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Vighnaharta Ganesh 30th October 2020 Written Episode Update – Ballal is saved by prabhu ganesh.

Vighnaharta Ganesh 30th October 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

The episode starts with ballal’s mother crying for him while his soul comes out & he is wondering seeing kalyan that he must be angry so he pleads him but instead kalyan is talking something else blaming himself so he wonders what is this happening & tries to talk with mother too but in vain & he again tries to plead kalyan also going near him & taking him towards mother but he can’t touch him so tries to hug mother & that too does not happen & he tries to talk with children’s but they are also unable to hear him & finally he thinks why can’t nobody able to hear me while all villagers are blaming kalyan due to whom he lost his son but ballal trying to stop everybody for abusing his father & they too can’t hear him so he shouts why can’t anybody hear me but the pest comes & he feels happy saying atleast you can hear me & the pest takes him towards the stone of prabhu mahaganadhipati & prabhu emerges to show himself while he is asking prabhu who are you & prabhu introduces him saying people know me by various names eg. Ganesh & he says I’ll know you by this name only.
Prabhu is asking him what is your problem & he tells prabhu about his eagerness to show himself alive to his mother as they all can’t hear or see me properly due to i am sleeping so ganesh tells him to go & wake but he is thinking how as he is reminding about his father hitting villagers so prabhu asks him why are you silent or are you scared & he says yes as i am scared due to my father & prabhu explains him to wipe out all scary behaviour which you need to face in your life & not to make the hurdle of you progress. Ballal appreciates his explanation & requests to help him & ganesh assures him that he’ll always be besides him to help but to go & wake yourself now.
Ballal’s soul enters in his body & wakes as his mother gets very delighted while all villagers become shocked seeing this & kalyan becomes very emotional seeing ballal again waking. All children’s are happily asking him how all this happened with you & he tells them it’s all because of ganeshji who helped me.
Kalyan tells everybody arrogantly to leave now as he is better while his wife wonders seeing kalyan’s attitude & the villager also thinks still his ego is not ending.
Devi laxmi tells narayan after his son came out of death still kalyan wasn’t understanding & narayan explains this happens in human nature which one time finally it makes person understand about the truth.
Ballal is remembering what ganesh advised him & he is explaining kalyan about whatever he did hiding behind him for which he pleads him so kalyan asks him do you admit you did the mistake & he accepts his mistake. Kalyan tells him whatever i was doing was for you own good which will make you best in your future life.
Ballal keeps learning knowledge but also goes to meet the pest & pray the stone of prabhu. One day he went to meet prabhu saying please come to meet me for help & ganesh tells him to go towards rishi mudkal & he’ll give you lot of knowledge so ballal goes to meet rishi mudgal who is dancing in front of prabhu’s idol. Rishi welcomes ballal explaining him & giving knowledge of ganeshji who is ultimate god of entire world who has eyes on his devotee’s if they are in any problems. He is also giving him example of a rishi who was walking while a stone was coming to hit him but suddenly birds chirping & his attention went on stone saving him which was blessings of god itself & ballal tells him that her also had saved the pest so rishi tells him that’s why ganeshji’s blessings poured on you due to which he sent you to me.
Ballal takes blessings from rishi & leaves while walking on the path he gets a big stone which he keeps as an idol of his prabhu for him & prays while also requests prabhu to help me because father might be angry as i did not go to gurukul today & leaves towards his house.
Ballal sees his father in anger because kalyan had got message for villager that his son had not gone to gurukul today so ballal is thinking about ganeshji had told him to wipe out scary nature & he faces him as kalyan asks him where were you for so much time & he is praying ganeshji to help because you always help those people on trouble.

Precap : Ballal takes children’s to show his prabhu while villagers are cursing kalyan about his son ballal who is damaging their children’s brains by behaving so weird of praying a simple stone. Kalyan shouts him saying this is the stone whom you pray & lifts the stone while ballal is trying to stop telling him this is my prabhu but he throws saying let me see what is your prabhu.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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