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Shivika: Nafrat — Chapter 1


daksh wrapped his arms around his girlfriend anika and started to suck her lips as anika responded to it. the kiss broke as of the lack of oxygen. anika started to lick daksh’s neck as daksh started to leave purpley red marks on her neck.

they went out of the car which was in front of an old abandoned house. daksh carried anika in bridal style and kicked the door open. he laid anika on the bed and then he closed the door.

anika: daksh, quickly come. I am feeling michmichmi without you.

daksh smiles and went on top of her and their lips met again. as they were so engaged in their liplock, they took each other’s clothes off and then the liplock broke. daksh started to mark anika’s body as she moaned in delight. soon he entered her.

a few weeks later:

they found out she was pregnant and soon they married. he kissed her baby bump on their wedding night and then carried her in bridal style laying her on the bed and then went on top of her, wrapping his arms around her waist. she pecked his forehead and then his lips which turned wild leading them to having no clothes on and their bodies having purpley red marks all over. daksh entered her again thrusting his private fiercely into her private hearing her moan.

anika was three months when she was experiencing some pain in her stomach. the doctor was checking her and then came to a concerned daksh.

doctor: relax, she and the child is fine. just don’t do physical courses.

daksh and anika nodded. as the doctor left the house. anika stood up and said: I know the doctor said not to do any more physical courses but just tonight can we?

daksh smiled and said: fine but only tonight.

soon clothes were on the floor and they were on the bed with daksh’s head resting on anika’s stomach and anika caressing his head.

5 months later:

anika: daksh, leave me.

a eight month anika moaned as he bit her neck.

daksh: no. you are mine baby.

just then anika screamed.

daksh: what happened anika? do we need to take you to hospital?

anika: no your princess kicked me.

daksh: maybe she is jealous.

he lifted her t-shirt and caressed her baby bump. then he turned anika to facing him and kissed her baby bump.

daksh: now she isn’t jealous.

anika smiles as she snuggled out with daksh.

anika smiles as she snuggled out with daksh

she was screaming in pain as she clutched his hand tightly. just then they heard crying.

doctor: congratulations. you had a baby girl.

daksh and anika cried in happiness as the doctor gave the baby girl to anika.

anika: she is beautiful.

daksh: what should we call her?

anika: I don’t know

they thought for a while when finally anika got an idea.

anika: how about akshi because she is very precious.

daksh: perfect

they kissed each other’s lips.

they never missed their baby’s first steps. akshi’s first word was papa and they didn’t miss it. daksh was so emotional when akshi said’papa’ for the very first time. he wanted to yell it out to the world. her first day of school was a beautiful experience as they took her together

6 months ago, his wife anika met that homewrecker at a party. somehow she got his number and they would meet each other everyday and night. soon anika fell for him and started to have an affair with him

he never thought anika would be so selfish and forget that she had a daughter and a husband.

he noticed his wife was not enjoying with him or his daughter anymore. daksh tried to have [email protected] with her one night to see if she would feel better.

He wrapped his arms around her waist, biting her neck but he didn’t hear her moan for him. He took her shorts off and then her crop top and lifted her up in bridal style and kept her on the floor. He took his own clothes off and went on top of her, biting her and mark her. Soon they were fully undressed, daksh ran his hand through anika’s stomach  and before daksh could lock their lips together, anika said: daksh, please no more.

Daksh: but I thought we could make another child.

Anika: just not tonight. I will tell you when i am ready.

Daksh: ok…

Anika got up and went to change. Five minutes later she came out wearing a red dress a little bit too revaling:

 Five minutes later she came out wearing a red dress a little bit too revaling:

Daksh: where are you going wearing something like that?

Anika: a party with my friends.

She walks past him, leaving daksh in sadness and confusion.

A month passed and he noticed his wife’s health was not good at all. He tried to help her but anika rejected his help.

he hated what he saw today. he came back from work late and saw akshi colouring in the living room. he kissed his daughter’s forehead and then went upstairs to greet his wife. as he entered their room, he was shocked to see the nightmare.

she and that man were kissing like crazy. as if their lives depend on it. their bodies were marked and the room was messy. he was more shocked to see his wife fully naked whereas the man was shirtless. once the liplock broke, the man started to suck anika’s boobs letting anika moan in delight. before anika could take the man’s jeans off for him to enter her, she heard a voice.

daksh: anika?

anika and the man looked up at daksh who was hurt.

anika found her jumper and put it over her. she went to daksh and said: daksh…voh…voh..

before she could say anything else, he slapped her tight.

man: why did you slap her?!

daksh: shut up! and you! anika, I can’t believe you would cheat on me.

anika: it is your fault! you stopped taking me out to places and you never spend quality time with me. shivay does!

daksh: you could have told me that you felt like that. I would have left everything and spent time with you.

anika: how? you are always so busy and then you are spending time with akshi.

daksh: how long have you been with this man?

anika: long enough to conceive a child with him.

she kept her hand on her stomach, caressing her baby bump as daksh was shocked than ever.

daksh: you are pregnant?

anika: with shivay’s child. daksh, I am 10 weeks already. daksh, I was going to tell you when I was 3 months. I am sorry but I have stopped feeling love for you.

daksh: ever thought of akshi? anika, you are the world’s selfish woman ever! I always wondered where you would go at night sometimes day and you decided to give yourself up to him.

anika: I am sorry daksh but….

before anika could say anymore, daksh left the room and went downstairs. anika chased after him and almost fell when shivay caught her.

shivay: careful anika. I will chase after him.

anika nodded as shivay went to put a shirt on. after kissing her baby bump, then he went after daksh who exited the house. daksh went in the car and drove at very high speed.

daksh’s POV:

she cheated on me. I hate her so much. I remembered everything I saw a few minutes ago. i can’t believe she gave up her virginity to that man. I saw her guy chasing after me but I didn’t care. I was about to put the brake on when I saw the traffic light when the brakes weren’t working. before I knew it, my life flashed before me.

shivay’s POV:

his car crashed and that’s when anika and akshi became my responsibility forever and ever.


hi guys. so which girl would you like to be daksh and anika’s grown up daughter?

 so which girl would you like to be daksh and anika's grown up daughter?

which one resembles daksh and anika the most?

which one resembles daksh and anika the most?

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