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Love after arrange marriage Ep-10- Riansh (Ishq Mein Marjaawan 2)

Love after arrange marriage Ep-10- Riansh (Ishq Mein Marjaawan 2)

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Replies to the comments from Ep-9..,

  • RiyaVaghani- Yes, you have already dear!! Keep loving and supporting ….
  • Riansh Lover- Your wait is over.,New part is down
  • Naira U Singh- Thank you dear!! Keep loving
  • Ravi- Yes, I know it was short , I didn’t have time , sorry dear!!
  • Poojitha- Thanks a lot!
  • Chhavi- Hahaa!! Keep loving
  • M- Chanchal also do’s like this so its better to give a “kadak jawaab” so that the person thinks b4 saying anything…
  • Mrunal- Hehe!! Mrunal (Vansh’s father) hahaa!!! Keep luving
  • Riansh_fan- Your wait is over !!!
  • Diha- Yes sure Diha , I wonder that how  you read every person’s  ff ..

Episode starts with..,

Next day,Its Karwa Chauth.  Riddhima wakes up . She thinks,”I will wake up Vansh, when I would get ready.” She goes to ready. Vansh wakes up and screams,”Riddhima!!”  Riddhima comes running . Vansh says,”Riddhima, why did you don’t woke me up.” Riddhima says,” I thought that first I shall get ready and then woke you up.” Vansh says,”But, I got late.” Riddhima apologies. Vansh says,”Riddhima, you told that you would wear saree gifted by me but..” Riddhima interrupts,”Accha! so now I will have to wear clothes of your choice.” Vansh says,”What??” Riddhima says,”I was joking.” I am going to wear that only.” Riddhima leaves. After some time, Riddhima closes room’s light. Vansh says,”Who did it?” Then Riddhima comes light comes on her as she kept a torch hidden in the room. Vansh sees her and couldn’t move eyes on.. Riddhima ‘s looking stunning. Vansh comes to Riddhima and says,”Riddhu, I mean Riddhima…” “No problem Vansh you can call me Riddhu.” Vansh says,” Ok, So, Riddhu you are looking stunning, I mean soo beautiful you are looking.” Riddhima says,”You too looking handsome.” They both share an eye contact . Siya comes to call Riddhima for applying mehndi , she sees they both sharing eye contact. Siya pretends to cough. Riddhima asks,”Siya, what happened??” Siya replies,Bhabhi, Daadi’s calling you for applying mehndi.” Riddhima goes down. Daadi has called some boys for applying mehndi. Vansh notices that and comes down. He says,”Riddhima, I will apply mehndi toyou.” Siya says,”How romantic!” Vansh applies mehndi to Riddhima. Riddhima says,”1 min Vansh.”(she goes to the boys called for mehndi and asks them to apply mehndi) Vansh gets jealous . Riddhima comes and shows Vansh mehndi. She asked boys to write VR on her mehndi.. Vansh gets happy. Daadi says,”Whose mehndi will be darker means her husband loves her the most.” Chanchal says,”My will be darker.” Daadi says,”But it seems like Riddhima’s will be darker .” Chanchal gets angry and goes to Aryan , she says,”See , I have to listen so much insults because of you.” Aryan says,”What’s my mistake??” Chanchal says,”That you married me..Huh!!”

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Sorry , its also shorter , I will upload 1 more today only for its cover up

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