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Main Maayke Chali Jaaungi 30th October 2018 Written Episode Update: Bua Doubts Lallan, Jaya Solves Problem

Main Maayke Chali Jaaungi 30th October 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Jaya excitedly informs Satya about Karva chauth fast and she is planning to fast for Samar. Satya says she will not fast and gets adamant. Jaya helplessly agrees. Naani confronts Satya and asks who she is interfering again in Jaya’s life. Satya reminds that Jaya did not have food for 3 hours during her school exams and had to be admitted. Naani says that was years ago, everyone married woman fasts for husband’s long life and she gets strength from it instead. Satya gets adamant and says she will inform Rama, let Surana family bahus keep fast, but not Jaya. She calls Rama. Bua sees Satya’s call on Rama’s phone and jokes now Satya is troubling even Rama. Samar jokes if he should divert call to her number. Bua says never. Satya over phone asks Rama not to

let Jaya fast as she is weak. Rama says but… Satya insists. Rama assures she will not let Jaya hungry for long, Jaya is also her daughter.

Jaya sits confused whether to fast or not. Samar enters. She explains her ordeal that mamma asks not to fast, but she wants to fast. Samar tosses coin saying if head, she will fast and if tail, she will not. He says tail, she will not fast. Jaya checks coin and says it is head, even he does not want her to fast. Samar gets romantic and pulls her on him. She shouts. Chachi and Chacha enter shouting what happened. Jaya nervously says a big rat. Chachi asks Chacha to bring wooden stick and search rat. They both continue searching till morning.

Next morning, Surana house is decorated well and family wears festival clothes. Jaya says she did not see such a lively environment in teej festival. Lallan goes to Bua’s room while she is wearing earrings and after a bit of jokes informs her that family is calling her down. Downstairs, Jyoti getting mehandi on her hands. Bua comes down shouting that her earring is missing, she is sure Lallan stole it as he is in need of money and telling someone that he will repay loan soon. Dadaji says Lallan is their old trusted servant and cannot steal. Bua insists and asks to call police before Lallan sells earring. Jaya asks her to calm down, let us check her room again. Whole family walks into room and search earring. Jaya finds it on Bua’s pallu itself and returns it to her. Lallan enters excitedly calling Bua and says he brought gajra for her, asks why whole family is here. Bua feels guilty and says let us go down and walks away with others.

Rama apologizes Lallan and says he served our family since years, but they doubted him and his loyalty. Lallan says feels blessed to serve this family, how can he make a sin of forgiving them. Rama gifts him money and says she knows he needs money. Lallan hesitantly agrees on insistence. Rama thanks Jaya for solving problem so easily, else Lallan would have felt bad. She asks Jaya to not be hungry for long and have something on time.

Precap: Samar asks Jaya if she had food. She lies yes. Rama insists Jaya to have food and tries to feed her. Jaya gets tensed.

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