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Indiawaali Maa 30th October 2020 Written Episode Update: Rohan learns Sagar’s cheat

Indiawaali Maa 30th October 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

The Episode starts with Kaku saying I was glad that Vasu had come, we will go home, get ready and go to Murthy’s house. Rohan smiles. Vasu invites Venky in the puja. She asks Meenu to see the jacket sent by Rohan’s mum. She says I m sure Akshay will like it a lot, I know you are hurt, but don’t worry, I will unite Akshay and you. Meenu hugs and thanks her. She thinks I will wait for you Akshay. Rohan messages Cheenu. She says Rohan and Kaku are going for Dusshera celebrations at Appa’s place, we have to leave. Akshay says manager wants to talk to us, we have to stay back. She says that manager was giving me weird looks, I don’t want to talk to him. He says you are very beautiful, its not his mistake, does Rohan not tell this to me. She says he admires me in a special way, I told you that I m uncomfortable, you shouldn’t ask me to have coffee with me, you are my boss, I will take it as an order, lets meet him and then I will leave.

Kaku and Rohan come to Murthy’s house. Vasu welcomes them. Meenu thanks them for the jacket. Appa asks them to come and have darshan. Meenu feels itching. Appa asks her not to remove the jacket, Kaku has given it with love. He asks everyone to see the beautiful jacket, Kaku has made it easily, when big designers can’t. He says Kaku is very talented, the design proves it. Kaku says its not my design. Venky comes and says that’s mine. Murthy asks who are you. Venky says I m the designer, its my design. He shows his designs to Kaku.

He says you have copied my designs. Rohan is shocked. Venky asks Meenu to give the jacket, its his design. He says you have put my duplicate logo on it. Kaku sees Rohan. Venky says you people copy designs and earn money, its our big loss, its a crime, you both are criminals. Kaku asks what is he saying. She says we didn’t do anything. Rohan says we didn’t know about it. Venky says I should call the cops. Vasu says don’t call the cops, its about Cheenu’s life. Venky says I don’t care, police will decide it now. Rohan says no need to call the police, I will find the problem. Appa says he is right, you have a misunderstanding, don’t call the police. Venky calls the police.

Rohan and Kaku come to the workshop. He says Sagar, the police is coming, just clear this, I m coming. He goes. Kaku sees Sagar and goes. Murthy calls someone and says I will send you the workshop’s address. Vasu comes. He says I called the officer, he will stop the illegal work, I did my duty. She asks what about Cheenu. He says use your mind sometimes, finally its happening right, you always disappointed e.

Inspector gets a call. He leaves to go for the raid. Kaku asks Rohan where are you taking the kerosene. He sees Sagar. He asks what are you doing, police may come anytime, we can get jailed. Sagar says no, I don’t think we should do this. Kaku sees the Venky’s brand tag. She recalls Sagar. Rohan asks do you want to send my mum to jail. Kaku says yes, he wants this, this label is changed, its not the label you gave. Sagar says no. Kaku says I knew it, Patel refused that he invested money, Sagar had taken all the proofs against us, he didn’t move, he wants police to come here. She scolds Sagar.

Sagar says no, I was just helping Rohan. Rohan says enough of your help, tell me the truth. Sagar says truth is, I work this way by fooling people like you, don’t waste time, police would be coming. He runs away. Rohan takes the boxes away. Kaku asks him not to do this. Rohan says it will be a big problem if I don’t do this. He takes the boxes with him. He burns the boxes. Kaku cries.
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