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Pinjara Khubsurti Ka 30th October 2020 Written Episode Update

Pinjara Khubsurti Ka 30th October 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Piyush gets the key made. He goes to a worker and says make this key. Hurry up. Omkar orders the marble. He says I have to get Mayura’s idol made. I want the best quality of marble. Shankar says to Omkar I am sorry. He speaks loudly so Omkar doesn’t hear the key making a sound outside. Shankar says I am sorry. I didn’t understand your love for your wife. Shankar says to Omkar I made a mistake that I misbehaved with you. Omkar hugs him and says it’s okay. He says I thought there was someone outside. Shankar says no there’s no one. Piyush gets the key.

Mayura is waiting for Piyush. Omkar comes downstairs. Piyush comes in. He shows the key to Mayura. He slips. Mayura says if key falls Omkar will see. Mayura shouts to distract Omkar. Omkar says Mayura are you okay? She says I sprained by food. Omkar massages her foot. He says is it better? Mayura says yes it is. Piyush nods. Mayura says I am fine now. Omkar says let me massage you will feel better. Mayura says it’s good not. Let it be.

Everyone prays at Mayura’s house for her. Omkar locks the cage and says Piyush some people will come to the place. Please manage. He says Mayura I am going for some work. I will see you later. He leaves. Omkar says Mayura, you get out of here and hide in the boxes. By the time he comes back, you will be out of here. Piyush tries to open the lock but it isn’t opening. Piyush says maybe the trace wasn’t correct. Mayura says that can’t happen. Please do something. Omkar says let me make Mayura sleep first. He walks back.

Omkar comes to the hall and sees the cage. There’s a blanket. Piyush is sleeping on the couch. Mayura is hidden in the boxes. Omkar thinks Mayura is under the blanker. Mayura is scared. Omkar leaves. Some people come. The manager says Piyush bhai they are here to take the marble boxes. They pick the boxes. Piyush says I hope everything goes well. Mayura is in the boxes. Manjali stops them. She says what is happening here? Taking all the boxes? One box had my stuff. Open boxes and show me. Mayura and Piyush are scared. The workers start opening the boxes. Piyush stops them. He says your box is here. It has M written over it. Manjali says okay take it. Piyush says it has your name on it. Mayura looks out at Piyush. The boxes are taken out. Piyush waves at her.

The workers load boxes in a truck. They lock it and drive away. Mayura smiles.

Scene 2
Surekha says to Ashu don’t worry. Sanjay will give us good news. Sanjay coms and hugs Ashu. He says papa ji I just got a text. Mayura is out of there. Megha is shocked. Sanjay says Mayura will come here once she reaches somewhere safe, she will contact us. Surekha says God protect her.

The truck stops somewhere at night. MAyura jumps out.

Update in Progress

Update Credit to: Atiba

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