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Shakti 30th October 2020 Written Episode Update: Preeto’s three conditions leaves Heer-Virat marriage incomplete

Shakti 30th October 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Harak Singh asking Preeto what is she saying? Preeto says you had said that if I agree for marriage then nobody will question me anything. Parmeet asks what nonsense and asks if she is asking money from them, to complete the rounds. Sant Baksh says we don’t know that you are so greedy. Preeto says she doesn’t want know and she is not greedy too. She says I just want Heer and Virat. Heer says stop it Preeto, we will complete the rounds Virat. Virat asks Preeto what does she wants? Preeto tells that her first condition is that she wants his family to accept Heer as their daughter. Sant baksh says you stopped this marriage for this. He asks how to accept this condition before the marriage. Virat accepts her first condition and asks about her second condition. Preeto tells that lover promises the girl to bring all happiness for her, but he becomes devil so that’s why. Heer says we will never change and will be like this even after marriage. Preeto says she wants to test their love, wants them to see too. She says when you get 10 out of 10 number then 6th round will be completed. Heer says I give him 20 marks out of 10. Preeto tells Virat to explain to her. Virat says we can give 2o, 30, 50 marks, but Preeto aunty is talking about after marriage. Heer says we will not change. Virat says we know that and says Preeto aunty didn’t know. Parmeet asks Virat if he has gone mad and tells Preeto that she has never seen such a bad woman in her life. Raavi thinks Maa is talking about Heer’s safety.

Preeto says my last condition is that the last round will be completed when Heer gets a job. Sant Baksh asks them if they have called them to get them insulted and asks them to send bride and groom to their house, when their drama is over. Harak Singh tries to stop Sant Baksh and Parmeet. They leave. Heer breaks down and cries, asking Preeto why she is not letting her dream fulfilled. She asks why you wants to break my dream and want it to remain incomplete. She asks why are you doing this? She says I won’t let this happen, says Virat and my marriage will happen. She says we will not agree for your conditions. Virat says Preeto aunty might be thinking about our betterment. Heer asks if you want to marry me or not? Virat says we are married and completed 4 rounds. He says we will earn the last 3 rounds. Heer says Preeto kept me away from many things and stopped me from attending marriage functions also. She says Preeto tried to keep my love incomplete, when everyone is happy for this marriage then she kept these conditions. She asks who does this? Preeto says I do this, your Preeto. She says when my conditions gets fulfilled, then the last 3 rounds will be completed.

Heer asks why are you doing this? Preeto asks her not to argue. Virat asks Heer to trust him and says he will complete everything. He ties the ghatbandhan cloth and tells that he will fulfill her conditions and will tie the knots. He says their love is very strong and will fulfill her conditions. Panditji says but this marriage will not be completed. Virat tells he has promised Heer that her family is his and tells that Preeto aunty is his Dadi too. He asks them to make arrangements for Heer’s bidaai as she is going to her inlaws home. Heer keeps the condition that Preeto will not come in her bidaai. Virat asks what are you saying? Heer says this is my condition and everyone has to agree.

Sant Baksh reaches home and fumes with anger. He says they got insulted badly. Parmeet says let Heer come, I will rule on her. Heer’s bidaai starts. She throws the rice grain and Mahi takes it in her Pallu. Yeh Naseeba song plays…..

Heer meets and hugs everyone. Preeto cries standing far from there. Heer covers shawl on Harak Singh and asks him to come out wearing it, asks him not to become hero, and take care of himself. Preeto looks at her. Heer signs her to stop and says you have stopped my dream from completion. She sits in the car. Rohan hugs Virat and asks him to take care of Heer. Heer cries. Harak Singh pushes the car. Heer cries. Preeto comes out and looks at the car. Naseeba song plays…..She thinks if Soham would have been here, then both brothers would have made her sit in the car. She says she went just like that. Harak Singh asks her to handle herself.

Heer tells Virat that she is very upset with Preeto. Virat says whatever she has done is for your betterment and says she loves you so much. Meher calls Virat on video call. Heer tells her that her marriage can’t be completed because of Preeto. Meher says just like Sarabjeet completed my life, Virat will do the same. heer thanks her. Meher says she will meet her soon.

Precap: Heer waits for Virat and imagines romantic moments with him. But Virat is hesitant to face Heer for the wedding night. Voiceover says what Virat will tell

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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