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Udaan 30th October 2018 Written Episode Update: Vikram traps Suraj

Udaan 30th October 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Chakor smiling seeing Suraj. She does the Karwachauth puja seeing Suraj. He feeds her the water. They cry. Vikram asks Anjor to free him if she wants her dad back. Anjor frees Vikram. Suraj stops Chakor from hugging him. She gets puzzled. He opens the jacket and shows the bomb fixed to him. Chakor and everyone get shocked. Vikram gets freed. He says you are really lovely. Rajeshwari says I m a politician, you can’t win over me. She shows the remote and says I will kill Suraj. Vikram says the game has just begun.

He gets Anjor there. Suraj and Chakor get shocked. Rajeshwari smiles. Anjor asks Vikram to leave Suraj, Chakor won’t fight with them. Vikram says your mum isn’t agreeing. Rajeshwari says your mum won’t listen and we won’t free your dad. Anjor says please

tell them to give Suraj back. She cries and asks don’t you want Suraj to come back. Chakor says I also want this, I can’t live without Suraj. Bacha Pandey asks Chakor not to step ahead, else her family will die. Chakor thinks of the situation, Anjor is with Vikram. Chakor takes a knife and puts on Rajeshwari’s neck. She threatens Vikram. She asks him to leave her daughter and husband, else she will behead Rajeshwari.

Suraj holds Bacha Pandey’s hand and asks him to press button now. He says if this bomb explodes, you and your owners will also die. Anjor says don’t say this. Chakor says no one will die, they are cowards and want to scare us, they can’t kill anyone, you are my brave daughter, look in Vikram and Rajeshwari’s eyes, you will see fear of death, they have played a lot with people’s lives, they are playing a bad game, they have filled poison in your mind.

Chakor says these people are very bad. Suraj nods. Anjor cries. Chakor says they have compelled you to hate me, now their plan can’t work. She asks Vikram did he feel scared. She says don’t worry, I won’t kill you, I will get you arrested. Police comes. The ladies show the camera recording. Police arrests Rajeshwari. Media exposes Rajeshwari. Chakor gets Anjor. Judge Arun comes there. Chakor greets him and thanks him for coming. She says I want to get them punished, I will say truth again, everyone here will hear the truth, Rajeshwari and Bacha Pandey are responsible for the crimes, Vikram supports them, they kidnap girls and sell them. She gives statement against them. Vikram says we are ready to surrender.

Suraj says you did wrong to clash with Chakor, she can give her life, but not bend down in front of evil. Udaan hai…plays…. Reporter says good has won once again, Chakor will be remembered forever for this noble work. Vikram says Chakor, you are vert smart, you risked your entire family but didn’t leave truth, you are always ahead of enemies, this time you are dealing with me, I want to take your test again. Rajeshwari smiles. Chakor and Suraj get puzzled. Vikram says this remote is just a toy, nothing will happen by this, the bomb will explode anyway, its a time bomb, you have five mins, it will explode. Everyone gets shocked. Vikram says I told you I will make your Karwachauth special, you and Suraj won’t get saved now. Everyone worries.

Chakor says I have time to take this bomb away. Suraj asks her to get away and take care of Anjor. Chakor says I can’t live without you. Anjor cries.

Update Credit to: Amena

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