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Dil Hi Toh Hai 30th October 2018 Written Episode Update: Gita tells full truth to Palak

Dil Hi Toh Hai 30th October 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

VP and Gita’s argument continues. He says he knows women like her very well who marry just for money. She says his thinking is so cheap. She knows he had someone follow Palak so she can be caught with her boss and he can prove his point. He lost there as well because Vikrant is her son and Ritwik’s brother. VP is shocked. She says like him, she too married again and when Ritwik needed help, Vikrant helped him. She further says that he was so obsessed saving Ritwik from her that he forgot to save Ritwik from himself. Mamta asks VP what’s that? VP says Palak knew everything. Gita says she didn’t know anything. VP says they both want Ritwik to separate from him. Gita says he never met her, but she will make sure she meets him and tells everything, this and also why she left

him in past. Mamta asks both to stop now. She calmly tells Gita that after she left, Ritwik was completely broken. Palak came in his life after very long and she doesn’t her to go to in front of him and make him recall his past.

Doctor informs family that blood was arranged just in time and Ritwik is now out of danger. Aman goes to VP and Mamta and inform them. They are relieved.

Rishabh tells police to make sure Gita and Vikrant can’t go near Ritwik. He then informs VP and asks him to relax now.

Palak is sleeping beside Ritwik. Gita sneaks in from window or something. She looks at him and says she came to tell him the truth, but she won’t be able to. Maybe destiny doesn’t want him to find out the truth. Maybe in next life. Today she will have to leave him once more. She leaves with tears in her eyes. Palak wakes up and senses something.

Gita is going to her. Palak stops her and asks why she was in Ritwik’s room. When she left him in childhood for money, then why she is back now. Gita says that’s just half truth and VP’s side of story. Palak asks what’s other half then? Everyone thinks she left for money. Gita says that’s true that she was tired of poor’s life, but she didn’t leave because of money.

Doctor informs Gita that she has cirrhosis and liver transplant is needed soon.
Flashback ends.

Palak tells Gita so she left because of that. Gita says back then liver transplant was very rare and very expensive. VP would not have been able to arrange money and he would have blamed himself for her situation. For 2 months, she continued showing VP that she has found someone rich and then she left her home. Then she met an accident and coincidentally the car driver was doctor. He did her treatment. After 8 months, when she went back to VP and Ritwik, she saw them with Mamta. She knew VP married so Ritwik can have a mother, so she decided against going in front of them. After some time, she too married to doctor who saved her life. She never went in front of Ritwik, but day when she found out that VP threw Ritwik out of the house, she said she must go and see him. She never got courage to face him, so she just helped him by hiding. She really wanted to see him, but she didn’t know how to get rid off hate, mistrust that’s inside him for her. Palak asks why she’s leaving him now? without telling the truth. Gita says because she knows it will take a lot of time and she’s just happy that Ritwik is alive. She knows Ritwik and VP don’t want her in their lives, so let it be. It’s better for them, she was dead and will remain dead.

Palak asks her why she did all this. Gita says love. Sometimes you have to leave people you love to keep them happy. She further says that Palak was right if she comes back in Ritwik’s life, then she will only give him pain. So she will leave and won’t come back in Ritwik’s life unless he needs her. Palak asks doesn’t she think they need to know the truth? Maybe all pain that’s inside them will be gone and everything will be fine. Gita says, not at this time. They are not ready to face the truth. She asks Palak to take care of him and leaves.

7 days later:

Friends and family are doing preparations to welcome Ritwik. Soon he comes and everyone welcomes him.

Mamta takes Palak on side. Palak says doctor said it will take 2 months for complete recovery. Mamta asks her that she didn’t tell him anything about Gita, right? Palak says of course not, but she feels they should tell him. Mamta says no. They have to keep him away from stress.

Ritwik cuts the cake. Palak is stressed. She tells Setu that all her savings are gone. She needs to find a new job fast. Ritwik calls Palak to give her the cake.

Precap: Ritwik asks Palak why she never let him meet her boss. She started liking him, right? He’s rich, handsome, and they two will look good together. Palak is hurt.

Update Credit to: Simmy

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