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RadhaKrishn 30th October 2020 Written Episode Update: Sam’s Evil Move

RadhaKrishn 30th October 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

Radha and Krishna spend time away from each other remembering each other. After a few years, grown up Anirudh shows his archery skills to Radha. Radha praises him. They both then see Nishat and Ulmukh wrestling with each other since hours. Sandipani Rishi/Guruji stops them and says they both are equal in power and bravery and have passed his test. Radha asks where is Sam. Guruji says he doesn’t where he is and what he does; informs about a special night where there will perform maha yagna because of which Narayan’s powers tribble by morning, but night will be very dark and asuri/monstrous powers are at its peak, so they should be careful and pray whole night. Radha asks Guruji why he still doesn’t trust Sam. Guruji says Sam is unpredictable and can do anything. Radha says Sam will never do anything which will affect Guruji’s trust, she will make sure guruji’s and Krishna’s trust for Sam doesn’t break, Sam will attend yagna. Sam in his room performs asuri pooja and calls Mahamaya, he determines to defeat Sandipani guruji by spoil his Narayan pooja as he wants to return to his mother. Guruji senses evil powers and alert Anirudh, Nishat and Uloop.

Balram sees changes in environment and asks Krishna what is happening. Krishna says Sam is provoking evil powers to defeat rishi Sandipani, Radha may get harmed because of Sam’s evil act. Balram asks why don’t he stop Sam. Krishna says he cannot interfere until Rishi himself seeks help and hopes Rishi overpowers Sam’s evil powers.

Radha searches Sam and knocks his door. Sam leaves his room. Radha enters room and seeing unusual things there asks what he was doing here. She walks towards cave searching him. Guruji with students start yagna. Sam provokes evil powers and determines to spoil Guruji’s yagna and defeat him. Guruji realizes its Sam and determines to fail his evil powers. Sam orders evil powers to break Guruji’s protective barrier and break his protective stone. Radha reaches Sam and asks what kind of powers he is using and asks to stop it. Sam warns her to return back as she may get harmed. Radha says she will not even if she dies. Balram asks Krishna to stop Sam. Krishna says Guruji has to fight himself. Guruji fails Sam’s attack and defeats him first. Balram tells Krishna that he was right and Guruji won. Krishna says one is not defeated until he accepts defeat, he doesn’t know what Sam can do. Sam gets up and attacks guruji’s stone again breaking it into pieces. Guruji leaves Yagna in shock and says its impossible. Sam laughs that he defeated rishi Sandipani. Krishna sensing Radha’s life in danger leaves Dwarka and walks towards Radha and Sam.

Precap: Radha falls. Krishna lifts her and walks. He disguises as Achyutam and meets Sam.

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