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Angels and Suitors ft. Mishibir, Kuhukunal, Samaina and Mineil – Episode 16

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Scene 1

Mishti sits idle. Varsha and Rajshri bring clothes and jewels for her engagement.

Varsha: Mishti, get up. Come and get ready soon.

Rajshri: I will make her get ready. Whenever she is with me, I feel Akshara is near me.

Rajshri gets tears. Varsha consoles her. Both see Mishti. She sits lost.

Mishti is lost in Abir’s thoughts. She thinks how to say no to this engagement. She also thinks that her whole family know about her and Abir. But why they do arrange an engagement. She gets suspicious about the groom.

Varsha: Mishti, come here. Wear this lehenga and come.

Mishti come to senses. She takes the dress and go to changing room.

Varsha and Rajshri smiles.

Rajshri: I feel pity for them.

Varsha: Yes. Look at her. She is lost.

Meanwhile, Kunal and Kuhu get ready.

Kuhu: Kunal, you should wear only this. You have to agree to me as every husband agree to his wife and moreover my fashion sense is the best.

Kunal: My dear wifey, I’m not the groom to look handsome. Today’s hero is bhai. Only he has to good look.

Kuhu: We will make Abir bro to look handsome but I want you also to look handsome as you are my husband.

Kunal: Acha…. madamji.

Kuhu: Yes. Or else people will comment as wife looks good but not the husband.

Kunal: Ok fine. Give me that. I will wear it.

They both hug.

Kuhu: Kunal, I’m going to my house to check on Mishti.

Kunal: You have responsibilities here as the bahu of this family. So, you can’t go.

Kuhu: I know Kunal, but mom informed me that Mishti looks lost and they are scared if Mishti spoils the event.

Kunal: Ok. Tell mom and leave.

Kuhu: Before that, come let’s go to bro. We need to check on him too.

They both to Abir. They see him sitting without getting ready.

Kuhu: Bro, are you not ready yet. Come get up.

She drags Abir. But he doesn’t respond.

Kunal sees this.

Kunal: Kuhu, you leave him. Inform ma and go to Mishti. I will take care of him.

Kuhu then leaves.

Kunal: Bhai, come you cannot sit like this. Wear this shervani.

Abir: Kunal, how can you speak like this knowing everything?

Kunal: Bhai, trust me nothing will go wrong.

Abir: Mine and Mishti’s life is getting spoiling before my eyes. How can nothing will go wrong?

Kunal: Bhai, ok I will ask you a question. Answer me.

Abir: yes.

Kunal: How much do you trust me?

Abir: More than my life.

Kunal: If it is true, get ready now.

Abir: This is not fair.

Kunal smiles and make him get ready.

At Maheshwari house, Varsha and Rajshri make Mishti to get ready. Kuhu comes. Varsha and Rajshri leave her with Mishti and goes.

Mishti: Kuhu, why are you so happy? I’m breaking from inside.

Kuhu: Don’t speak a word. All your stress will be relieved on seeing the groom.

Mishti: How it will go? I can’t do this engagement. I will tell everyone at the venue so that no one can force me.

Kuhu: Ok. Enough of your plans. Now close your eyes. I need to do your makeup.

After much reluctance, Kuhu does Mishti’s makeover.

There Kunal help Abir in getting ready.

Mishti and Abir are in tears…

Bekhayali plays!!!!

Scene 2

Ishan, Isha reach Patiala with their kids.

Ishan is happy as he will get rid of Kia and Isha will officially become his wife.

But Isha is unhappy.

Ishan: Isha, you go to hotel with kids. I have an important work to do. I will come later.

Isha: But what work?

Ishan: I will tell you after it get completed. Now you go.

Isha doesn’t ask much and she leaves.

Ishan calls Neil.

Ishan: Hi Neil, this is Ishan.

Neil: Hi.

Ishan: I need to meet you.

Neil: But why?

Ishan: Please meet me. Definitely, it will benefit you.

Neil then tells him a place.

Neils inform this to Mini, Zoya and Adi.

Zoya: This is good. But at the same time, we have to be cautious.

Mini: I will also come along with you.

Zoya: We all go there but only Neil will meet Ishan.

Mini: Which means….

Zoya: We will be in car.

Adi: You have some plan itseems.

Zoya: Yes. Neil will meet Ishan and we will record their conversation from car without knowing to him. And Adi, you will be near them hearing their convo.

Neil: For what all these?

Zoya: We don’t know the plan of Ishan. So, these are all precautions and these will help us tomorrow in court. Send me the call log.

Neil sends him. They leave to meet Ishan.

Ishan meets Neil at park. Adi hits Ishan and apologizes. He goes and sits in a bench nearby. Zoya records everything from beginning.

Neil: Why did you want to meet me?

Ishan: I will tell you the truth.

Ishan tells him about his wish to get rid of Kia and how Isha treats her. And also, he tells about Isha’s money minded behaviour.

Neil gets shocked hearing about the ill-treatment of Kia.

Adi too records this as he knows that the video which Zoya is recording will be without voice. So, at last minute he gets this idea and records.

Ishan: So, I came to tell you that I will support you completely tomorrow.

Neil: Thanks Ishan. Hope it ends tomorrow itself.

Ishan: Yes. Let’s hope.

They shake hands and leave.

Scene 3

Naina leaves for the exam. Anand and Rakesh wish her best of luck.

Sameer come there with Munna, Pandit and Poonam.

Poonam: All the best Naina.

Naina: Thanks, didi.

Munna and Pandit too wish her.

Sameer: All the best Naina. Do well. Hope we become classmates.

Naina gets happy.

Naina: Sure, I will pass.

Sameer then gifts Naina a pen.

Naina: This will be my lucky pen. Thanks Sameer.

Sameer and Naina have an eyelock.

Anand inform Naina that it is time and they leave. Naina turns and look at Sameer. He cutely wish her again.

Sameer smiles!!!! Poonam goes.

Sameer: Munna and Pandit, I feel happy when Naina is with me. I get excited to see her. What does it mean?

Munna and Pandit laughs.

Munna: We have only one meaning for this.

Sameer: What?

Pandit: Pyaar…. Love!!!!

Sameer smiles shyly hearing this!!!!

!!!To Be Continued!!!

Precap: Samaina romance in the rain…… Adi – Zoya kiss…. Mishibir’s engagment…. Kuhu-Kunal’s dance….Mini-Neil’s soulful talk…..

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