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Shakti 30th October 2018 Written Episode Update: Lavneet threatens Raavi, Soumya keeps fast

Shakti 30th October 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

The Episode starts with Lavneet coming home and calling her mom and dad angrily. She looks at the knife and calls them, but their phone is off. She looks at their pic and says you have given laptop to Raavi and my engagement broke off because of you. She asks if they eloped being scared of her. She says now see what I do. Saya gives shelter to Mr. Kaushal and his wife and tells them that their daughter will never think that they are in kinnars house. She asks them to stay there. Harman calls Harak Singh, Preeto and Khushi. Soumya senses he is in trouble and wakes up from sleep. She is about to go, but Sameer stops her. Soumya tells that Jolly is in trouble and tells that he came to meet her. Sameer says his family and would be wife is there for you. Soumya asks him to call his father and asks if he is fine.

Sameer says at this time. Lavneet acts to be sad. Harak Singh asks her to go and sleep. Lavneet says I searched him all day and says how to sleep. Harak Singh says I am thinking what to do to bring him home. Lavneet thinks I will keep him with me and will handle him my way.

Soumya calls Harak Singh. Harak Singh asks why did you call me? Lavneet takes the call from his hand. Soumya asks how is Jolly? Lavneet says he is fine. Soumya says I am very worried for him and asks him to make her talk to him. Lavneet says it is 3 am in the night and asks which friend calls at night. Soumya says please make me talk once, I will not call again. Lavneet ends the call and asks him to make Sameer and Khushi away from this matter, says we will search Harman. Harak Singh says ok. Sameer asks Soumya to sleep and says I told you not to call. Early morning, Sameer’s mum makes sargi. Sameer says I will go and see why Maa is taking time. His mum says she is making kheer now. Sameer brings the sargi and makes Soumya eat with his hand. He asks her to make him eat too. Soumya says sorry and makes him eat. Sameer’s mum gets upset.

Preeto comes. Shanno asks her to eat sargi. Preeto asks for whom? Raavi says for bau ji. Preeto says he was not my husband, and says he brought fake people here. Lavneet comes and asks her to give sargi. Preeto refuses. Lavneet says I call myself as the bahu so I will keep the fast and will eat the sargi. She keeps sargi in the plate and goes. Raavi looks on.

Saya asks everyone why did they wake up early. Chameli says Harman and Soumya had kept fast last year and says they thought to pray for them. Saya asks them to do. Mr. and Mrs. Kaushal hear them. Raavi comes to Lavneet and says you are making drama of karwachauth. She says my brother is missing and you have kept fast. Lavneet says even your husband is missing and asks her to go and search him. Raavi asks her not to act. Lavneet pushes her on bed and hits the bed with the knife. She asks her not to cross her path again else she will kill her. Raavi gets scared and runs out of her room. She gets Balwinder’s call. Balwinder asks do you want to know how Harman and Soumya lost their memory. He asks her to come and meet him. Raavi says ok. He thinks I have done this to get you and don’t care about anyone.

Veeran asks Shanno why she took time to bring tea. Shanno tells that I don’t think we can search Harman and kill him. She asks him to show the property papers to Harak Singh and kick them out. Varun says she is right. Veeran says I was waiting for the right time. Shanno says we shall not wait for Soumya’s return. Varun asks if she is still alive. Veeran says we both have tried to kill her. He says don’t know how they come alive.

Raavi comes to Balwinder. Balwinder asks her for whom she has kept fast. Raavi tells that he knows for whom she will keep fast. Balwinder asks her to accept him as her husband and take him home, then he will show the proofs with the truth. He says I will make Jeet freed from the jail. Raavi thinks she shall know the truth and it is more important than her life.

Soumya is making rangoli. He sees Soumya making H unconsciously. Sameer surprises her and makes the H go from the rangoli. He thinks to make Harman go away from his life. His mum thinks Harman is still in her heart and thinks she will get her memory back.

Harak Singh tells Police Inspector that whenever his son used to elope, Police always caught him and bring him home. He asks Inspector to bring Harman back. Lavneet thinks Harman will be back when I want, when he is ready to make me his wife. Soumya gets ready to break her fast. Sameer applies black tika under her ear and says you can get someone bad sight. He compliments her beauty and says lets go and do promise to love each other. He thinks you are becoming mine and even Harman can’t separate us.

Lavneet comes to Harman and closes her eyes to do puja. Harman frees his hand and runs. Lavneet gets shocked. Soumya is looking from the mesh, and sees Harman running and coming to her.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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