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True Love Never Dies – Rianshbir (Episode 3)

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Hi riya I’m glad that you liked my ff keep reading.

Hi Krithi I’m very much happy That you liked my ff and soon past will be revealed

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Hi guys hope you are doing well thanks for encouraging me and yes this next fews will be going reveal my secrets please keep reading 😊

Episode 3


Ridhimaa come to near idol and says bappa I never asked you why did you take away my parents & I never asked you why you taken away my memories,because I think I have a bitter past so you don’t want me to remember it but  what about that drems which scares me all night please help me bappa , and bappa I got new job and I’m very excited about it , and I,  from back Mrs Dsouza  pat her shoulder, Ridhimaa turns back Mrs Dsouza get Shock and says mam ,(Ridhimaa bring her to the sense) she asks you want any help mam , Dsouza says that our madam wants to meet you please come . Ridhimaa say she wants to meet me  but why Mrs Dsouza doesn’t answer her & takes her , Dsouza say mam dadi trun back and get shock and say rag , Mrs Dsouza cuts her in between and say meet Priyamvada Raisinghania she introduce to Ridhimaa, ridhimaa say Mrs Raisinghania, Hi Mam My Name is Ridhimaa (dadi is still in shock and Mrs Dsouza brings her to sense) dadi goes near ridhimaa and put her hand on her head and say how are you Ridhimaa ask kya hum pehle bhi mil chuke hai kya dadi , dadi say no. Ridhimaa ask what happened why are so dull,  dadi say  I have lost my daughter so when I saw you I couldn’t control myself , sorry beta she say it’s okay dadi think bappa wants to give you daughter so he makes us to meet  today  dadi ask you believe so much in him, she say he’s my everything .

VR Mansion

Big Car enter and stops near entrance and A boy get down and comes near to door and all seravants get alerts and one servant bring  water for him,  angre comes there Boss I have a good news for you,  vansh look at him in very angry and goes to study room and say angre how can you so careless about this project, you know how much important this project is  and the legal terms are not done yet what’s going on , angre says boss till yesterday we didn’t have any legal adviser because  in angry  vansh say he cheated , you know this right & what about interviews ,what happened to that , angre say we got our legal adviser boss , her name is Vansh say her,  you know right I don’t want any lady to come to  my office & also in my..  siya and anupriya enter  the room says you will get happy when you learn who is that lady is ,  vansh says I don’t have any interest in that mom, Siya say our new  legal adviser name is Ridhimaa , Vansh gets shocked.


Dadi feel dizzy ridhimaa hold her and ask her what happened dadi are you ok .  Mrs Dsouza say she have kept fast for boss so , ridhimaa says please bring some water and ask priest to give Prasad she sprinkles water on dadi face and says please have someone Prasad dadi you will get strength, dadi say no I have kept fast for my vansh I can’t eat , ridhimaa say if you won’t get stronger how can you complete this fast dadi please have , dadi say nods her head and eat some Prasad from Ridhimaa’s hand. Mrs Dsouza says mam will go back home dadi gets up and feel dizzy Mrs Dsouza  ask Ridhimaa to help (ridhimaa helps her) dadi hold her tightly and say please don’t leave me and go “Again” , Mrs Dsouza request her to accompany them,   ridhimaa nods and  sit in car.

VR Mansion

Car enter the mansion. One of the servant enter the room  and tell about dadi’s Condition, all gets shocked & rushes down, ridhimaa enters the mansion and stand near door only (she gets flash backs blurred) and all comes there and saw dadi and ask her how are you dadi  what happened to you,  Vansh shouts at Mrs Dsouza,  how can you be so careless Mrs Dsouza, Anupriya  ask her what all happened,  Mrs Dsouza  tells the all incident and point finger near door, all gets shocked seeing ridhimaa standing there. Ridhimaa gets faint , Vansh gets shocked ..


Vansh says to Angre for appoint new Legal Adviser , dadi & siya tries to convince Vansh. sejal comes to VR mansion  & meet ridhimaa & vansh.

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