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Bigg Boss 30th October 2020 Written Episode Update: Kavita, Jasmin, Rubina and Nishant nominated

Bigg Boss 30th October 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

Day 27
Eijaz tells Nishant that people love me who work with me in shows. Shardul says don’t take it personally. Eijaz says I choose people from the industry, people respect me and I have earned it. People hate me but they respect me. Shardul says you have to win the audience’s hearts. Eijaz says she is insinuating that my career has ended and she is successful in her career so I am using her as a ladder to make my career again. She has most to lose so she should think before saying anything.

Kavita tells Abhi that I have a lot of friends, I don’t need more. Eijaz has worked as lead in many shows so where are his friends or co-stars? Why he he had to call me? He should at least have thought about the favor I did on him. I brought him out of the red zone and he has put me back there.

Shardul asks Eijaz to not be affected. Eijaz says I get affected by people who are closer to me.

Eijaz cries and tells Nikki that she said I am using her? I don’t know who is my friend anymore, I am an idiot that’s why I don’t fall in love. She brought me out of the red-zone and I have put her back in the red-zone. I don’t know anymore, he cries and says I am an idiot. Nikki says you have done the right thing.

6 PM
Bigg Boss says it’s time for Jaan to nominate any person from the green zone to take his place in the red zone. He can also nominate Nikki to get in the red-zone again.

Jaan: He nominates Nishant’s name for lying and promising fake promises. He says I trusted Eijaz and he gave up his bag for me easily. I took the decision to favor Eijaz in the game so Nishant didn’t like that decision and said bad words for me. Nishant says I am not talking to Jaan because he knew that Eijaz would Pavitra and Nikki so I wanted Jaan to not favor Eijaz in the game but someone who will put Jaan on a priority to bring him out of the red-zone, I tried my best to bring him out. Jaan says if I didn’t take Eijaz’s bag then why didn’t you respect my decision and be my friend? You chose to ignore me, I gave my captaincy to make you the captain but you didn’t respect that. Nishant says I wanted a captain who will save Jaan, I have no problem with Eijaz. Jaan says I am telling you clearly that I don’t have a problem with Eijaz, I trusted you but you gave up in the game and was not my friend. You showed what kind of a friend you are. Nishant asks Eijaz to do what is fair to them both. Eijaz says people were saying that Jaan is influenced by some people but when arguments happened, Jaan used to raise a rational voice, he tries to find solutions. I like Nishant and he does his work, I hear his voice but I don’t hear his logic. I hear logic from Jaan so I will bring him to the green zone and put Nishant in the red-zone. He presses the ‘swap’ buzzer and Nishant goes into the red zone. Jaan hugs Eijaz and says I love you. Eijaz says I told you.

6:30 PM
Eijaz tells Nikki and Jaan that we played one day and they tried to separate us the next day, I felt bad about it. It’s important we have one thinking, the captain should be chosen from our team only. Always.

Nishant tells Rahul that I hope you get out of here as it’s been a while. Rahul says I hope too because I did favor Eijaz in the game.

Nikki tells Eijaz that you are so cute. Jaan says he will get many proposals outside. Nikki says he has Pavitra already. Eijaz says I have nothing in my heart, don’t joke about it as Pavitra can take it seriously and can get hurt. Nikki says Pavitra seriously likes you so clear it with her. Eijaz says she won’t understand anything there as she is in the red-zone, once she is here and acting normally by fighting with me then I will clear with her. Nikki says you don’t like her at all? Eijaz says I don’t like her romantically. Jaan says why are you blushing? Eijaz says I have come alone and will go alone from the show, I don’t like her romantically.

Nishant says Kavita brought Eijaz out of here and he put her back. I was trying to bring Jaan out of here and he brought me here, what a show.

6:45 PM
Bigg Boss says it’s Rahul’s time to nominate one inmate.

Rahul: He nominates Jasmin and says I am an opinionated person but I don’t create issues. Jasmin and her friends make issues that don’t even exist. She makes things very big. She doesn’t say anything her own friends do the same thing. I warned her before taking her bag but I didn’t threaten her. What did she say? She taunted my upbringing and it might have hurt my parents hurting, I cried that night because of those words, she called me crass and whatnot, then she threw water at me and called me **** but when Nikki cursed her then it was a big issue but she can curse at anyone? Jasmin says I am real from day one, I have friends here but I have my opinions, I have put my full efforts into the tasks. I never made issues when I got hurt in the tasks, I have done my duties and I am strong here, I am very clear in my mind, I don’t become part of irrelevant fights. Jasmin says I know how he was looking in my eyes and threatening me that he will hurt me, I made an issue when Nikki cursed because she cursed me without any reason but when someone threatens me then I will give back to him. I totally deserve to stay in the green zone, I am not fake and I don’t make desperate acts, I am like this and I am a real person. Rahul says I want to add that Jasmin doesn’t give her 100% in the tasks, her clothes were unfit for the buzzer task, she doesn’t put effort into the tasks. Jasmin says he can’t decide on my clothes. Nikki tells Jaan that Rahul says some weird things. It was unnecessary. Eijaz says Rahul says things which I don’t agree with, Rahul has supported me in the task so I have to return the favor. I think Jasmin is a very strong competitor so it will not be a difficult thing for Jasmin. I want to give Rahul a fighting chance so I will put Jasmin in the red-zone. Rahul hugs and thanks Eijaz.

7:15 PM
Nishant calls Eijaz and says at this moment you are looking like the biggest fraud in the country. Kavita brought you out of here and you put her back here? I wanted to bring Jaan out of here in the task. Eijaz says I appreciate your opinion but I don’t agree.

Nikki tells Rahul that sometimes nobody accepts your words. Rahul says I don’t care about what people say. Jaan says you shouldn’t have commented on her clothes. Rahul says she should have worn a tracksuit for the task. Jaan says Sid has done tasks in the shorts, it’s a personal comment, you can’t comment on her garments. You were right about her not taking part in the tasks but don’t comment on her clothes.

Jasmin tells Nishant that Eijaz wants to give Rahul a fighting chance now? Nishant says Eijaz wants people on his side that will save him when he is not the captain. The scene will flip again. Jasmin says I thought Eijaz was strong but I was wrong.

7:30 PM
Kavita tells Pavitra that I thought Eijaz was very alone and he needed support. I have more followers than him. When I came here, I saw how crazy he is so I told him that if a girl likes you even after seeing you like this then he should consider giving you a chance. So Eijaz said that he doesn’t like you and his game will be impacted if he gets involved with you, I asked him to give you a chance after the show but he didn’t answer. So as a woman, I just want to say that don’t get used by him, put yourself on priority. Don’t pamper him like I did when I am not even his friend. Pavitra says even if you didn’t meet him much outside the house, you should have respected that he was your friend here. I am fighting alone here so I respect friendships. Kavita says we may not agree on that but I want you to not get fooled or swept by your emotions. Pavitra says I will consider this and thank you for telling me this.

8:30 PM
Pavitra nominates Rubina and says she keeps bringing the word violence here. I was fighting with Abhi as a woman yesterday, he was not leaving his bag and I could have gotten hurt but she didn’t see that a woman was fighting her husband and he could leave his bag easily but Rubina was shouting that violence was happening. Nobody is beating anyone here. If you use those words and allege us like this then it puts a bad impression on our image. We are actors and we don’t need these kinds of titles. She could have asked me as a woman if I got hurt in the task, I did ask Abhi after the task if he was fine but Rubina was just busy calling me violent. Rubina says this task is about why you should come out of the red-zone. Pavitra says because I want and deserve to on the green-side. Rubina says you have finished your talk so let me talk now. She gets down from the chair. Abhi asks Pavitra to let Rubina talk, people are watching you so set a good example. Eijaz asks them to calm down and he asks Pavitra to not interrupt her. Rubina says if she interrupts me then you will have to stop her. Eijaz says you have a right to talk. Rahul says silence students, the teacher is starting. Rubina says people put personal venegence out, Pavitra has made this easier for me. She herself said that it’s our responsibility to depend on our personalities. Yesterday I and my husband were standing with you and you made us believe that you are on our side but then you told Abhi that the second day that you want Eijaz to become the captain. Pavitra says I never promised Abhi that I will make him the captian. Rubina says you cheated us but molding the game so as public figures we are responsible for our own characters. Pavitra says you think everyone here has come to beat people up, you think all are violent here. Rahul says Rubina talked about how this task is not about personal vengeance but Rubina took out personal vengeance. Abhi says Rahul this is not your time to talk. Eijaz says Abhi you started talking first. Abhi says I am not civilized anymore as everyone is Pappu here. Pavitra says don’t call me Pappu here. Abhi says I was not talking to you Pavitra. Bigg Boss asks Eijaz about his decision. Eijaz says I see both on an equal level in the show but I understand Pavitra’s logic but I think Rubina wants to act the most intelligent person, people have compared me to Rubina and they want to see Rubina in the show, she is a strong competitor but on humanity basis, I have suffered from Pavitra there and I don’t want her to be in that jail anymore so Rubina will go in the red-zone and Pavitra will come to the green-zone. He presses on the swap buzzer. Rubina hugs Kavita and Jasmin. Rubina says they are washing their dirty laundry in public. Pavitra hugs Eijaz tightly and thanks him. Jaan and Rahul hug Pavitra.

Bigg Boss says the people in the red-zone are nominated. The nominated inmates are Nishant, Kavita, Jasmin and Rubina.

8 PM
Rubina asks Abhi if he is proud of her? He says of course? Jasmin asks if he is proud of her? He says of course. Nishant jokes if he is proud of him baby? Abhi laughs. Rubina says I thought Pavitra is strong from personality but she is just talk and nothing. This reality show is the father of all the shows so she might have done shows but she doesn’t know better here.

Pavitra tells Jaan that no one does violence here, she is just alleging people which is bad for our career. She is trying to make our image as some violent people. Our fans will take this negatively. Naina comes there and says I told you I will throw you on bed, she takes Pavitra from there and throws her on bed. Pavitra hugs Naina and laughs.

9 PM
Pavitra tells Nikki that Kavita talked to Eijaz and he said that he doesn’t like me. I didn’t ask Eijaz to marry me, it’s just an attraction but Kavita is messing with the wrong girl if she thinks I am some school girl and crushing on a guy. I have an attachment with Eijaz and we are liking this phase, it’s blossoming within me but how could Kavita talk to Eijaz when I didn’t give her permission? She was telling me to not get used to Eijaz, I wanted to laugh at her. Nikki says Eijaz was crying inside because of her words. He was saying that my brother says I am a fool for making friends like her. Pavitra says she is trying to make me learn how to not get used but she should be worried about herself, we are masters of reality shows so nobody can use me.

Kavita tells Rubina that as a woman, I warned Pavitra to not trust Eijaz. Rubina says she doesn’t care.

Kavita tells Rubina that Eijaz was a star, where is he now? He found such a nice girl in his life but he lost her, he lost everything in his life.

Shardul tells Eijaz to be more emotional. Eijaz says I had killed my emotions but I am learning emotions again, I can do anything for loyalty. Shardul says I didn’t like Jasmin going there. Eijaz says I didn’t like it too, Rahul shouldn’t have taken her name and why he was commenting on her clothes but I gave my words to Rahul before that I will bring him out. I don’t want to go against Jasmin and Rubina but I didn’t want to go back on my words.

12 AM
Nishant tells Abhi and Jasmin that I knew Jaan would nominate me as he is a fool. Abhi says he is dangerous as he can backstab you anywhere. Nishant says he can backstab anyone. Jasmin says I might look like a fool now by trying to make Jaan choose the right side. I told him to choose Nikki or leave her but don’t fool her for tasks like he does. Nishant says I would have been angry with anyone else but I am feeling pity for Jaan, he does what others tell him too.

Pavitra comes to the red-zone and asks if they can put her clothes on a rope but Kavita just eyes her and doesn’t move. Nishant says you can ask Eijaz to let you in and you can get your things. Pavitra says I asked Eijaz but he said to say on the camera first. I am just requesting Kavita but it’s fine.

Pavitra comes to Eijaz and says I asked them to put my clothes from the floor but they didn’t even do that, how can they talk about the upbringing of others?

Day 28
8 AM
The inmates wake up to the song dil dena. They all dance.

9:15 AM
Eijaz comes to the red-zone and asks if everything is okay? Jasmin says you brought us here so why are you asking now? Eijaz says it’s my duty. Kavita says it’s not your duty to ask us how we are? Eijaz asks Jasmin if he can do anything? Jasmin says you should have more spine, you sent me here in place of a cheap person, who doesn’t even have a spine. Eijaz says I know you are not going anywhere. Jasmin says I will go with pride from here so don’t do this as a formality. Eijaz says I am not doing that, he leaves. Rubina says he is just showing concern so you don’t go against him in the show.

9:45 AM
Jasmin says Pavitra will play like a love-struck puppy now. Nishant says she has started it, she said that when she goes out, she will *****.

Eijaz jokes with Shardul and says I will punish you now. He hits his bum with a stick and all laughs. Shardul says only I am a threat to Pavitra. Eijaz acts like kissing Shardul and all laugh.

Nishant says Eijaz is acting like cheap and crass politician, he has punished four innocent people for some gain.

10 AM
Pavitra asks Nishant if he can put her clothes on some table, don’t throw it on the floor. Nishant says we are not throwing your clothes, I will put your clothes outside the wall. Pavitra says I am just saying to hang them. Nishant says let me wash the dishes and then I will give your clothes to you. We were tired last night so I couldn’t hang them. Pavitra says this is your reality. Nishant says I will put your clothes out. Pavitra says they can’t even respect women’s clothes. There are 3 women inside but they can’t even respect a woman’s clothes. Nishant says I will put your clothes out with respect, let me wash the dishes right now. Pavitra says you people have no manners, throwing my clothes like this. She leaves. Rubina says taa-taa-taa. Kavita says there is no sense in her yelling.
Pavitra says they were angry when Jasmin’s clothes were brought up but they don’t care how my clothes are thrown?
Abhi asks Rubina and others to ignore her. Rubina says they didn’t even wash dishes before going to that side and she is talking about manners?

Pavitra cries and says I just asked them to put my clothes on a hanger. Eijaz says don’t focus on that. Pavitra leaves. Eijaz says why is everyone emotional? Jaan says she is crying too much. Eijaz says I thought she would be happy on this side.

11 AM
Rubina asks Jasmin why she didn’t clean the corner? Abhi says don’t be so nice to each other, cameras will go from here when there are no fights. Nishant says people will like seeing humans here as 4 animals were living here. Abhi says even animals have one character and they are loyal to each other so spare the animals.

Pavitra hugs Eijaz and he says have you fallen in love or what? She laughs and starts going away. He says talk to me, she says I am going to shower.

Eijaz is showing off his body. Jaan laughs and says you look like a malnutrition person. Kavita sees it and says Eijaz is going crazy with himself, he just wants that trophy. Nikki hugs Jaan. Jaan says what are doing? Jasmin looks at them and says Jaan is looking a fool. Kavita says their love and fights are both fakes. Jasmin says they have no respect for themselves.

5 PM
Eijaz tells Pavitra that it’s going over-board with jokes. Pavitra says what? Eijaz says I want to tell you clearly that I didn’t come here for love, attachment, or companionship. I want time to heal myself. Pavitra says I am attached to you. Eijaz says but you will have expectations. Pavitra says no expectations at all, I just take out whatever is inside me, I am unexpected and unpredictable. Eijaz says you are making me scared. She laughs.

9 PM
Abhi reads the task in which Shardul, Abhi, and Jaan will take part in. They will pass a difficult course and have to wash their face. After the obstacle course, you have to find 3 keys to open the face-wash box. The boy who completes the task in less time will win and get a gift hamper. Nikki will be the referee. Rahul says this is a good task.

9:30 PM
The task starts and Jaan is first. He starts passing the obstacle course, Nikki is counting time on the stop-watch. Eijaz and Nikki cheer for him. She asks him to look for the keys. She asks him to speed up. Jaan opens the box and washes his face. Nikki says he did it in 3 minutes, 9 seconds.

Abhi starts the task, Rubina says my jungle boy. Abhi collects the keys and passes the obstacle course. Nikki asks him to look for the keys. He opens the box and Nikki cheers for him. He washes his face and ends the task. Nikki says 5 minutes and 59 seconds.

Shardul starts the task and has difficulty passing the obstacle course. All cheer for him. He looks for the key in the mud. Nikki asks him to do fast. Shardul can’t find the key so Bigg Boss asks others to help. Abhi helps him in finding the key. He opens the box and washes his face. Nikki says 18 minutes and 51 seconds.

Nikki says Jaan wins the task. She gives him the hamper. He thanks, everyone.

11:15 PM
Jasmin says if I leave then Rahul will forget what he did. Nishant says I don’t want some disloyal person to win. Jasmin says I want to walk out with my self-respect. Nishant says good always wins. Jasmin says it’s a game show and I have given my best here. Nishant says I won’t like to lose against the person who doesn’t have a spine.

Nikki tells Pavitra that we are not talking to Jasmin and Rubina at all. Pavitra says they are sitting with Nishant who was violent with her husband, now he is their best friend? If they fight with me then I will tear them into pieces.

1:15 AM
Jaan and Nikki are leaving so Rahul makes kissy noises. Nikki says why are you calling me with kissy noises? Have some manners. She leaves. Nikki says to Jaan that I have given him too much attention, I will be friends with everyone. All girls are right that he has no manners and very crass.

1:30 AM
Nikki tells Jaan that Rahul comments so cheaply. Why was he calling me with kissy noises? am I a dog? I will not sit with him, when I try to make him stop saying crass words then he says he doesn’t care. Jaan says when you talk to Rahul tomorrow then I will clear my things also. Nikki says I don’t care if I am getting loud tomorrow. Jaan says he doesn’t respect women. Nikki says who calls people with kissy noises? Nobody wants to talk to him because he is like a cheap man and a gutter insect. Rubina and Jasmin were right about him. Jaan says I don’t like him and that man is not good.

PRECAP – The inmates have to tell who is Rubina’s puppet. Eijaz and Nikki say it’s Abhi. Eijaz says Nishant is her puppet too. Nishant says Eijaz is a puppet right now in the house and he is a fraud. Rubina says Jaan and Rahul are my puppets as I make them to things with my silence too.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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