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Muskaan 30th October 2018 Written Episode Update: Sir ji requests Muskaan

Muskaan 30th October 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Suzaine thinking I have to lie so that you stay happy in your new life. Ronak and Muskaan leave. Suzaine says I just had this way to keep you away from Aarti. Ronak rests in Gayatri’s lap and says you are my life’s main switch. She smiles and says you are my Kanha, you are of Radha now, go to your Muskaan. He says Muskaan isn’t going anywhere, I feel good being with you. She sends Ronak.

Ronak comes to room and sees Muskaan. He recalls his words. He says I don’t like all this, its matter of few days, you will be back in brothel soon, don’t worry for losses, I will cover that, I promise I will find your mum. She says don’t worry, I will do this drama in front of Sir ji, please help me in finding my mum, I don’t want anything else, I know I m just a guest here.

She asks him to sleep on bed. He asks her not to teach him. He asks her to sleep wherever she wants. She sees Sir ji coming and gets shocked. He says just you can save my family, I didn’t beg to anyone, I beg you, leave from here, go away from this city, I will leave everything, I promise I will make a new start, I promise I will find your mum for you, I know your mum is most precious for you.

Muskaan asks how shall I believe you, you called me friend in childhood and got toys for me, when I grew up, you made me a toy, you are cheating your family, how shall I believe that you will take me to mumma. He says person wakes up when he realizes, my family is in danger, I m scared, I can’t lie, I don’t want to lose my children and wife, whom I love the most. He apologizes for her mistakes. He says don’t let this truth come in front of Gayatri. He swears on Ronak that he will find her mum. She agrees to him. Hanumanth talks to Ronak and teases him. Ronak says I used to run away from dancers and now she is with me. Hanumanth says you just have to expose your dad’s truth, don’t overthink.

Gayatri comes. Ronak makes an excuse. She calls Hanumanth. She scolds him. She says I won’t let dancers come in my house. She asks Ronak to have good friends. She says your dad will feel upset, just go to your room. Ronak thinks I will get dad’s truth out, mum is so simple. Ronak comes to room and sees Muskaan sleeping. He sleeps. She opens eyes. She says you helped me a lot, its my turn now, Sir ji is regretting, he loves you a lot, I shall leave from here. She leaves from the house. Muskaan meets Sir ji and Tabassum. She worries. Sir ji says I will send you where you want, I got Tabassum to help you. He gives her some money for help. Muskaan refuses to take money. She says I just want my mum. He says I m trying to find her. He asks Tabassum to go with Muskaan. He thanks Muskaan for saving his family. Ronak comes there and says you are in hurry, I won’t let you go so soon. They get shocked seeing Ronak. Fb shows Ronak hearing Muskaan. Sir ji drops bag in shock.

Ronak says I married her, where are you sending her, I have understood your intention. Sir ji worries.

Update Credit to: Amena

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