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Yeh Hai Chahatein 30th October 2020 Written Episode Update: Preesha Takes A Stand

Yeh Hai Chahatein 30th October 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

Preesha sees Sharda in hospital and asks if everything is right, she told she would be resting at home. Sharda says her diabetes medicines finished, so she visited doctor for checkup; asks her to accompany her as she is also going home. Preesha says she will visit her parents and then come home. Ahana with Mishka walks to Rudra and acts as apologetic for lying. Mishka also apologizes Rudra. Rudra says its okay. They both insist that if CCTV footage was not deleted, he would have been proven innocent. Rudra says its okay, he is proved innocent anyways. Ahana and Mishka walk away fuming. Doctor checks Neerja. Rahul worried asks how is Neerja’s condition. Doctor says her brain started working again, if someone came to meet her and condition improved after that. Rahul says Neerja’s friend Preesha had come to meet her. Doctor suggests to call her again. Rahul calls Preesha. Ahana and Mishka discuss that Rudra didn’t listen to them at all, CCTV footage was missing and there must be some important clue in it; Ahana calls hotel and speaks to manager.

Rudra fumes seeing Preesha missing from home and plays guitar. Preesha returns to her room. Rudra starts yelling at her and blames her as usual. Preesha reverse counts and chants mantra to calm herself and says seven she is a human and cannot tolerate his repeated allegations, she trusts him and even he should, she is performing her duties and he should stop pestering her. He walks away shocked. Preesha thinks good she started reverse counting to calm herself. Rahul calls her and requests to come back to hospital. Preesha says he is planning something again, so she will not come. He says Neerja needs her help and she should please come. Preesha agrees and leaves. Rudra sees his uniform’s tie missing and walks to Preesha’s room to yell at her again, but doesn’t find her there. He returns to his room thinking she where must have gone at this time, calls her, but her phone is in purse.

Preesha reaches hospital and asks Rahul why did he call her now. Rahul says Neerja’s brain activity increased after she spoke to her. Doctor says she should try speaking to her again. Preesha speaks and describes how her baby calling her mamma and she should get ready for her baby’s sake. Neerja’s brain activity increases again. Doctor says its a good sign and she should visit Preesha daily. Preesha continues speaking to Neerja and says she will come to meet her daily. Rahul feels guilty and apologizes Preesha. Preesha says that is the difference between him and her, her life changed for worse because of him. He asks if she will come daily for Neerja. He says that is what she promised Neerja and will come till Neerja gets well.

Rudra thinks Preesha must be with Yuvraj. He calls Yuvraj, who is busy in a club flirting with a girl, and yells for deleting CCTV footage and asks to give phone to Preesha. Yuvraj gets happy seeing Rudra’s confusion and says Preesha doesn’t want to speak to him, makes girl laugh and say she doesn’t want to speak to anyone, and disconnects call. Girl asks who is Preesha. Yuvraj says she is his friend Nalla Khurana’s sister. Rudra gets heavily drunk. Preesha returns home. Rudra holds her and asks where had she gone. Preesha says she went to meet Neerja. He asks after meeting Yuvraj or before that. She says she got Rahul’s call to meet Neerja. He says even Rahul, how many men she needs. Preesha warns him to mind his tongue.

Precap: Police search Khurana mansion and finds another pair of murder spot’s earring in Sharda’s room. Sharda says they got a wrong evidence.

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