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Shubharambh 30th October 2020 Written Episode Update: Rani finds out Mihir’s evil truth

Shubharambh 30th October 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Rani, Darshana and other ladies doing karwachauth puja. Asha gets drowsy. Mihir thinks medicine will work in sometime and starts the countdown. Asha thinks why the things becoming blurred infront of her eyes. Rani does the aarti of the moon and looks at it through the mesh. Darshana also looks at the moon. Mihir thinks you will break your fast seeing my face and walks towards her. Photo frame falls down as Asha’s hand touches it and it falls on Rani, making her fall on it. Rani opens her eyes and sees Raja’s pic. She congratulates him for her first karwachauth. Mihir gets angry. Hitank, Rani and Darshana take her inside. He thinks this is Raja’s last victory. Asha asks Rani if she broke her fast on time. Rani nods her head. Mihir says I have to check her and checks Asha’s BP. Rani gets doubtful and thinks she has to find out. Mihir asks Asha to have food properly and asks Darshana to make her rest. Rani goes out in the hall and finds the remote control of the bomb. She understands and realizes it had fallen down from Mihir’s pocket. She thinks it had fallen from Mihir’s pocket, it is neither of TV nor AC and realizes it is Bomb remote. She thinks my doubt is right, Mihir sent bomb in gift and thinks if he wants to get me even now. She thinks he is married, then what could be the reason?

Mihir asks Hitank to go and bring medicines for Asha. Mihir asks her to take care. Rani comes to Mihir’s room and searches for proofs, thinks why is he doing so. She finds Raja’s jacket in Mihir’s cupboard and realizes that he had come in her room. Photo frame falls down. Mihir realizes she is in his room. Rani picks the photo frame and finds the photo to be hers. She recalls his lie and gets teary eyes. She thinks you are same old Mihir, he came here so that he comes near me, and keep me away from my Raja, but now I won’t let you stay here even for a minute. She thinks she will play the trick and he will be her puppet. Mihir is coming to her room when he finds her mangalsutra. Rani also sees it and bends down to pick it. Mihir picks it and gives to Rani. Rani wears it and tells that shrinath ji is with her and sent Raja’s pic so that she can break her fast on time. Mihir thinks he has to get Rani. She comes to the room and cries hugging Raja’s photo frame. Rani tells Asha that she can’t tell her Mihir’s truth to her now and if she throws him out then he can do anything with Raja. Darshana hears her and says you are not alone.

Precap: Rani burns Mihir’s pic and says just as Sita Maiyya became the reason of Ravan’s destruction. I will become the reason for Mihir’s destruction. /strong>

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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