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Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 30th October 2020 Written Episode Update: Virat’s Alternative Plan

Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 30th October 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

Virat gathers his team and tells inspector Pawar that he will head the team to find out and arrest Jagtap. Pawar says he knows jungle well, will make and plan and brief him; says he will question Vithal. Aaba/Kamal Joshi says there is no use as Vithal will not reveal anything and was just at the spot. Virat says Jagtap will try to target him. In jungle, Jagtap fumes that he wants to take revenge from Virat for his insult. Vital determines to punish Virat. Back in police station, Joshi asks Virat if he thinks Jagtap will target him. Virat says just like he target Joshi and he has sent his spy to spy on Jagtap and is waiting for clue. He sees someone hearing their conversation, opens door and twists hand. Sai shouts in pain revealing its her. Aaba asks asks what is she doing here. She says she came to check what is Virat ordering Aaba as she saw Aaba leaving home in uniform. Virat asks if she doesn’t know Jagtap is roaming free. Sayi as usual blames Virat for that. Aaba warns him to mind her tongue. Virat says he will arrest Sayi for interfering between confidential meeting. Aaba apologizes Virat and takes Sayi from there and locks her in a safe house.

Samrat meets family before leaving. Badimaa says she is proud of him that he is following his uncle and family’s lineage of serving the nation. He asks where is aayi as she performs aarti always. Badimaa says she has gone to temple and gives aarti thali to Pakhi. Virat asks Badimaa to perform aarti instead as she is like his mother. Badimaa performs aarti and asks Pakhi to accompany Virat till airport. Virat says its okay as Pakhi is tired after many wedding rituals and he will manage.

Sayi locked in a room calls Aaba and asks which place is this. He says its a safe house. She as usual blames Virat and insists Aaba not to go on a mission to catch Jagtap and risk his life. Aaba tries to explain her, but she continues her adamancy. Aaba warns her not to interfere in his duty. She says she will not speak to him and disconnects call. Aaba repeatedly calls her, but she disconnects call.

Pakhi returns to her room and reminiscing Samrat’s words calls Virat to inform about it. Virat busy in mission disconnects call saying he will call her later as he is busy in a mission. Pakhi fumes thinking how can he disconnect her call. Devi enters and snatching her mobile asks if she is speaking to Virat. Ashwini enters and tells Devi that Pakhi is Samrat’s wife and her bhabhi. Devi says Pakhi is Virat’s wife. Ashwini tries to convince her, but she gets adamant, runs down and tells family that Pakhi is a liar. Badimaa warns her not to misbehave and asks what did she lie. Devi says she forgot, but Pakhi is a liar and was speaking to Virat. Family stands confused.

Precap: Sunny tells Pakhi that by fate she became Samrat’s wife and not Virat’s, so she has to forget Virat. Pakhi says she cannot, she catches Karishma hearing their conversation. Karishma thinks of informing this news to Mohit.

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