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Excuse Me Madam 30th October 2020 Written Episode Update: Sanam fools Kranti by making Addu wear a blouse

Excuse Me Madam 30th October 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

Scene 1
Sanam asks the officer if Amar gave any blouse to you? I want that. She gave it to you by mistake. The officer says I can’t help you as it’s against her orders. Madam calls Sanam and says give me that tailor’s number who came to my office, I want to discuss some designs. She ends the call.

Addu is leaving the hotel when the waiter comes and says run from here, the police have raided this place. Amar enters there and says don’t move. She sees it’s Addu and is stunned. She says what are you doing in this cheap hotel? Addu says my uncle was staying here as his mother used to work here so he is emotionally attached to this place. Amar says where is your uncle? Addu says the doctor took him. Amar calls Kranti and says I have found Addu.

Sanam comes to meet Madam as a tailor’s son. Madam says I am happy to see you Khair-uddin. She says you want to eat something? He says nothing. She says I think your father will be able to tell you about the blouse more. She calls the real tailor there and says this doesn’t look like my mistake. Madam says you are right, he is not your son. She takes off Sanam’s fake beard and glares at him. She says tailor you can, he leaves. Sanam says sorry to Madam and says my wife found your blouse and she is very angry. Madam says I want my blouse back, nothing should happen to it otherwise I will come to your office to make a scene.

Scene 2
Amar brings Addu home. Kranti asks Addu how is his uncle? Amar says I will find that out. Kranti says I want to ask something to Addu so you can leave Amar. Amar gives the blouse to Kranti and leaves. Kranti asks Addu if it’s his blouse? Addu says yes. Sanam comes there and asks Addu if he is fine? Kranti asks Addu to go and wear that blouse? Addu sadly looks at Sanam and leaves. Sanam tells Kranti that I know you will throw me out of the house if the blouse doesn’t fit him. Addu comes there wearing the blouse and it fits him. Kranti says how did it fit you? Sanam says to Kranti that I am your Sanam and I didn’t cheat on you. He takes Addu from there. Kranti says Sanam did something, I can’t believe this.

Sanam and Addu are drinking. Sanam says I am always a step ahead. Addu says how did you do it? Sanam says I found the same material and made a blouse with your fitting. I went to the police station and talked to the officer, then when the officer was busy cribbing about his wife. Sanam told him that he feels the same pain and said my wife doubts me too, then I gave him your blouse and took Madam’s blouse from there. The flashback ends. Addu says you are the biggest jerk.

Sanam comes to his room and smirks at Kranti. He jumps on the bed and says I remembered poetry for you. Kranti says tell me. He says poetry for her but forgets it in the middle. Kranti says you have changed after marriage. You are not romantic anymore. Kranti says we didn’t even go on a vacation, I want to go to Goa. Sanam says it’s not a good place, people stroll there in half clothes. Kranti says how do you know that? Sanam says my single friends tell me. Kranti says I want to go to Goa with you. Sanam says no.

PRECAP – Madam tells Sanam that I am going to Goa with a friend. I want to rest and sunbathe on the beaches there. I am tired of these formal and long clothes, I will wear my swimwear on that paradise.
Sanam tells Kranti that I have to go to Goa on an office trip. Kranti says I was just talking about it last night, God wants me to go with you. Sanam is stunned.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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