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Karn Sangini 30th October 2018 Written Episode Update: Karn’s Compassion Moves Uruvi

Karn Sangini 30th October 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Uruvi orders Karn to finish his punishment. Karn says if he sings, everyone will fall asleep here, but will complete his punishment for sure. He picks arrow sand shoots it on bells on ceiling. Bells ring a mesmerizing music. Uruvi stands mesmerized. Karn walks away. Next morning, Karn does surya namaskar. Uruvi watches him from balcony. He sees a man crying and asks what problem he has. Man says he has to go to work, but his feet are injured due to walking barefooted. Karn asks why don’t he wear shoes. Mansays he cannot afford shoes. Karn donates his shoes saying man needs them more than him and walks away barefooted. Uvuri gets more impressed with Karn’s charity act. Maid informs Uruvi that her parents have come.

Uruvi accompanies Bhanumati for Bhanumati’s swayamwaar.

After pooja, pundit asks to king to start swayamwar, kings and princes enter from nearby dynasties. Even Duryodhan enters with Karn. Bhanumati is brought in by Uruvi. Uruvi walks looking at Karn and feels shy. Host invites all participants and explains rules. Uruvi smiles looking at Karn. Friends taunt her. She says why should she feel shy, it is her friend’s swayamvar. Karn looking at Uruvi via mirror signals. Uruvi with other friends take Bhanumati to each prince and king. Bhanumati insults each one of them with shrewd comments. Finally, she is taken to Duryodhan. Uruvi gazes Karn silently. Duryodhan stands in front of Bhanumati. Bhanumati says how can she count him as warrior when he sent his message via someone else. Another king taunts and laughs. Duryodhan holds Bhanumati’s hand forcefully, lifts her and warns she is his and dare anyone can stop him. Bhanumati father pleads warriors present to save his daughter. All warriors attack Duryodhan with arrows. Karn bears them all on his chest and they broke. They then attack agin. Karn shoots arrow and crates wall of arrow, which all warriors cannot break. Uruvi just watches Karn from a distance. Karn walks towards her. Uruvi from other side of arrow wall plead Karn to stop, he is not cruel. Karn turns and walks a bit, but stops and hopes Arjun was here, he would have proved that Arjun cannot stop him. He orders if anyone can dare to risk their life can shoot arrow and warns to not follow them.

Precap: Uruvi complains Kunti that if Karn was not present, Duryodhan would not have kidnapped Bhanumati. Dhritarastra says Duryodhan did not do any mistake. Uruvi thinks she does not support forceful marriage.

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