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Ek Mahanayak Dr. BR Ambedkar 30th October 2020 Written Episode Update: Bhima refuses to lie down in front of Sarvagya Maharaj

Ek Mahanayak Dr. BR Ambedkar 30th October 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

Bala and Ram ji share 2 different points of view as to how they should deal with the situation. Anand suggests that they should get water from the well that belongs to the upper community. Ram ji is against the idea but other villagers like it. They head towards the well.

Sarvagya Maharaj tells the villagers that now people from lower community will come to take water from their well. Dhansukhlal assures him that they wont succeed in doing so.

4 men are guarding the well. They hit Puranjan with a stick when he refuses to back off. Ram ji comes to his rescue. He convinces him and takes him home with the help of other villagers.

Back at Sakpal House, Puranjan and Ram ji argue about their choices.

Pundit ji tells Sarvagya Maharaj that he was right about the well. The villagers now know what we are up to. Dhansukhlal adds that they wont get water from anywhere. They wont be able to survive and will leave town! Sarvagya Maharaj notices Bhima coming there. Everyone follows his gaze. 2 villagers stop him from entering the premises. Bhima wants to meet Sarvagya Maharaj but they refuse. Dhansukhlal tells Sarvagya Maharaj that he is Ram ji’s son. He is a kid but he can trap anyone in his words easily. Mangesh says the best thing is that Dhruv has left town. We used to feel helpless because of him but we are free now. We can kill him right away if you will allow us to. Sarvagya Maharaj denies. I am very fond of kids. Let me see what is so different about him that has scared everyone present here. I can bless him too. Mangesh and Dhansukhlal walk up to Bhima. What are you doing here? Is Puranjan fine? We can break his leg properly if it isn’t broken yet. We can do it to others as well. Bhima insists upon meeting Sarvagya Maharaj again. It is pointless to speak to you two regarding what’s happening. Mangesh asks him what it is but Bhima insists that he will discuss it with Maharaj ji only. Dhansukhlal gives in. Keep distance though. Your shadow and stench shouldn’t reach him! Bhima asks them why they have a problem with their stench when the stench of a dead animal in the well does not bother them. You wont have answer to my questions anyways. Make me meet Maharaj. They comply and stop hm at the doorway.

Sarvagya Maharaj smiles at Bhima. What’s your name? Bhima says Bhima Rao Ambedkar. This puzzles Sarvagya Maharaj. Bhima shares that his Maharaj has given him his surname. Sarvagya Maharaj tells Dhansukhlal to call that teacher here. Bhima praises Guru ji. He always tells good things. Sarvagya Maharaj says I can see that. Why have you come here though? Bhima takes out a piece of paper. Sarvagya Maharaj asks him if it is an order from English Government. Bhima shakes his head and starts reading the names that he has written on the paper. There are 188 people in total. He shares the count of men, women and kids in particular. Sarvagya Maharaj asks him if he has come to apologize on their behalf. Bhima denies. I came to tell you that come what may, none of these will leave town! It is a promise from my side on their behalf! Everyone gets stunned.

Sarvagya Maharaj warns Bhima to stop talking. How dare you say all this nonsense to me? Bhima says it is the strength of those 188 people who are standing behind me and for whom I have come here. I have also come to say that you guys have started the fight. We will all fight now but we wont budge from here at any cost. He folds his hands and leaves. Title track plays. The two men standing guard ask him to seek blessings from Sarvagya Maharaj first. Bhima says how he will bless me when he runs away from my shadow. Mangesh tells him to leave it on them. We will see how he will bless you without touching you. It would be the same way he blessed your brother and Baba. Bhima realises why his Baba was silent earlier. Mangesh asks Sarvagya Maharaj to come. Sarvagya Maharaj asks Bhima to lie down. He asks Mangesh to give him demo which irks Mangesh. Dhansukhlal tells him to do it. Mangesh lies down on the ground reluctantly. Did you understand now? Lie down now! Bhima says I can lie down, not for blessing but for water. I will lie down in front of you right away if you will promise to give water to my entire community! Sarvagya Maharaj calls it impossible. Bhima says even I cannot lie down here then. He walks away. Mangesh requests Sarvagya Maharaj to order them to force Bhima to lie down in his feet. Sarvagya Maharaj refuses. It isn’t needed. Call that Guru here first of all. I want to know if he is instigating a religious rebellion without our community. They agree.

Precap: People from lower community approach police for help. Leader tells him to understand the situation and leave. Bhima watches it from the door. Sarvagya Maharaj instructs the villagers to tell the passerby’s not to help people from lower community. If they will then we will throw dead animals in their wells as well!

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