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Is it really love?? (RIANSH) Episode 8: Riddhima and Vansh locked together.

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The episode starts as…..

Vansh isn’t sober yet, he forgets the way to his room and ends up in Riddhima’s room. He locks the door from inside. He sleeps on the bed. This wakes Riddhima up. She screams, “Thief! Thief! Somebody entered my room!” She takes the pillow and starts hitting the person. Vansh holds the pillow and switches on the lights. She says, “You! Here? This is my room.” Vansh takes a look at the room and says, “Wonderfully decorated!” He later realises that he entered in the wrong room and adds, “Sorry. I intentionally didn’t wanted to come here. I just forgot the way.” He goes and tries to open the door but the door doesn’t open. She asks, “Don’t tell me that you locked it?” Vansh nods yes. Riddhima exclaims, “Idiot! My door once locked doesn’t open from inside. Somebody needs to push it from outside as well. I have called the carpenter tomorrow.” He says, “Call Ishani or Aryan.” Just then they recall that when all four were sitting outside and watching movie they had kept their phones in the corner so that none of them is distracted and finds another task. Vansh sees the window and says, “Let me go from the window.” He goes towards the window and tries to open it but the window also doesn’t open. He asks, “Now you please don’t tell me that the window also doesn’t open from inside?” Riddhima replies, “It does, but it’s lock from outside. I was watering plants outside today and I closed the window from out, thinking water will come inside. And then I forgot to open it.” Vansh says, “That means I will have to sleep here.” Riddhima nods. She makes her bed on the couch and says, “You are a guest. You occupy the bed I will sleep on couch. Vansh disagrees with her. This creates an argument between them. After 15 minutes Riddhima (loudly, since she’s fed up) says, “Fine! We will share the bed.” She makes a border on the bed using three cushions. They sleep on either sides facing each other and recalling their moments from start.

In the morning, 

Vansh wakes up and finds Riddhima in his arms. He stares at her sleeping and thinks, ‘She’s so calm and lovely while sleeping but when awake she’s not less than a volcano erupting.’ He caresses her face. But suddenly he gets up and feels he’s not doing the right thing and goes near the window. After five minutes Riddhima wakes up and watches Vansh sitting near the window and says, “Good Morning! When did you wake up?” Vansh looks at her and says, “Good Morning! I woke half an hour ago.” Just when Riddhima and Vansh were about to speak something, Ishani opens the door and is surprised to see both, Riddhima and Vansh in the same room. But before she could think something much, Riddhima and Vansh explain the story and she gets calm. All three come out to join Aryan who’s waiting for them to have breakfast. Aryan too is stunned to see Vansh exiting from Riddhima’s room. Ishani explains the story to him as well. He starts smiling but then stops. Riddhima and Vansh are staring at each other. They are done with breakfast and get up to go and freshen up. After this Ishani and Vansh leave for their house. Aryan drops them till their car. He comes inside and is upset since Ishani left, but then he notices Riddhima, who’s already lost in thoughts. He calls her out. She looks at him and asks, “What happened?” Aryan says, “What are you thinking?” She says, “Sejal is no more here. I will be alone now because…….” Aryan interrupts and says(with a sad but loud tone), “Why didn’t you tell me this before? When did this happen? You should’ve told me afterall, I am also your friend. She was such a loving person, I agree she was annoying but……” Riddhima throws a cushion at him and says, “You idiot! She’s alive! She’s gone to Gujarat for a week. I forgot to inform you yesterday.” Aryan(again in sad tone), “I was so…….” Just then somebody comes from behind and says, “You were happy. I know. You just want me to leave from your life.” It’s Sejal. Riddhima is surprised and says, “You were about to come in a week right?” Sejal says, “Sorry babe! I combined two messages together. The one week thing was a insurance renewal and only one day in Gujarat.” Aryan says, “It’s okay. It happens in old age.” and starts laughing. Sejal throws a vase at him and goes to freshen up.

Meanwhile, in VR mansion Ishani goes to her room and Vansh follows her and asks her, “Why didn’t you tell Sia about the night out?” Ishani answers, “I would have, but, I don’t know how would Sia react after knowing that I like her friend, Aryan.” Then Vansh says, “But Aryan and Riddhima like each other, right?” Ishani says, “No bhai! They are just friends, there’s nothing more than that. I had confirmed from Sia on Mom’s birthday.” Vansh without reacting leaves for his room and starts recalling Riddhima and Aryan together, then he recalls his moments with Riddhima and then Ishani words about their (Aryan and Riddhima’s) friendship. He starts smiling. He just then realises and questions himself, “Why am I smiling alone like a fool?” Uma walks in and says, “Maybe because you remembered someone you love. Please tell me you found a daughter-in-law for me.” Vansh says, “Mom you are overthinking. I didn’t find anyone. Just calm down. I have lots of work to be completed which will take lot of time so, you please leave.” Uma leaves with a smile on her face. Vansh continues with his work just when he hears voice from the living room of people talking. He wonders as who’s come. He goes down and finds Riddhima, Aryan and Sejal there. He walks towards them. Ridhhima hands his phone to him saying, “You and Ishani forgot it at our place today. So I…….. I mean, So we thought we would personally come and give the phone to you and Ishani.” Vansh says, “It’s good you came. I mean y’all came. Otherwise that nighout would have cost me loss of my phone. I have to attend important calls today.” Just then Sia comes there and asks Riddhima, “Why didn’t you invite me for the night out?” Riddhima hesitates and says, “I thought Aryan would have invited you. It was his task.” Sia looks at Aryan. Aryan says, “I told the plan to Ishani. I thought she must have told you. She’s your sister afterall.” Sia now looks at Ishani. Ishani says, “I thought Vansh Bhai must have told you.” Vansh is surprised. She(Ishani) looks at Vansh with innocent face as if she’s saying to cover up for her. Vansh is nervous and says, “Umm…….I actually…. actually forgot. I am sorry Sia.” Uma who’s sitting there and listening to their ‘blame game’ starts laughing. Sia says, “One day you will forget me also.” Just then all four friends hug her and say Sorry. Sejal stands there numb and says, “And what about me?” Sia smiles and says, “You were out of town. That’s your fault.” Everybody starts laughing.

Just then Ishani says, “We have a farmhouse, why don’t we go there and chill for few days. I mean nearly two to three days.” Aryan says, “Great idea.” Sia says, “why don’t we leave now? Now as in, in one hour. I guess that’s enough for a person to pack necessities for two or three days.” Riddhima says, “So it’s decided we would leave in one hour.” And so does everyone agree. Riddhima looks at Vansh and asks him, “Would you join us?” But before could Vansh speak Uma says, “No kids. Vansh won’t come. He says that he has lots of work to be done and it would take lot of time. Just in front of y’all also he confessed that he has calls to attend. So……. I guess y’all should carry on. Because if Vansh joins y’all he would get his work along and that would spoil your plan. So I feel you children should carry on. What say Vansh?”

Vansh is silent whereas Uma and all are laughing.

Precap: Vansh leaves without answering. He comes back to his room, opens his laptop and continues with his work. He makes some urgent calls and again continues with his work.

Well guys just one question. What do y’all think, will Vansh go to the farmhouse with the rest or will he continue with his work? Well….. I have already written the next episode but just asking your views.

Loads of love from me!❤️❤️

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