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Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 30th October 2020 Written Episode Update: Kairav is dejected

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 30th October 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Suwarna saying everyone looks so cute. Kirti sees Naksh. Gayu says I hope Vansh wins in the role he got. Samarth says I explained him to win. Kartik asks do you care who gets the prize. Naira says no, I want all the kids to get equal praise, they enjoy equally. He says I also explained this to Kairav. Krish and Krishna act as Ram and Sita. They start the skit with the first scene. Kirti sees Naksh. Krishna’s hair get loose. Kartik and Naira argue. Krishna asks for a hair pin. Everyone laughs. Naira says leave the hair, say lines. Manish sees everyone laughing and laughs. Dadi says I knew this girl will spoil the Ram leela. Gayu and Samarth smile seeing Vansh as Hanuman. Kartik says he is acting so well. Vansh’s tail falls down. Everyone laughs. Vansh picks the tail and goes down the stage. Kartik says now Kairav’s turn.

Kairav says Krishna’s hair got loose, Vansh’s tail fell down, I don’t have to go. Kartik asks him to go on stage. Kairav says no, everything is falling there, if something happens with me, they will laugh. Naira says you are our rockstar. Kartik says if anything such happens, you will still be our rockstar, we can try, we should do our best, result isn’t in our hands. She says don’t spoil your mood, go now. Kairav goes.

Naira asks Kairav to say. Kartik says say something, Kairav. They go to Kairav on the stage. They ask Kairav not to worry and just say whatever he remembers. Kartik says just try your best. Naira says you will always be our fav. They go. Kairav laughs and says I m Lankapati Raavan. Everyone claps. Kairav forgets his line. Vansh reminds the lines. Everyone watches the skit. Naira cries. Kairav thinks mumma got emotional, she likes Krishna’s acting a lot. Kartik asks Naira what happened. Naira says when I see the scene of Sita’s kidnapping, I get tears. Kartik says I told Krishna to enjoy the performance, don’t worry, they are just kids. Kairav thinks Krishna is saying wrong line, even then everyone is laughing. Krishna asks him to pull harder, then she will come. Kairav falls down. The man says Raavan lost to Sita, what will happen when Ram comes. Kartik goes to Kairav. Suwarna says you can do it Kairav. Kairav resumes the act. He takes Krishna with her. Krish as Ram looks for Sita. He asks Vansh/Hanuman to give the ring to Sita. Hanuman comes to Sita and gives the ring. He says Ram has sent a message for you. Krish tells his lines. Kirti sees Naksh. Krishna says tell my husband that I won’t be alive if he doesn’t come to take me within two months, its his duty to take me safely from here, he should do it. Everyone claps.

Kairav says you spoiled my scene. Krishna says don’t worry, everyone was laughing, acting was food. She goes. Krish hugs Kartik and says thanks, mum and dad saw my show because of you. Kartik says everyone will be fine. Vansh shouts and acts. Samarth says I told you to feed him less, he has no stamina. Gayu says let him enjoy his act. Krish as Ram argues with Raavan. Kairav sees Krishna playing with Akshara. He stops saying his lines. Kartik says come on Kairav. Kairav recalls Kartik’s words. He tells his lines. Manish says yes…. Ram and Raavan’s fight is seen. Naira asks Kartik to fall down. Krish says you have to die. Kairav nods. Krish shoots the arrow. Kairav falls down. Everyone claps. Naira asks Krishna to go on the stage for the last scene. Krishna goes on stage and stands with the other kids. Everyone holds hands. Everyone claps for them. Kartik says Kairav has held Krishna’s hand, see. Naira says you know I really want good to win over evil on this day, the bitterness in their hearts should end, there should be just love. Kartik says it will be in elders’ hearts also, come. They go to Kairav.

Naira says you did acting so well. Kartik says yes. Krishna asks how did you like my acting. Naira says amazing. Kartik says natural. He hugs Krishna. He asks Kairav did he enjoy playing Raavan. Dadi calls them. They go. Krish asks why were you not dying, did you forget. Kairav says I get angry on Krishna, she pulled me hard and then played with Akshu. Vansh says we have to do something, else Kairav will always be sad. Mrs. Sharma says I m impressed with Krish, he has lived abroad, he still wants to learn Indian culture. Naksh says the entire credit goes to Kirti. Kirti smiles. Kairav says Krishna didn’t wash hands and she is playing with Akshu. Naira says she has used hand sanitizer. Kartik says baby is safe. Dadi asks Krishna to play with baby from far. Akhilesh says Mrs. Sharma is calling you, come. Kartik and Naira go. Kairav smiles.

Kairav says sorry Akshu, I promise I won’t let anything happen to you. He hides the baby. He says everyone will ask Krishna, Dadi will scold her, then I will get the baby. The men take the boxes. The baby cries. The man says maybe the baby’s cry is coming from the house. The truck leaves.

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