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Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2 30th October 2020 Written Episode Update: Kokila to Unearth The Truth

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2 30th October 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

Kokila walks out of her room and seeing nobody out thinks she should go now and Gehna will tell Kokila that she went to doctor. Kokila shouts Gopi bahu. Kanak and Hema discuss that egg did its work. Family gathers in living room and ask Kokila what happened. Kokila asks Gopi who prepared prasad. Gehna says she prepared it. Kokila asks if she added all the ingredients and counts each one including egg. Gehna says she didn’t add egg in prasad. Kokila says then how did egg come in prasad. Kanak thinks egg became chicken now and will bite Gehna. Gopi says Gehna prepared in her presence and since it needs slow cooking Gehna went out of kitchen to do other chores and even she went to her room. Kokila says who entered kitchen after that. Kanak asks her to calm down as she will bring water for her. Jamna says she will prepare another prasad. Kokila gets adamant that she will find out who mixed egg in prasad and asks everyone to stand in a que and let her smell their hands. Kokila insists everyone to stand in que. Kanak says let it go. Kokila says why should she, she will find out the culprit at any cost. Pankaj says Gehna works in kitchen most of the time. Kokila asks why only she works and not others. Kanak says she cannot order her as she is not her saas/MIL. Kokila says she is fayi/aunt and is not less than her MIL, so she has right to order her. Gopi thinks its already 11 a.m. and Gopi kaka must have reached gym, so she should leave somehow or else he may leave gym before she reaches there.

On the other side, Jaggi exercises vigorously in wrestling ground reminiscing his meeting with Gopi. His guru asks why is he tensed, if something happened. Gopi stops exercising. Guruji gives him milk. Gopi says today is his last day in gym and he is leaving this place. Guruji asks reason, but Gopi says nothing. His friend asks why he is leaving without a reason. Gopi kaka says sometimes one has to take a decision without any reason.

Kokila makes Praful and Jamna smell her hands first and then starts smelling each family member’s hands. Kanak says why don’t she smell Gehna’s hands and end this issue. Kokila warns her not to interfere and starts checking again. She smells Gehna’s hand, but doesn’t smell egg. Kanak is surprised seeing that. Kokila smell all other family members’ hands. Sagar enters. Kokila smells even his hands says culprit is not the family member, but outsider Sagar. Sagar stands tensed and reminisces holding Gehna’s hand forcefully when she drops egg shell bag in garbage. Gehna washes her hands and rushes in when Kokila calls Gopi. Sagar says he didn’t enter kitchen at all. Kokila finds egg shell on his hand and says he is the culprit for sure. Sagar says Gehna is trapping him. Anant asks him to relax and accept his mistake. Hema thinks Kokila and Gehna trapped her brother instead.
Sagar says why would he spoil his own family’s prasad. Kanak slaps him and insists Hema to apologize Kokila, thinking they will be caught if she doesn’t divert attention. Hema hesitantly apologizes Kokila. Sagar thinks Gehna took revenge from him. Gopi says she will prepare prasad. Anant says let him prepare it. Gopi says they are getting late for mandir, so he should some other time; hopes Gopi kaka doesn’t leave gym before she reaches there.

Precap: Gopi drops water on Gopi Kaka and seeing his hand tattoo realizes her Ahem ji is alive.

Update Credit to: MA

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