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Agnifera 30th November 2018 Written Episode Update: Singh Family To Lose Their House

Agnifera 30th November 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

KD calls pandit and asks him to inform in detail about wedding 7 pheras so that she can get Agni and Sakshi compete. Pandit informs meaning of 1st phera that wife should take care of husband’s needs. KD says both girls should take care of their husband’s needs. Pari chachi gets hungry and insists maid to get food for her. Sakshi tries to butter Pari and ssasy she will also have diet food. Agni informs Revathi that she will inform Mukhri that she will not come to work today.

KD waits with family for Agni and Sakshi. They both return. Devi insists KD to question Sakshi first. KD says Agni will be questioned first and gives 1 chit. Papaji/Vasu reads question that Kishen in childhood once fell from neem tree, why did he do that and gives 4 answers. Sakshi starts singing tunelessly

Aa Dekhen Zara with her overacting. Agni says question was wrong, Kishen fell from mango tree and not neem to save cat and fell down. Devi says right answer. KD questions rajnigandha flower, red sari, gajar halwa. Sakshi with her overacting style says it is very easy question, Devi wears red sari and rajnigandha flowers on her birthday and eats gajar halwa. Devi says right. Sakshi further says when Kishen was in US, he used to send rose and could not eat gajar halwa. Kishen says right. Devi says her Sakshi knows a lot.

Someone knows door. KD asks Savita maid to open door. She opens door and finds a file with aluminium plates. She gives it to Sanjay. Sanjay says who must have sent it. Vasu checks papers and says his CA has betrayed him and took signs in lieu of IT papers. Sanjay asks how can he be so careless. CA Sandhu walks in and says he transferred Singh family’s house and wealth in his name. Vasu angrily holds his collar. Kishen frees him. Sandu says they should get ready to pack their bags and showing plate says Vasu he may need it for begging. Devi consoles Vasu not to worry. Yashi says this house is precious for them as their memories are in this house, they can organize competition later and should try to save house first. Devi cries she needs her house at any cost. Kishen consoles Vasu to relax, they will find some way.

Precap: Agni confronts Kishen how can she betray her friend Kishen.
Sakshi throws water on her and says CA cannot come here at all. CA enters and starts auction of house. Sakshi’s aide enters as prospective buyer.

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