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Hamariwali Good News 31st October 2020 Written Episode Update: Navya confesses her weakness

Hamariwali Good News 31st October 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

The Episode starts with Renuka asking Baba ji to go aside for some time, her daughter has come. She opens the door. She asks Preeti why did she come. Preeti sees the things kept there. Renuka says I was preparing for the puja. Preeti says I will stay here tonight. Renuka thinks how will I solve the problem if she stays here. Navya talks to Adi on call. She says mum made my fav things, I m tired now, sleep now, good night, don’t worry, I m fine. Adi says stop, I have to say something, I love you. She asks what. He says I knew you won’t hear it, will you get sleep without me. She says no. He says I will sing a lullaby. She says no please. He says its free concert. He sings.

She laughs and says this is not a lullaby. He says I know you are lying, have food. She says mum is calling me, good night. She disconnects. She sees the food plate. She cries. Her mum looks on. Renuka says Preeti can’t understand Adi’s problem, so she fought with Alok and came here, I will get Adi and Navya’s child. She gets her hand burnt by hot bowl. Baba ji comes. Renuka asks Preeti not to come, she is coming. She says I will put my daughter to sleep, you prepare for the puja. She takes sweets and milk for Preeti. She asks Preeti to have it. Preeti says you don’t care for me. She says Alok wants me to take care of my Jethani, he fought with me. Renuka says don’t make it an issue. She sees some light and asks is anyone outside. Renuka says no, its tree shadow, have food, sleep now.

Navya’s mum shows Sushmita’s pic with her daughter. She says she was miss universe, she is also a mum, her face is glowing because she is a mum, she is happy because of this girl, she has adopted this girl, she looks so satisfied, she has become mum, Renuka is right, we should not lose courage. Renuka says I wish Preeti slept. She gets shocked seeing Preeti. She says she has a habit to walk in sleep. She takes Preeti back.

Navya’s mum explains her that Yashoda is Krishna’s mum, everyone gives examples of them. She says you can adopt a child, a child gets a family, parents get a child, they get connected with love, we all want Adi and you to have a family. Navya says I didn’t think of adoption before. Her mum hugs her and asks her to sleep now, talk to Adi tomorrow. Navya cries happily.
Renuka wakes up Adi and blindfolds him. She takes him to baba ji. She says I kept puja for Navya and you. Adi removes the blindfold. He asks what. He gets shocked seeing everything. He says its blind belief, I won’t do this. She says this is the solution, you won’t go anywhere. She makes him swear on her. She asks don’t you love me, won’t you help me, just do this for my sake. He agrees. Adi thinks nothing will happen if you do this. Baba holds Adi’s hand.

Navya comes there and shouts stop Adi. She hugs Adi. She puts water in the havan kund. Baba ji shouts and says its my insult. He asks who is this girl, she ruined the puja, now this puja can’t happen. Renuka asks Navya why did she come here. Navya asks what are you doing, what’s happening. Renuka says I can do anything with my son. Navya says he is my husband, what’s his fault. Renuka says when he is lacking something, we have to solve his problem, don’t you know. Adi asks her to stop it. Navya asks what. Renuka says you know it, you can’t conceive because of Adi. Navya gets shocked. She says Adi isn’t at fault, I can’t give a child to Adi, no solution can help us now. Renuka gets shocked. Navya asks her to do this mantra tantra with her. She sits down. Adi asks her to get up. Renuka cries.

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