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Mere Sai 30th October 2020 Written Episode Update: Sai waves his magic wand again!

Mere Sai 30th October 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

Sai tells Veenu to rest inside. Kondiba says he is listening to everything that you are saying. It feels as if you are his Baba. Everyone smiles. Kondiba says I am not afraid to face my punishment now as I have faith that you will bless Veenu. Nanasaheb says I don’t feel like punishing you on the day I met my Sai Baba. My heart isn’t allowing me to separate a kid from his father! Mhalsapati reasons that one is punished to learn from his misdeeds. Kondiba has learnt his lesson. The stolen jewels will be returned. Can he not be forgiven? Nanasaheb says ye has two options –going to jail for a year or Rs. 100 as punishment. Kondiba says I wouldn’t have stolen those jewels in the first place if I had that much money. Kunda asks her mother if Baba wont come home with them today. Chandorkar ji denies. He will go home with you. I can pay the fine. Sai says Maalik has made arrangements for his bail already. Everyone follows Sai’s gaze. Few white birds appear there. Sai says no one is as free as these birds. This is his freedom. Kondiba gets confused. The birds fly away. Mhalsapati calls it Sai’s hint. He wants us to follow those birds. Everyone decides to go. Veenu asks his Baba to stay but Sai assures him he will be back soon. Just wait for some time. Vasundhara says we will take him with us or he will trouble you. Sai says he must face the sun some day. Go ahead. I will look after him. He assures Veenu that his parents will be back soon. Rest till then. Veenu gives in. Villagers go after the birds.

Villagers find the birds sitting on a neem tree. Tatya points out that this is where Sai made us bury the summons. Nanasaheb wonders why Sai did that. Baizama calls it Sai’s antic. You will find the answer if you will dig around the tree. Everyone smiles.

Sai makes Veenu sit in his place, caresses his head lovingly and looks at the knot.

Tatya digs the land around the tree and picks the 3 envelopes one by one. There are letters inside the first two. He picks up the third envelope which has Arrest warrant written over it.

Sai unties the last knot. Veenu experiences something strange and shakes up for a split second. Sai looks at Veenu who looks back at him and smiles.

Tatya wonders why this envelope is so heavy. He finds notes inside. Everyone’s eyes widen in amazement. Tatya gives them to Chandorkar ji. Everyone smiles as Chandorkar ji counts them. They sum up to Rs. 100. He hands them to Nanasaheb as the fine money on Kondiba’s behalf. Everyone smiles. Nanasaheb tells Kondiba that these birds have showed him his way to freedom. Kondiba is in tears. Ganpat ji removes the handcuffs from Kondiba’s hands. Om Sai plays. Kunda hugs her Baba. Keshav says I understand why Sai made us bury the summons here. He wasn’t refuting law. He did this to bring Nana Joshi and Kondiba here. He wanted to help both of you. Everyone folds their hands in gratitude.

Everyone returns to Dwarkamai. Vasundhara is surprised to see Veenu behaving normally. They hear Veenu speaking normally to Sai. Veenu thanks Sai for treating him. I want my parents to come back and see me like this. Sai shares that they can see him just now. He turns around and says Aayi. He hugs his family members one by one. Tatya notices the untangled yarn and smiles at Sai. Sai smiles. It was Ram ji’s order to unite a son with his father. I had to obey. Allah Maalik!

Few days later:
Sai is visiting people to collect food when he notices two birds. Your sister is giving you strength. It is telling you to believe that you can fly like her. Trust her word. The other bird starts flying too. You both are each other’s strength. May Ram ji bless you both. Srikanth greets Sai. He shares that he is on his way to school. Sai asks him about school. Srikanth says everything is going good. There are many kids who are going to make us proud this year. There is kid in the first class whose name is Ashok. His dedication and love towards studies hint that he will top in the city this time. Sai gets serious. Keep encouraging him to grow and work hard. Ram ji will take care of everything. Srikanth notices Sai worried. Sai excuses himself and walks away hurriedly. Srikanth looks on in confusion.

Kids are playing at Dwarkamai. Keshav smiles as he watches his son play with the kids. Tatya thinks of their childhood and smiles. They remind us of our childhood. Keshav nods. Sai says that laughter of kids is the best music in the world. They resume their work. Gopi comes to play with the kids. He shows them their new gold chain. Baba gave it to me after the ritual. Aayi said I am too young to wear it but Baba said that I am the most special kid in Shirdi. I should look special too. He boasts of its cost. A kid says Prahalad has it too. Gopi says it was thin. Mine is thick and costly. Chetan tries to wear it but Gopi stops him. Your hands are dirty. You will ruin it. Buy one yourself and wear it. The girl tells Gopi not to say so. Not everyone can afford to buy a gold chain. Prahalad tells Chetan to wear his chain but Chetan says I was asking it just like that. He sits in a corner sadly. Gopi smirks but other kids feel bad for him.

Bheema greets Sai but Sai does not reply to him. Bheema asks him where he is rushing off to but Sai walks away silently.

The girl asks Chetan to play with them. What happened to you? Chetan says nothing. I just want to sit for some time. You all should play. The girl suggests bringing guava from a nearby tree. Chetan loves guava. He might feel good. They all head to the tree.

Chetan is hurt because of Gopi’s words. He notices a rope and picks it up. Your chain might be of gold but I will make my chain myself. Sai removes the rope from Chetan’s neck just in time. Do you even know how dangerous this was? Tatya and Keshav join them. They apologize for not watching the kids properly. Chetan shares what happened a while ago. My Baba does not have so much money so I used this rope as a chain. Sai points out that this was going to be a noose around his neck. What if you had gotten hurt? It is foolishness to keep rope around your neck by noticing a chain around someone’s neck. You should be happy with what Ram ji has given you. We should live accordingly. You should try to grow because of your hard work and dedication. Being stubborn and arrogant only puts us in a tight spot. Kids come back with guavas for Chetan. Sai says I am glad to see how much you care for your friend. Chetan smiles proudly. Sai tells Gopi to be happy about whatever they get. You should be thankful but you should not be arrogant or rude because of it. You shouldn’t hurt someone. It is Maalik who blesses us. It is our duty to share our happiness with others whenever God blesses us. We should atleast not hurt someone if we cannot do that. There are many ways of saying no that may not hurt someone in the process. Gopi accepts his mistake and apologizes to Chetan who forgives him immediately. Gopi puts his chain around Chetan’s neck himself. Everyone smiles as Chetan hugs Gopi and says thank you.

Precap: A girl (Sumati) is running in Shirdi. She meets Sai at Dwarkamai. Tatya asks her what happened. Sumati says our house!

Update Credit to: Pooja

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