neel stops, he looks at her and she says, “I think now we should let them play.”

Neel says “wow nice idea”

Avni says “But how, do you have a toy”

Neel beams and says, “of course I have, wait let me get it, it’s in my car.”

Avni says “Okay” and Neel gives buddy’s leash to Avni and jogs to the park gate.

Avni says “let’s have some fun till Neel gets you a toy” she takes the pups to the ground near the kid’s swings. she puts her bottle down and plays a song on her phone. she starts to dance and jump causing her pups to get excited. Seeing this even kid come and joins Avni.

Meanwhile, Neel comes to his car and grabs some dog ropes and ball. He comes back to the park. There he sees Avni enjoying. Seeing her he gets mesmerized.

[In background this song plays:

Tu nazm nazm sa mere
honthon pe theher ja
main khwaab khwaab sa teri
aankhon mein jaagun re

tu ishq ishq sa mere
rooh mein aake bas ja
jis aur teri shehnaai
us or main bhaagun re]

Suddenly Avni notices Neel standing a bit far from them like a statue, she says “Are Neel, come na”

Neel coming out of the trace and says, “oh yeah just coming” and he runs towards Avni. Then they dance and play with the toys.

After playing for fifteen minutes, occasionally Neel sees his watch, seeing the time he says “Avni I think we should go, it’s getting late”

Avni says “okay sure”, Avni bends and says, “bubbles and buddy we had enough fun for today, now it’s time to go home” and they take their pups out of the park. when they reach the car and are settling their pups in the car first, Neel’s phone rings. The caller ID says ‘DD’

Neel thinks ‘oh this DD, he always calls on the wrong time. I can’t talk to him in front of Avni, but I can’t leave Avni alone for taking this call, but what if it’s an important call. uhm but I can’t leave her alone what if juhi comes. oh god where have you trapped me’

Avni says “Neel where are you lost, your phone is ringing”

Neel says “ahh it’s just DD’s call not that important I will talk to him later”

Avni says “at least pick it up na, what if it is important. come on pick it up”

Neel says “okay Avni, because of you I am taking this call”

Avni says “good”

Neel says, “I will be back soon.”

Avni says “okay”

Neel says “take care”

Avni says “yeah yeah I will now take the call”. Neel goes and Avni sits in the car.

Avni says “Bubbles you know, sometimes Neel acts like a weirdo, one moment he irritates me and the other moment he shows care and thinks that I am kid and can’t manage, like without him I will get into trouble. Men! they are too complex to understand, they are such a weirdo”

Buddy barks at this, Avni sees this and holds her ears, she says ” Here I am sorry buddy I didn’t want to offend you. or talk bad about your father but you know he has confused me” and buddy wags his tail.

Avni says “oh I am thirsty where have I kept my bottle” and she looks around then she remembers something.

Avni says “oh god, how can I forget my bottle. you both wait here okay?” and Bubbles and Buddy wags their tails.

Avni says ” good”

Avni gets out of the car and runs to the park to get her bottle. While coming back after taking her bottle she says to herself “how can I be so irresponsible and stupid, because of this bottle I had to leave bubbles and buddy alone in the car, I just hope that they are fine and the car to. Also I wish I reach before Neel else he will be very angry for leaving them alone.”

While coming to car she hears something,

Someone in a terrified voice says “please leave us”

Avni says “what’s happening, I think I should go and help”




A guy sees the video and says” wow feisty as ever I like it”

A man says “should we get her too”

the guy says “na, she is mine and I will get her myself”

Neel bursting like a volcano and is shouting on top of his voice, he shouts “I have gone for a minute and you, you have invited trouble. why do you so much love trouble. It’s me who have to save you every time, why don’t you give me some rest”

Avni says “you know what Neel, I hate you Neel, you are very bad, I will never want to see your face again”

Neel says” Good because the feeling is mutual”


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