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Falling In Love Again @RiAnsh #4 ArJal’s Engagement… Part 1

Hello girls! I’ve noticed… only girls read my ffs 😛😝😜😀😃😄😁😆😅😂🤣.

Sorry for the delay… Here goes the first part of a loooooooooong episode.

Special thanks 🙏🏼 to @Seanna_0044 and my cousin, Unnati who has recently joined the tellyupdates group (I don’t know her ID😜… please comment Unnati so we all know ur ID). Both of them have helped me… And thanks to Lucy (Sahada) for all her suggestions and I am surely going to implement whichever possible suggestions are there.

So here it goes…


At the VR mansion

Vansh: But what’s the problem Aryan?

Aryan: You just don’t get it, right!? You along with Riddhima have planned MY date with MY girlfriend! And you expect me to go there and propose Sejal?

Vansh: So what’s wrong in it?

Aryan: Everything! YOU have planned the date! Not ME!

Vansh (muttering under his breath): He’s getting on my nerves! Couldn’t Riddhima ask Sia or Ishani to do this! I would’ve told him that even Sejal wants to propose to him if she hadn’t asked me not to!

Aryan: What are you whispering to yourself?

Vansh: Nothing! I have a solution… I’ll ask Riddhima not to tell Sejal that we have planned the date

Aryan: That wouldn’t change the fact that you did! And I know that you planned my proposal! I don’t like it! Why don’t you understand, Bhai!?

Vansh: Okay… Another option! I’ll remove all the decorations… just keep the same place! Okay?

Aryan (with some hesitation): Okay… I’ll go there.

At RiJal’s house

Riddhima: Why? Don’t you like the way I decorate?

Sejal: You know, it’ s not that!

Riddhima: Then WHAT IS IT!?

Sejal: I don’t want the date to be planned by you! I want it to be planned by me!

Riddhima: Okay… I’ll ask the helpers to remove all decorations… but please keep the location the same?

Seja (hugging Riddhima): Okay! I love you! Bye!

Riddhima is calling Vansh when the doorbell rings.Vansh receives the call while Riddhima is going towards the door.

Vansh: Aren’t you taking too long to open the door?

Riddhima (Opens the door but is still talking on the phone): Couldn’t you tell me that you are standing outside?

Vansh : Obviously I could. But I love giving surprises.

Riddhima hangs up the call and starts talking face to face.

Riddhima: Welcome to my little heaven!

Vansh: Hmmm… It’s not as big as my mansion… But I like it… It’s cute, like you.

Riddhima: And it makes me comfortable, like you

Both smile at the compliments.

Vansh: I came to tell you that Aryan was adamant on planning the date himself… So I sent him to the location to check out the place.

Riddhima: Uh-Oh!

Riddhima quickly finds her and Sejal’s bike’s keys, two black riding jackets and two helmets and pulls Vansh down towards the elevator.

Vansh: What happened? Why are you hurrying so much!? Why are you looking like you are going to ride a motorbike!?

Riddhima: Sejal has gone to check the location too… We need to hurry up so I am opening my and Sejal’s college secret to you… We LOVE riding bikes… We used to race… The bikes are really fast… We’ll reach sooner.

Vansh: Okay… got it! Let’s race!

Riddhima: Huh! Don’t even try! You’ll lose badly!

Vansh: We’ll see that!

They both get on their bikes and start riding.


At Kabir’s house

Kabir is looking at his and Riddhima’s pictures. He remembers the time he spent with her. He remembers lying to her that he loved someone else. He remembers her kissing Vansh accidentally. Kabir wonders if his plan would work and he would get Riddhima and his revenge.Anupriya comes there and picks up Kabir and Ragini’s Raksha Bandhan photo. Kabir suddenly realizes that his mother is standing next to him.

Anupriya: You promised Shona that you’ll protect her. You couldn’t fulfill that promise. Now, you have to avenge her death… you can not back off.

Kabir: I am not backing off! I was just wondering if the plan would work.

Anupriya: You are doubting yourself?

Kabir keeps staring at his picture with Ragini.


She takes a breath. Kabir lowers his head.

Anupriya: This is the last time I am telling you, you will NEVER doubt yourself.

Kabir: Yes, mom.

Anupriya: Inspector Kabir! You will never doubt yourself!

Kabir: YES MOM!

Anupriya: Good! Now have this milk and prepare for what you are going to do tomorrow.

At the date location

Riddhima and Vansh reach the place together. It’s a tie.

Vansh: I must say, it was hard to compete with me… you’ve done a great job!

Riddhima: You too.

Riddhima removes her helmet and opens her hair. Vansh stares at her. Then he gets conscious and looks away and thinks ‘What the hell are you doing, Vansh!? Stop staring at her like a fool! All cute girls look hot in bike jackets, but it doesn’t mean you stare at them!’

Riddhima: What! What were you saying about cute girls?

Vansh (talking to himself): How did she know what I’m thinking!?

Riddhima: What are you muttering?

Vansh: Nothing! Nothing at all! Haha! I think your ears are ringing Riddhima… You should get them checked.

Riddhima: Very funny! Now let’s go!!

Vansh: Ya!

They reached the place where they had everything decorated.

Aryan: Are you free?

Sejal: When?

Aryan: For your entire life?

Sejal is both surprised and puzzled. Aryan bends on his knees.

Aryan: Will you marry me?

Sejal is very happy and starts hopping around.

Sejal: Of course I will! Do you need to ask that!?

They hug each other. Riddhima and Vansh are very happy too. Riddhima starts jumping around. Suddenly, she hugs Vansh and he hugs her back. Riddhima says, “I’m so happy today! My friend finally got her dream life and her dream partner!”

Vansh: Okay! Okay! Calm down! We have to leave before they see us!

Riddhima stands back and wipes her tears and says, “Ya!”

Vansh: Hey! Why are you crying!?

Riddhima: Nothing, it’s just been a while since I’ve been happy.

Vansh: Are you seriously shedding your precious tears for some jerk who doesn’t even care about what you feel!? Come on! Stop crying! You don’t look good when you cry! I wish your ex would come in front of me! I would file a murder case against him!

Riddhima is shocked and puzzled.

Vansh: He murdered such a beautiful girl’s smile!

Riddhima finally smiles.

Vansh: Now that’s more like it! Come on, let’s go

Vansh and Riddhima start to leave but Aryan notices them and Sejal follows his gaze and sees them too.

Sejal: Riddhima!!

Aryan: Vansh bhai!!

Both turn around and see that they’ve been caught.

Sejal: What are you both doing here?

Aryan: I thought Sejal didn’t know about this?? Bhai?

Vansh: Ya… ummm…

Sejal: Ridz??

Riddhima: It’s Riddhima, Sejal!!

Sejal: Are you seriously arguing with me regarding your name right now!?

Vansh: It’s not her mistake, I forgot to tell her that she doesn’t have to tell you and anyways, does it matter? The marriage is still on!

Aryan and Sejal together: You knew!?

Riddhima: Ya… Well, we discussed it at the park during our morning walk.

Riddhima and Vansh get awkward remembering what happened at the park.

Sejal: What happened? Why are y’all silent?

Riddhima and Vansh together: NOTHING!! Nothing happened!

Sejal and Aryan look at each other.

Riddhima: Anyways! It’s already decided that Vansh and I will plan the wedding and that’s FINAL!

Sejal: You love weddings so much, don’t you?

Vansh: Ya! That she does!

Sejal looks surprisingly at Vansh.

Vansh: We discussed that too in the morning.

Sejal looks past them at the bikes and shouts.


Riddhima: Stop shouting! We’re at a public place!

Vansh: A public place that’s owned by me?

Riddhima: We are standing outside your ‘property’

Vansh:Ya but-

Riddhima: -whose side are you on?

Vansh: Yours, of course!

Riddhima: Then why are WE arguing?

Vansh: Aryan! Everything is decided. So…

Riddhima: You both decided whether you want to marry with your consent or we forcefully do that!

Sejal: Okay! Stop threatening us like that now! But I’m still pissed off at you… So I’ll  ride with Aryan

Riddhima: Alright! Go ahead. I’ll ride with Vansh!

Vansh: What !?

Riddhima: You have some problem?

Vansh: Nope! Never!

Riddhima: Come on then! We’ve got a race to win!

Aryan: Win? Who said you’ll win?

Riddhima: I did, my dear Jiju!

Aryan: Let’s see then!

Both the pairs get on the bikes and start riding. Vansh and Aryan are driving while Riddhima and Sejal are sitting behind them. Vansh and Riddhima are winning. As they reach near the house, Vansh looks at Riddhima in the mirror. He keeps looking and they lose.

Sejal: We won!!

Aryan: I told ya!

Riddhima: What did you do! Vansh!? What were you doing that at the end only you lost control!?

Vansh: I was… Umm… I’m sorry!

Riddhima turns her face from him and stomps into the apartment.

Vansh and Aryan leave.


At VR Mansion

Everyone is at the dining table. Vansh is still thinking about Riddhima and wonders how to pacify her.

Sia: You know, Daadi…

Daadi: Yes, Sia beta?

Sia: I think nowadays Bhai either has a lot of work or he has fallen in love.

Vansh breaks out of his thoughts and listens to what Sia is saying.

Daadi: Why are you saying so, bachcha?

Vansh: Exactly! What do you mean?

Sia: You aren’t eating mom’s halwa! And since you have come home, you are thinking and thinking and thinking and doing nothing else. This only happens when you have a lot of workload or…

Vansh: I was thinking about Aryan!

Uma: What about Aryan?

Vansh: Mom, Aryan loves someone.

Pradeep (Vansh’s father) starts coughing and the plate Uma had her hand drop on the table.

Daadi: What!?

Vansh: Ya! Remember that girl you were praising for the decorations of Sia’s birthday? That girl is Sejal and they both love each other.

Sia: Oh! You were thinking about that!

Pradeep: Sia!? You knew about this?

Ishani: Sejal and Riddhima are Sia’s friends. After you left for home yesterday, we were playing and they told us about it… We all know.

Pradeep: Aryan? I think as your parents, we ought to know about this!

Aryan: Dad, I was gonna tell you about it… Please meet her first and then judge the situation! Please! Please! Please!

Uma: Stop being a puppy now! Okay we’ll meet her.

Aryan: Thank you so much, mom!


At Riddhima and Sejal’s House

Riddhima is in her and Sejal’s room. She is lying on the bed but can’t sleep. She is regretting her behaviour with Vansh. She decides that the first thing she’ll do the next day when she visits VR Mansion would be apologising to Vansh. Just then, she hears a knock on her window. She goes to check what it is. She sees Vansh and is surprised to see that he had climbed up to the window. She opens the window and lets him in. They both start whispering so as to not wake Sejal up.

Riddhima: What are you doing here!?

Vansh: I came to apologise for what happened today… the race… I’m sorry.

Riddhima: I should be the one to apologise. I shouldn’t have behaved like that. It was just a stupid bike race and I reacted as if my life depended on it… I’m sorry.

Vansh: So you forgive me?

Riddhima: Not so easily! You have to do something for me.

Vansh: Anything you ask for!

Riddhima: I’m unable to sleep! Let’s watch a movie!

Vansh: NOW!!?

Sejal turns on her bed.

Riddhima pulls Vansh behind a curtain. They are standing really close. They share an eyelock.

Vansh: You really wanna watch a movie now?

Riddhima: Ya but the guest room would be better if you are gonna speak at this volume!

Vansh: Sorry!

Riddhima: Are you my friend?

Vansh: Ya

Riddhima: So then no sorry and no thank you.

Vansh: Okay. I think we can go to the other room now.

Riddhima: Ya.

They both go to the guest room and start Riddhima’s laptop and decide to watch a comedy movie. They spend a good time together. It gets very late.

Riddhima: It’s 2 am! I think you should stay here tonight.

Vansh: Nope. You and Sejal need to wake up early and if Sejal wakes up she will find it weird. It’s better I get going.

But Riddhima keeps insisting.

Vansh: Okay… Then let’s do one thing… Tomorrow, after mom and dad agree for Sejal and Aryan’s marriage, we’ll have another party at the farmhouse.

Riddhima: Umm… Okay… But this time, let’s keep the bride and groom out of the party… Sia once told me that Daadi believes that it isn’t good for the bride and groom to meet before the wedding.

Vansh: Well… Alright! So for the party it’s only gonna be you, me, Ishani,Sia and one of my friends who is also my ex-fiance’s brother is gonna attend the wedding… Is it okay if I call him?

Riddhima: Definitely! The more the merrier. I will get to know more people and it would help us have more fun. Invite him. No issues.

Vansh: Okay. So I will call and inform him tomorrow.

Riddhima: Okay, Bye!

Vansh walks towards the window.

Riddhima: Why are you going from the window? You can go from the door now.

Vansh: Oh! Ya! I forgot!

Vansh leaves and Riddhima falls asleep.


At RiJal’s house

Riddhima: Sejal!!!! Wake up!!!! Today you have to come with me to the VR Mansion! You have to meet Aryan’s parents. Wake up!!!!!!!

Sejal (now awake): What yaar, Ridz! It was such a good dream!

Riddhima: What were you dreaming?

Sejal: I had married Aryan…

Riddhima: Oh! That’s why! But don’t you wanna marry him in real life? Go! Get ready!

Sejal: Offo! There’s more!

Riddhima: Ok! Speak up, but quick!

Sejal: So I had married Aryan and… You had married Vansh and we were all living together! Me, you, Vansh, Aryan, Sia and Ishani, altogether! Wonderful dream naa!

Riddhima: What rubbish are you talking about!? Me and Vansh married!!!?? Are you nuts!!?

Sejal: But you both look perfect together! Like a pair made in heaven! ‘Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi’!

Riddhima: Sejal!!! Do you want me to murder you? Stop talking about this!

Sejal: Okay! Okay! I’m going to get ready!


At VR Mansion

Sia knocks on the door of Vansh’s room.

Vansh: Come in, Sia. How many times have I told you? You don’t need to knock!

Sia: I’m getting accustomed. When my bhabhi will come, then you will need privacy naa!

Vansh: Sia, please! I am not getting married!

Sia: But bhai! I found a perfect bhabhi for me! Don’t do this to me! I like her very much and you know her too!

Vansh: Please, Sia! And who is this girl whom you want to make my wife forcefully?

Sia: I’ll send you her picture downstairs. (Then murmuring to herself while leaving) And anyways, you will have to agree because I have made a full proof plan!


Riddhima and Sejal reach VR Mansion.

Riddhima: Sejal, go inside… I’ll park and come.

Sejal: Okay, but come fast! I’m very nervous!

Riddhima: Ya! I’m coming, go!

Sejal: Come fast okay?

Riddhima: Ya! Gooo!

Sejal goes inside. Sia, Ishani and Daadi welcome her. She sits in the living room with Aryan, Uma and Pradeep. They all talk while Sia and Ishaani talk to Daadi

Sia: Daadi… I get it that Vansh Bhai doesn’t wanna marry… but he is the eldest one! If he doesn’t marry then how can Aryan Bhai marry? He is younger naa!

Ishaani: Yes, Daadi! Vansh bhai has to marry! Even I want a Bhabhi!

Daadi: You girls had planned all this already, right? And since you had planned this, you must have found a Bhabhi for yourself.

Sia: Yes! And she’s just like you wanted… She believes in God very much and respects elders. She loves everyone and she is very good at heart.

Ishani: She’s very talented also… She cooks very well! And don’t tell this to maa, but she makes better halwa than Mom also.

Sia: When did you eat her halwa?

Ishani: You brought it home that day remember? And we finished it so that no one knows…

Daadi: You mischievous girls! You didn’t give it to me!

Sia: Daadi, you can have it too if she marries Vansh Bhai and comes here… then you can ask her to make halwa everyday!

Ishaani: Ya Daadi! Please! Please! Please! Bhai ki shaadi kara do un se! (Please make brother marry her)

Daadi: Okay! Okay! But at least show me how she looks!

Sia: Ya! Let me show you her picture!

Ishaani: No need! Look! There she comes!

Riddhima enters the VR Mansion.

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