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Ek Duje Ke Vaaste 2 30th October 2020 Written Episode Update: Shravan makes Vikram realize his mistake

Ek Duje Ke Vaaste 2 30th October 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

The Episode starts with Bunty calling Shravan and asking did Vikram come. Shravan says no, he didn’t come. Bunty says you would have enjoyed it. Shravan says no, don’t know, Beena scolded Suman that Vikram didn’t come. Bunty says she made you sad for Suman. Shravan says she didn’t think she was saying about me, Suman felt so bad, I couldn’t see it. Bunty says its not your mistake. Shravan says Beena didn’t say it intentionally, Suman would be awake, maybe she is crying in her room, I will meet her. Bunty says no need to worry for her, she isn’t a small kid. Suman writes her diary. She wants to be strong. She writes… relations are strange, those we love hurt us, Beena’s words have hurt me a lot. She cries.

Shravan knocks. She checks the door. He makes excuses to be with her. He says I had pain in my arm, I was going and collided with the door. She says you are not a small kid, you are an officer, you have big responsibility on you. He asks her to give medicines. She goes to get medicines. He thinks was she crying. She gives medicines and says bye. He goes. She shuts the door. He throws the medicines. He says she is still the same, she doesn’t show her feelings, what shall I do to lessen her pain. She writes her diary again. She writes about Vikram. Shravan comes again. She opens the door. He says Vikram wants to talk to you, I m not interfering, Vikram is a nice person, talk to him once. She says he will talk to me directly, you don’t say anything between us, its best for everyone, okay, go and sleep. He goes.

Vikram says I know you and Suman are angry. Shravan says you didn’t come, everyone thinks you and Suman had a fight, I m also angry. Vikram says sorry, I wanted to share something with you. Shravan says I know, come to meet me, we will talk. He ends the call. Shravan looks at the window. Suman comes out. Shravan sees her and acts to exercise. Suman waves to him. He says I had pain in my arm and didn’t get sleep.

He says she doesn’t care for me. He gets sad. Suman comes to him. She gives strong medicines. She says this will make you sleep and relief pain, its not good for health to stay awake till late. He smiles. She goes. Its morning, Sophie and her friends come home to invite Beena for all the functions. Beena says congrats to your family. Sophie looks for Shravan. She asks is he not at home. Kanchan says its not his house, he is a PG here. Suman says he isn’t here, I m surprised he didn’t tell you, I thought he tells you everything. Beena asks Kanchan to help her. Sophie says you are upset with me, it was my mistake, I didn’t tell Shravan and came to take his help, you don’t know me, I don’t know you, you know Shravan and then you will realize he is a nice person, Shravan and I are same, we are good people. Suman says I know Shravan well, I don’t need to ask you about him. She goes. Sophie thinks she is so rude, so Shravan doesn’t like her, where is he.

Shravan comes to meet Vikram. He says Suman also didn’t sleep at night, you didn’t come on dinner, Beena told something unknowingly that Suman got much hurt, I know you would feel awkward with Sophie so you didn’t come, Sophie told me everything about your love story, why are you feeling awkward, we also told you about Suman and me. Vikram says that was casual and kiddishness, Sophie and my matter was serious, you won’t understand. Shravan says you stop thinking this, tell me, are you afraid that Suman can know it that Sophie left you, its not about trust, but ego, you had hurt Suman so that your ego doesn’t get hurt, I m your friend, if you are wrong, I will tell you are wrong. Vikram says I made a mistake, I called Suman to apologize, she didn’t answer.

Shravan says think by her point, what she maybe thinking. Vikram says I got so selfish, I thought if I tell Suman, she will think I m a big loser. Shravan says loser is one who hide truth, I know Suman well, she will never judge you for this, go and tell her the truth. He says I have to apologize to Suman and you all, I behaved like kids. Shravan says chill, Sophie and I are just good friends. Vikram says Sophie would think I didn’t move on. Shravan says stop thinking about others’ thinking, go and meet Suman, tell her today itself, don’t tell her that we had this talk, she should feel that you realized your mistake on own. Vikram says I didn’t get a friend like you before, thanks. Shravan hugs him and goes. Shravan thinks my hatred for Suman is at own place, I can hurt her, but I can’t let anyone else hurt her, how shall I explain this to Vikram.

Vikram tells Suman about Sophie and him. He apologizes to her. Suman says Shravan if you suggested Vikram to apologize to me, then you should have told me as well.

Update Credit to: Amena

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