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Gupta Brothers 30th October 2020 Written Episode Update: Shiv gets ready to marry Ganga

Gupta Brothers 30th October 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Shiv telling Ganga that he was thinking that she needs someone. She says I tried to understand you and support you. He says if I want to start your life with someone then I am not wrong. Ganga says no and tells that if she gets such support, then her life will be complete. He thinks he can’t marry because of his brothers’ responsibility and tells that but how she can live her life alone. He asks why did you refuse for the alliance which Mama ji brought? Ganga is shocked. Rajat asks why did you send Bhaiyya to Ganga to convince her for marriage? Alok asks him to tell. Veeru tells that Ganga will agree to marry someone if Shiv asks her, then she will go far from him. Shiv asks her to get married and tells that the guy is good. She asks if you will get happy if I get married. Shiv says very much. Ganga agrees to marry someone for his happiness. Shiv says it is his responsibility to do all the arrangements and goes. Ganga thinks he likes her, but can’t accept her due to his brother’s responsibility. It shows Shiv has managed all the decorations. She sits for her haldi. Veeru says she will go far from Shiv Bhaiyya after the marriage.

On marriage day, Pandit ji tells Shiv that mahurat is ending and the groom is not picking the call. Shiv says I will see and goes to the groom’s house. He finds the door locked and a note on the floor. He reads it and gets shocked. He brings the letter to Ganga. Ganga reads it, that he can’t marry a thief and liar girl. The society men tell that even they were thinking how can anyone marry such a thug and liar girl. They tell that she will never get married and tells that they knew that this marriage will not happen, and they came to see the drama. They tell Shiv that people will not trust him. Ganga drops the letter on the floor and runs away. Shiv comes to her and finds her crying. He asks her not to feel bad about their words. Ganga says it is her mistake that she is an orphan and tried to help orphaned kids. She asks him to promise her that he will never take responsibility of such girl like her. The society men tell that Shiv will brush off his hands off this Ganga.

Shiv holds Ganga’s hand and takes her to the marriage altar. He asks the people if they are happy to see her failing and also to see him distressed for her. He confronts them and asks if you are society then I am ashamed to be part of such society. He says if Ganga is wrong then you are also wrong. He says I did a mistake by calling you people here, I thought you will understand her, but I did a mistake. He apologizes to Ganga and says I called these people for your big day. He asks them to go. The society man asks who asked you to take her responsibility. Other guy says even you are equally responsible and asks what did you do for her? They leave from there. The lady asks Ganga to come to their Ashram and says orphans dreams are orphan too. She says nobody will support you here.

Shiv recalls everything that she agreed to marry for his happiness and his promise. He asks Ganga to stop and says heart can’t be an orphan and tells that he will support her. He says you have fulfilled your promise, now I will fulfill my promise. Mama ji asks how? The guy is eloped. Shiv says I know, I had sworn not to marry in my life, but if someone gets a new life because of me then I am ready to break my promise. He says I don’t know you will agree or not, but I am ready to marry you. He asks will you marry me instead of that guy. Ganga looks on.

Precap: Ganga tells Shiv’s brothers that he gave her a new life. Shiv tells that he will fulfill his responsibility for Ganga too. Veeru refuses and goes with his brothers.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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