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Porus 30th October 2018 Written Episode Update: Alexander Finds Way to Enter Pourav Rastra

Porus 30th October 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Jhelum’s voiceover says Alexander with his army tries best to find via to Pourav rastra via Jhelum river, but fails for months. Puru also on the other side gets busy in war arrangements and uniting other dynasties. Dhananand gets more jealous and insecure seeing increasing popularity. Chanakya notices Dhananand’s insecurity carefully and realizes Dhananand will do something. After 6 months of rigorous searching, Alexander finds a way to cross Jhelum and reach Pourav rastra via small island in the middle of river. Selukus says this place is far away from their base camp. Alexander says when their will power is so strong, this distance does not matter, they will create their base on this island. He orders to prepare army for war soon and gets into river with his horse.

Puru senses

silence before storm and tells Chanakya that he senses war soon. Chanakya says he did a commendable job uniting all dynasties in 1 place, but he should keep Magadh away from all and his plan. Puru says Magadh is important part of their team now and he cannot ignore Magadh.

Alexander swims his horse into Jhelum and encourages it to reach destiny as they are waiting since 6 months. Selukus shouts he will send help. Alexander walks to stay right there and climbing on horse reaches island and jumps on it. He then shoots rope on other side of land and orders Selukus to bring half army with tthis rope’s help and thinks game’s last chapter has started Porus. Magadh’s spy notices that and informs Mahamartya. Mahamartya asks if anyone else know about it. He says no, he came straight to him. Mahamartya walks into Dhananand’s tent. Dhananand says he is tired of small games, he will return to Magadh and play big game, let Khatriya play small games, anyways Alexander will not attack anyways. Mahamartya says Alexander is coming soon via north side. Dhananand says then it is an exciting news. Puru enters and says he wants Dhananand with his army head towards north and guard that side. Dhananand says excelllent, he likes fulfilling wishes and will head right now. Puru says first he will go and make sure that place is safe for Dhananand and his army, then he will send them. Dhananand agrees and thinks now game is getting exciting.

Puru with Hasti reaches north side and sees Alexander and his army. Alexander addresses Puru that the moment has come for final battle.

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