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Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega 31st October 2020 Written Episode Update: Guddan’s haldi

Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega 31st October 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Pushpa says this is a curse. Now this Guddan will be DIL of Birla family? I don’t accept it. Shona says I accept this marriage. She will be my DIL. I don’t want a clever girl. I was Money’s happiness. Pushpa says she can’t even walk. Shona says Money loves her, his happiness is mine. Please agree. Pushpa says do what you want. Rashi cries and says this can’t happen. DJ Says Shona ji, call pandit ji. We have to decide mahorat. Pushpa says Saru ma will decide that. Saru says Pushpa mahorat is good. The guy and girl are ready. When Agastya and Niya are getting married then get Money and Guddan married as well. Rashi goes inside. Pushpa says so Money and Guddan will be married with Agastya and Niya. Tomorrow there will be haldi then wedding. And Guddan, you’re going be a Birl DIL but that doesn’t mean you will get your restaurant back. That will still be my decision. Pushpa says let’s go. Everyone leaves.

Agastya looks at Guddan. Their theme song plays. Guddan’s dupatta gets stuck in his watch. She plucks it and they walk in different directions.

Scene 2
Aarav and DJ prepare for haldi. Aarav says let me see Guddan if she’s ready. Money comes there dancing. DJ and Aarav are shocked. Money has money in mouth. He says today is the happiest day of my life. Give me blessings. DJ says stay happy. Where’s everyone? He says I thought I should make my entry first. DJ says Guddan will be coming. Money says I will wait. Pushpa says that idiot should come late. Shona says she’s my DIL now. Pushpa says then she should have welcomed you. She falls more than she walks. Choti comes. Money looks at her. Agastya also looks at her. Niya says how do I look Agastya? This is your favorite color. Agastya nods. Pushpa says you look the prettiest. DJ says Choti you look so good. God will protect you from evil eye. Shona says so pretty Guddan. DJ says let’s start the ritual. Agastya says where is Rashi? Pushpa says if she creates another problem I will.. Niya says it’s okay I will look for him.

DJ says Aarav what are you doing here? Aarav says when I look at this Agastya I get so angry. DJ says he’s money’s brother. And it’s Guddan’s wedding as well. Rashi prays please God make Guddan my mom. Arushi comes and says I also wish the same. Rashi says we have to do something. Pushpa says to Saru it’s happening like we wanted. Saru says everything is as per the plan. Guddan will be trapped in our plan. Saru laughs.

Haldi starts. Guddan and Agastya look at each other. Shona brings the haldi. It falls from her hands. Same haldi falls on Guddan and Agastya. Shona says this haldi was for Niya. What did you do? This all is happening because of Choti. DJ says how is this Choti’s mistake. Pushpa says her existence is a mistake. DJ says I won’t hear a single word against Choti. Shona says it was my mistake. DJ cleans Choti’s face. Niya cleans Agastya’s mistake. Pushpa comes to take juices. Someone mixes something in them. DJ gives the juices to everyone.

Scene 3
Pandit ji prepares for the wedding. He does pooja. DJ says you will be married with all the rituals. AJ and Guddan would have been so happy. Guddan says everything is happening so fast.. DJ says money is a good guy. Guddan says how will I live without you and Aarav. DJ says this will always be your house. You have two homes. You can do this. Rashi comes and hugs Guddan. She says don’t marry Money, please become my mama. Guddan says Niya will become your mom. Rashi cries and says no please marry papa and be my mama. Guddan says I will stay in your house. You will have two mamas. Rashi says will you stay with me? Guddan hugs her and says yes always.

Precap-There are two brides and two grooms. The brides are under ghunghat.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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