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After amazing mehndi ceremony everyone was really happy from bottom of their heart..all depart for their house.

Twinkle was in sitting in hall alone just looking her heena and Kunj name.

Twinkle:I never thought I’ll apply his name mehndi in my hands see today really anything can happen in this world when god wanted.Just one more day my in this house.Tears falls down from twinkle eyes landed on her palms.There Rt and Leela standing on staircase they see twinkle.
Mahi and Kabir along with twinkle friends they handling guest and relatives which come in wedding.They both went to her.

Rt keep his hand on twinkle head she felt something and look upwards.Found Rt and Leela she tried to hide her tears from them. Shut her eyes and about to wiped her tears but Rt stop her. And both come and sit in front of her.

Rt:why my bacha crying haa.

Twinkle:no Papa why I’ll it just something went in my eyes(give fake smile with Pain)

Rt and Leela smile at twinkle.

Rt:acha Twinkle Puttar. Twinkle about to wiped her tears Rt held her hand.no my twinkle mehndi will be spoiled he wiped her tears and cupped her face. Now my princess started hiding things from her Papa.

Leela:see her she become so big.

Rt:see my daughter looking so beautiful you know Leela each and everyone just telling me that I had so beautiful daughter.

Leela:haa.. see mehndi in your hands looking so beautiful.Ji you remember when twinkle was small whenever i apply mehndi she used to do zid even she too wanted to apply mehndi.

Rt:yes how can I forgot this Leela.Rt take Twinkle both hands in his. See today too mehndi looking so pretty in my twinkle hands.Rt kissed on her both palms. Caress her hairs..

Leela:now you go get freshen up. I’ll send something for you to have.

Twinkle:no MAA I eat lot today.

Rt: haa today toh twinkle ke hone wale pati ne apne haatho se khilaye hai.Both Rt and Leela smile tease twinkle. She smiled.

Twinkle:aap bhi na Papa. I’ll remove this

Leela:hmm.twinkle went in her room.

First she remove her dried mehndi. Than she takes her night dress and went in washroom get freshen up didn’t wet her hands.She come back and went to dressing table and look at her hands. Fulled hands filled in mehndi. She smells her hands.

babaji Papa bhi na. She went to bed and lay down.Just looking at her hands.

While other side in Sarna Mansion.No one sleep everyone still wakeup whole house filled with family longback relatives.aayat watching cartoons and beating her nails.

Avantika changed her clothes and come down and see Aayat still have Not sleep even she didn’t change her dress too.She went to her stand in front of her Aayat shocked try to hide remote.

Avantika: what is this Aayat you didn’t sleep haa I told you come in room. But you didn’t here watch tv see the time haa. Now wait avantika off the tv and look at Aayat While Aayat run from there avantika behind Aayat stop..

She went to their siblings one room where kunj and om rudra or Anjali pinku or Rahul was there.

Aayat: Bhaiya save me. She run to kunj and jumped in his lap cuddles him while they get confused and understood who behind her make her run like this.

Rudra:aaj tu toh gai..😂😂..avantika come there and see Aayat hide in kunj Arms fully.

Avantika: so you come here haa.. she went near bed. Aayat come to me..

Aayat: Bhaiya please save me..

Kunj:mummy what happened now..

Avantika: asked this to your little sister.

Kunj: is it my doll did something.

Aayat: no no nodding her head in no..
Avantika give look. All understand and give smiling face.

Kunj: mummy leave na..

Avantika:you and tej make her like this. Didn’t change her clothes and didn’t drink her milk too.

Kunj: okay you go I’ll see my sister.

Avantika: do whatever you wanted to do and make her sleep okay.. she went from there while Aayat slowly open her eyes and didn’t hear avantika voice.

Aayat: slowly in cute voice. Bhaiya mumma went na..

Kunj: haa.. Aayat break the hug and take deep breath..

Aayat:uff.. mamma went..

Rudra: mummyy😂😂😂..


Kunj: Priyanka bring her night dress and you rudra go and make milk for her..

Rudra:why me for this bachi.. they both went while kunj open Aayat hairs..

Aayat: see my mehndi Bhaiya so good na. She smell kunj her hands but kunj for her happiness did because he didn’t like it..
and make faces as well.

Rahul: heheh look at Kunj bro now you make faces like this what happened when your wife too did same..

Kunj:why I’ll smell her hands this smell Ugg..

Anjali: acha let’s see.. Priyanka bring Aayat night dress kunj change her dress. Even Rudra too come he give her milke bottle.. she lay down in kunj lap.. while kunj patting on her head. Within no time she sleep in kunj lap only..Kunj check and make her lay down properly on bed.

Ruhal: today maza aagaya I mean kunj the shocking part was that you really speak shayari😛😂I   and I didn’t expect this from you.

Kunj: kya karta dadu.

Om: true I never know about my brother this side too..

Kunj:haa tera hi bhai huna philosopher😛.

Being in your company I can too speak little bit.

Rudra: mahi was awesome om Kara lost in her thoughts..

Om:yes her words is so pure.Rahul give smile and winked Kunj.While he nodded his head in no nothing is like that..

Anjali: now we should sleep.

Rudra:this all dadu relatives take my room.Only this room we have.

Kunj:so what rudra they are our guest to treat them nicely it’s our duty don’t said this all If they heard feel bad it’s just 2 and 3 days matters.

Anjali: yes rudra dadu don’t wanted they stay in hotels so after reception they went.

Rudra:hope so that day come soon.

They all lay down and sleep took over them.While thinking about her new life twinkle too sleep..

Today is sangeet at night but before only many small rituals are there.They are small but very important to fulfilled is necessary with Oder and on time so..

Twinkle wake up and first she look at her mehndi which become darker.Yes her mehndi colour comes really dark and looking nice. After see her mehndi colour twinkle remember something that she heard in kabir and malika wedding. That bride mehndi colour depends on her husband love.But here nothing is like this.

She feel so lazy but get up.went in washroom wear nice suit get ready nicely.

She went downstairs everyone see twinkle.

Bebe:finally mera bacha uth gaya.. come to us she went to Bebe hug her first. Bebe kissed on her forehead than. See her hands all girls come and they too see twinkle mehndi colour..

Chinki:awww Twinkle your mehndi colour really dark.. hmmm😜😜.

Malika:that means my bestie love my nanad ji very much.It’s shows twinkle after see your colour.twinkle blushed they all teasing her like anything. Raman and bubbly along pinni they come and meet with everyone ones.

Leela: see Raman you coming today.

Raman: what to do behana I was stuck in some work but see I come for my twinki

Pinni:yes didi ji.after all Raman ko chuda ki rasam bhi toh karni hai na.twinkle hug Raman and sit with him talk to him for sometimes.

Later at Sarna Mansion usha calling boys but they didn’t listen..

Usha: you all didn’t get up we have to go Taneja Mansion.

Rudra: for what MAA now..

Kunj:yes MAA sangeet at night why we going now only..

Avantika: before sangeet many Ritulas are there.so let’s go they must be waiting for us.They all get ready to went Taneja Mansion.They all arrived and Kunj meet with twinkle maamu and maami even bubbly too.

Lata: so twinkle kaha hai..

Mahi:I’ll call di.. Mahi went and call twinkle.

Twinkle:yes dadi you call me..

Lata:yes puttar hows you.

Twinkle:I’m good.. Anjali come to twinkle hold her hands and see her mehndi and give omg look.

Anjali: MAA and badi MAA see twinkle mehndi her mehndi colour come so dark.

Usha:haa. Twinkle.

Anjali:you know twinkle Kunj loves you lot.

Your mehndi showing it. Both and twinkle and Kunj look at each other. Anjali went near twinkle ears. Don’t worry twinkle it’s not necessary that he loves you now only but whenever he will falls in love with you. Kunj will loves you lot it’s show in your mehndi right now only.Twinkle smile.

Leela:chalo lets start the chuda rasam.All boys went out. Twinkle sit Leela too beside. Raman bring chuda.


Twinkle: maamu show me my chuda please.

Avantika:you can’t see beta now.On your wedding day only you can see it.

Leela:yes Leela covered twinkle eyes with her hands.


Chooda refers to a set of red and ivory bangles generally in a set of multiples of four. The eldest maternal uncle of the bride has a vital role to play in this ceremony. The maternal uncle or mama sits for a havan during which the chooda are purified in liquid mixture containing milk and rose petals. The head and face of the bride is covered during the ceremony as she is not supposed to see the chooda until the moment of her wedding. The maternal uncle and his wife then slip the Chooda into the bride’s hands.

Twinkle: MAA please don’t hide let me see once all laugh at twinkle Childishness..
Raman and pinni make Twinkle wear her chuda all see chuda in twinkle hands looking so pretty make her hands more beautiful first her mehndi now this chuda like cherry on cake.Raman hide chuda with white handkerchief fully so twinkle can’t see it.

All give twinkle blessing.

Lata:now Anjali and Priyanka you both too go.
Anjali: yes dadi.. she take out Kalire from box.

It’s also necessary that only sister in laws tie kalire in their bhabhi hands.

Priyanka and Anjali both went to twinkle and give her smile both tie gold kalire on her hands. This ritual too done.Than take twinkle out in garden they make twinkle android  Kunj sit on jula. Twinkle head cover.

Prithviraj and Lata give gifts to twinkle and Kunj.And others family member too. Kabir look at twinkle see her make him cry that fear now she’ll go.tears comes in his eyes malika see this and console him don’t do this. All feed sweets to kunj and twinkle. Avantika before only she bring sugar free sweets for kunj because he can’t eat this much sugar.

Malika:now kunj and twinkle you too feed each other’s sweet. Kunj take and feed twinkle with his hands than twinkle too kunj bite her finger slightly. She scream.

Twinkle:ouchhhh.Twinkle look at Kunj who busy munching sweet all laughing on this.



Back to back rasam.. than twinkle and Kunj sit on Wooden pata in between them veil is there so they both can’t see each other’s. Both sit like a good girl and boy.

Malika and Anjali bring water pot which she bring on their head.Malika and Anjali pour water on twinkle and kunj rose petals is in water.Camera man clicking their videos.Both fully drenched in water and get up.Lata and Bebe come to kunj and twinkle.They take Their blessings.

Immediately Kunj and his family return back to Sarna Mansion.Rudra jumped on bed.

Rudra:so many rituals in Indian wedding we don’t know Bhaiya.

Om:true rudra:

Kunj:now I’m done with this all rituals they not taking name of to end man just back to back.

Rahul: think about girls man. We just sit in Ritulas they suppose to do..

Anjali:yes. Let’s go pinku we have to get ready for sangeet. We should look awesome.

Rahul: you are already awesome 😛😜. Anjali gesturing him look around him her bothers sitting here only. Rahul look at Kunj and rudra om faces.Hehe you don’t need to feel shy in front of them this three is my bubbies.

Kunj:very shameless jija our😂..

Rahul:acha saale.

All went in their rooms and started to get ready.all girls get ready but boys still taking times they all making fun of them.

Usha: when this four will come even Kunj too like them.

Tej:let him after all his sangeet.

Anjali: As if they looking like stars taking time like this. All see towards stairs their mouth got open.Kunj and om rudra along with Rahul they four of them coming in group looking really drooling everyone hearts.Lata and Prithviraj went to them caress their faces hug them too.Kunj take his both parents blessing.leave for Taneja Mansion.

Whole Taneja Mansion decorated in sangeet manner beautifully.

Sangeet venue


All guest come.Even Sarnas too they went inside.

All in golden colours golden is sangeet theme everyone looking best in Their outfits.

Sangeet outfits of men’s
Kunj and twinkle outfits of sangeet 
Sangeet outfits of girls

Bubbly meet with kunj and chit and chat with him.

Malika:chinki and Asha go bring twinkle.

Twinkle was in her room she crying. As soon as she heard noise wiped her face and did her touch up. Chinki and Asha entered in room and see twinkle in her outfit their mouth open she really looking awesome breathtaking.

Chinki:Twinkle uff today you going to kill everyone with your one look.

Asha: yes if I’m boy than I’ll kiss you 😂. They laugh out even twinkle too.Now let’s go down kunj and other’s waiting for you dulhan ji.They both take twinkle down.lights automatically went on twinkle all see her and get happy she looking like a angel today.Kunj was sitting twinkle come and sit beside him.

Rahul: he take mike.

Good evening everyone you all here to celebrate our Kunj and twinkle sangeet.So guys get ready for this fun night.As our groom Kunj is alone in one team we all in one team along with twinkle our bride.lets see did kunj make twinkle come in his team with his dance and music.Lets start the musical night. Lights went off and music light on making this ambience more beautiful Kunj and twinkle sitting having smile on their face while in twinkle mind just going on she leave her house that’s it.
Aayat sitting on kunj lap.And elders and guest too.This is the medley song.

Rahul:Mere dil mein aaj kya hai

Tu kahe to main bata du.

(Rahul started singing and looking at Anjali who standing in side) 

Na chahu sona chandi

Na chahu heera moti

Ye mere kis kam ke

Na mangu bangla gadi

(He went to her dancing with her)

Na mangu ghoda gadi

Ye to hai bas naam ke

Deti hai dil de

(He pointing his hands towards Anjali one on his chest)

Badle mein dil ke

(Kunj and twinkle laugh to see him)

Deti hai dil de

Badle mein dil ke.

next Anjali Pick up the line of her. 

Ghe ghe ghe ghe ghere sahiba

(She dancing along with others and teasing Rahul) 

Pyar mein sauda nahi

Ghe ghe ghe ghe ghere sahiba

(Rahul give his hand to her while Anjali did hifi and take back her hand and push him) 

Pyar mein sauda nahi. 

(She nodding her hands in no) 

From other side malika coming. 

Malika:Jhooth bole

Are jhooth bole kauwa kate

Kale kauwe se dario

(She pointing her hands towards Kabir.kunj laughing like anything to see her)Mai maike chali jaungi

Tum dekhte rahiyo

(She pulled his cheeks and slap him playfully)Main maike chali jaungi

Tum dekhte rahiyo. Than Kabir.. 

Kabir:Le jayenge le jayenge

Dil wale dulhaniya le jayenge

(He hold malika hand and dancing with her they both moving their hands towards twinkle and Kunj. All get amazed to see this)Le jayenge le jayenge

Dil wale dulhaniya le jayenge

Le jayenge le jayenge

Dil wale dulhaniya le jayenge

Are rah jayenge rah jayenge

Ghar wale dekhte rah jayenge

(Both husband and wife dancing on beat)

Are rah jayenge rah jayenge

Ghar wale dekhte rah jayenge

Le jayenge le jayenge

Dil wale dulhaniya le jayenge. One leave immediately another pick up. 

Yuvi:Bachna aye hasino lo main aa gaya

Bachna aye hasino lo main aa gaya

(All look at toward upstairs Yuvi coming down in style he stand on table and dancing. Held Mehar and maya dancing with them too. Husn ka aashiq husn ka dusmanApni adaa hai yaro se juda

Bachna aye hasino lo main aa gaya.

(Kissing on girls cheeks.. 

All surprised too see their dance. 

Mehar comes and went to abeer. 

Mehar: Aap yaha aaye kisliye

Abeer: Aapne bulaya isliye

(He give rose to Mehar she hit on his face)

Mehar:Aaye hai to kam bhi bataiye

(Twinkle laughing loudly Kunj look at her face and admired her laugh) 

Na na pahle aap jara mushkuraiye

Aap yaha aaye kisliye.

Chinki:Chup chup khade ho jarur koi baat haiPahli mulakat hai ye pahli mulakat hai

(She shaking Mahi with her elbow)

Pahli mulakat hai ye pahli mulakat hai

Chup chup khade ho jarur koi baat hai

(Mahi and om Kara look at each other’s. 

Pahli mulakat hai ye pahli mulakat hai

Pahli mulakat hai ye pahli mulakat hai

She smile and Chinki push her and comes in middle and stand all look at her.. 

Mahi:Raja ki aayegi barat rangili hogi raat

Magan main nachungi

(Mahi twirl itself and look at om Kara secretly than Kunj and twinkle who giving her smile back) 

Magan main nachungi

Raja ki aayegi barat rangili hogi raat

Magan main nachungi

Magan mai nachungi

Raja ki aayegi barat.Than all look at Omkara who standing in corner. Lights went on him.. 

om:Aaj kal tere mere pyar ke

Asha: Charche har juban par.

(In a very naughty way she reply him.)

(He hold Asha hand dancing with her but his eyes just on mahi. Rahul see their scene. 

Sabko malum hai or sabko khabar ho gayi

Aaj kal tere mere pyar ke

(Omkara roam around twinkle and Kunj chair.)

Charche har juban par

(Too see om like this usha and Kunj amazed. )Sabko malum hai or sabko khabar ho gayi

Ladies:Ude jab jab julfe teri

Ho ude jab jab julfe teri

Kuwariyo ka dil machle

(Now all mans of family even elder and dadu’s too.Standing in one line and all ladies in front of them in line.. 

Kuwariyo ka dil machle

Jind meriye

Ho jab aise chikne chahere

Ho jab aise chikne chahere

(Kunj shocked cam surprised too see his father like this he laughing badly. All youngsters too) 

To kaise na nazar phisle

To kaise na nazar phisle

Jind meriye..

Now it’s turn of Priyanka and rudra.. 

Rudra come and Priyanka standing in side. To see this together everyone is curious what going to do now much Sarnas because of Their chup and innocent Priyanka. Kunj eyes stuck on them.

Rudra:Soch Thi Hai Zyada

Kham Woh Samajh Thi Hai

(Rudra went to Priyanka irritates her)

Soch Thi Hai Zyada

Kham Woh Samajh Thi Hai

(He pointing his hands towards all girls)

Dil Kuch Kehta Hai

Kuch Aur Hi Karti Hai

Ladki Kyon Na Jaane Kyon Ladko Si Nahin Hoti

(All girls giving him angry look. 

Priyanka just making faces at him. 

Kunj look at them didn’t blink his eyes.)

Ladki Kyon Na Jaane Kyon Ladko Si Nahin Hoti

Priyanka:Ha Picture Mein Rota Hain

Ha Khulle Muh Sota Hain

Ha Jara Nalayak Hain

(She twist his ears)

Ha Pitne Ke Layak Hain

(She push rudra all see and get shocked)

Jaane Kya Kehta Hain Jaane Kya Karta Hain

Sofe Pe Chadhta Hain Pardo Se Ladta Hain

Jab Karne Lage Safaai Samjho Ke Shaamat Aayi

(Take pillows and hitting him)

Fir Thak Ke Jab Leta Hain Angdaai

(Kunj can’t control on himself his laugh sound echoed so loudly all look at him)

My Dil Goes Mmmmmm….

My Dil Goes Mmmmmm….on one expected this from Priyanka really.. 

Tej: look at him avantika. 

Avantika:looking so good my kunj. Priyanka went to kunj and hug him even he too. 

Rahul:O dilwalo dil mera sun ne ko beqaraar hai.He come and held om hand and looking at him than Mahi.. Kaho na pyaar hai. Kaho na pyaar hai.

(they both shocked. All come and dance on beats. Their parents get change om and Mahi just looking each other’s don’t know why this lyrics affect so much. )

Yaha kal kya ho kisne jaana

Zindagi ek safar hai suhana

(Everyone come together and hold each other’s hands and singing too. )Yaha kal kya ho kisne jaana. They end their performance with this song all dancing like mads. All stand up and clapping for them loudly they all blow down their heads.. 

lights on kunj went towards everyone. 

Kunj:amazing guys I mean I don’t have words for you all. 

Rahul: we know bro.. think about you. 

Twinkle just stick fake smile on her face inside in her heart crying.. 

Yuvi: chalo we done our job very well now it’s time for twinkle.. she started denying.

Twinkle: no please mera mood nahi. Everyone force her than she get ready. 

All went and take their seats now waiting for twinkle.lights went twinkle standing in middle spotlight on her..twinkle back facing to everyone.Music starts she moving her legs on beats.. 


 Yeh galiyan yeh chaubara, yahan aana na dobaara -2

(She turned and look at everyone with wet eyes) 

 Ab hum to bhaye pardesi ke tera yahan koi nahin

(All shocked and sad for twinkle.)

 Ke tera yahan koi nahin

 Leja rang birangi yaaden, hasne rone ki buniyaaden

(She went to mahi hold her hand dancing with her.)

 Ab hum to bhaye pardesi ke tera yahan koi nahin Ke tera yahan koi nahin.

(Rt and Leela looking at her get emotional just control on Themselves. Twinkle just looking her parents.) 


Mere haathon mein bhari bhari choodiyan

 Mujhe bha gayi hari hari choodiyan

(She went to Leela and take her hands in her clang her bangles with Leela)

 Dekh milti hain teri meri choodiyan

 Tere jaisi saheli mere choodiyan.

(Hold her father and mother shoulder take them in middle all see them)

 Sawan mein badal se kehna, pardes mein hain meri behna

(Twinkle cupped Mahi and Kabir face and looking at with painful eyes)

 Ab hum to bhaye pardesi ke tera yahan koi nahin Ke tera yahan koi nahin

(she hugged them they too others those seeing this even they too crying. 

Aa maaen milne gale, chale hum sasural chale

(Twinkle wiped her tears and holding Leela duppta)

 Tere angan mein apna bas bachpan chod chale. 

 Kal bhi suraj niklega kal bhi panchhi gayenge

 Sab tujhko dikhayi denge par hum na nazar ayenge

 Aanchal mein sanjo lena humko

 Sapnon mein bula le.na. humko

(Rt and Leela started crying to see twinkle)Ab hum to bhaye pardesi ke tera yahan koi nahin Ke tera yahan koi nahin

(She nodding her hands in no..)Twinkle started crying loudly all get up too see her. Rt and Leela cuddles them they too cry along with her. Kabir and Mahi too joint them..😭😭


Rt: Twinkle beta..

Kabir:Twinkle don’t cry like this.. all come and console her still kunj looking and understand her situation.Rahul bring water for twinkle make her drink she feels good.

Twinkle:I’m fine..

Rudra: bhabhi you don’t cry please it’s hurt me:

Twinkle:awww she hug him.. see I’ll not cry now happy..

Rudra:yes super happy.. so winner is us. All turned and look at Kunj with smirked.

Rahul: kunj babu what happened we know you can’t do it. Twinkle what’s say.

Twinkle:let’s see jiju.

Anjali: let’s see him once. What he planned for his wifey make her ready to go with him.

Aayat: Bhaiya show them.. Kunj look at Aayat both brother and sister did hifi.everyone see them and giving drastic. Looks.They went and sit laughing at Kunj.

He can’t do it and didn’t win as well.

Usha:where this kunj went now.

Yuvi:maami May be run..😂😂.suddenly they heard noise. Lights went off.

They all see band baja and dancer comes.

They Get confused..

Kunj: lights comes on kunj face..

Hey Ya… Hey Ya…

(Hey Ya Hiriye Sehra Bandh Ke Mai Toh Aaya Re.

(All look at Kunj. Kunj back to them.

Hey Ya Dolee Barat Bhee Sath Me Mai Toh Laya Re) – (2)He winked at Rahul and Kabir.)
Abb Toh No Hota Hai Ek Roj Intejar
Sonee Aaj Nahee Toh Kal Hai Tujhko Toh.
(Kunj went to Twinkle who sitting and looking at him. He held her hand bring her.centre )Bas Meree Honi Re
Tenu Leke Mai Javanga, Dil Deke Mai.

(Push twinkle and dancing along with dancer.Javanga)

Everyone eyes open in shocked to see kunj avatar.Twinkle running from kunj.
Kunj:Hey Ya… Hey Ya…
Aa Keh De Jamane Se, Too Mere Ishk Kee Hai Dastan. She smiling itself kunj come and give her back hugged she shocked and see him..)

Hey Ya… Hey Ya…

O Janiya Keh De Bahane Se Mai Teraa Jism Hu, Too Meree Jan.
(Kunj started dancing with her try to do flirt with twinkle but she didn’t giving him damn) twinkle blushing to see kunj.

She look at everyone all gesturing her no. )
Kuchh Naa Chhupa
Mushkilo Se Milta Hai Aisa Sona Pyar
(Kunj pulled twinkle cheeks and caress her face.. Sonee Chij Tere Jaisee Naa Mujhko Naa (Kunj sit on his knees and holding flowers for twinkle.Mujhko Khonee Re
Tenu Leke Mai Javanga, Dil Deke Mai Javanga – (2)

Jan Aise Naa Tadpa Ke Dekh Le Madhbhare Andaj Se

(Twinkle take flower and throw at Kunj face: she show her thumb in no.. and went from there.)

Hey Ya… Hey Ya…

O Jan Too Awaj Ko Apni Aa Mila Abb Meree Awaj SE.Are Han Keh De Han…..
(Kunj lift Aayat both looking at twinkle with puppy face twinkle laugh out she went inside,. She come while her face covering with veil..
Kar Diya Hai Tune Mujhko Yu Bekarar
Mahee Keh Diya Duneeya Se Mai Teree.

(She unveil her face and look at Kunj.)

Mai Teree Ho Gayee Re.
Tere Nal Main Aavangi, Sasural Main Javangi

(Went to kunj and hug him rest her head on his head kunj and Aayat hooting..)

Hey Tenu Leke Mai Javanga, Dil Deke Mai Javanga Hey Ya… Hey Ya…now Aayat and Kunj or twinkle dancing together happily all get up from their seats and showering  love at them. Music end.

Twinkle and Kunj look at each other smile didn’t stop.

Kabir: Waha waha mere jija you shocked us.
Rudra: yes Bhaiya I’m mean you dancing.

Om: Twinkle hum haar gaye yaar..


Twinkle:what I can do he did so much and impressed  with him.So all like Hoooo. Which make blushed twinkle very much.

After music and dance done all sits.

Kunj was sitting alone busy in phone While twinkle and others busy in photos..

Rudra:look at Bhaiya just now he become Salman Khan now again busy in his phone.


Malika:wait I’ll bring him. Malika went to kunj. What are you doing here??


Malika:come with me..

Kunj:where madam. She forcefully take kunj.

Malika:now sit with us and keep your phone off.

Rudra:yeah Bhaiya. If you used phone again bhabhi will be crying again.Twinkle look at rudra. He winked at her twinkle make puppy faces Kunj see this.

Kunj:try this on dadi not on me.kunj sit beside twinkle. What you all wanted now.

Om:see twinkle what your to be husband saying it.

Kabir:Arey kaha to be only one day is left. Tomorrow at this time kunj must be filled twinkle hairline with sindoor..twinkle and Kunj share eye lock..

Rudra:now what is this sindoor??..

Chinki:really rudra you don’t know anything.

Yuvi: yes what you know I mean man.

Rudra:I don’t know this all even my brothers too don’t asked them.

Om:raise his hand I know bhai not like him.

Rudra: and you Bhaiya.

Kunj:haa..May be vermilion is called sindoor in Hindi.

Malika:kunj even you too. All laughing.

Rahul:Arey this Sarna kids kache in Hindi expect that omkara. See this pidhi even she too.

Yuvi:yeah fully talk in English hardly hindi😂.

Kabir: that means after wedding twinkle even you too started talking in English..

Twinkle:why I’ll In irritated tone.. 😂
Just than there Priyanka comes.

Priyanka: maya di MAA is calling you.

Maya: yeah I’m coming. She went and see usha and Avantika standing together get confused in them.MAA toh avantika maami hi hai. Usha went from there. Maami you call me.

Avantika: no beta I didn’t.

Maya:what..okay..she went back to hang.
Priyanka you told me that maami calling me but she didn’t.

Priyanka: what she is..

Maya: I went to avantika maami.. Rudra and om or Anjali, kunj hit Their hands on Their foreheads.

Priyanka: not she MAA call you.

Kunj:you sit maya. MAA means choti MAA usha maami.

Maya: haa.. but MAA is avantika maami na.

Kunj: she isn’t our MAA.

Rudra: cut him Arey she is our mummy. We call MAA choti maa.

Maya:that Priyanka you should tell me clearly Anjali om.

Priyanka:I can’t tell like this only MAA.

Yuvi: you guys didn’t confused in both of them.

Kunj:never 😛😛😂.Wwh 

why we’ll you all must be we can’t. Usha come there. Rudra cuddles her.

Rudra:Meri maa😍..

Usha:haa what happened. And you maya I call you na.

Maya:yes maami.

Usha:you come with me please and you too Anjali and Priyanka as well.They three of them went with Usha.Mahi come with juices.All have the juice glasses. Omkara busy in mahi.

Omkara:she is innocent whenever I see her feel like I’ll not closed my eyes just see her. Rahul sitting beside kunj. He go near to his ears.

Rahul: kunjj.


Rahul:I think in your wedding someone story is cooking. up. 😂😛.

Kunj:what mean??

Rahul: just look at there. He gestured at mahi and Omkara but kunj see something else Rahul too see and both chocked so badly.Juice spit it and little bit falls down on kunj clothes.They started coughing.

Omkara:what happened.. they both get up and look at straight.

Rahul: he is here man..

Kunj: who calls him..

Rahul: you must be known kunj. Surely hitler calls him. That man coming towards them only.

Kunj:bhag.both of them escaped from there.Those are sitting there get confused.

In side kunj and Rahul take deep breath.

Kunj:you spoiled my clothes.

Rahul: go and wash na..

Kunj: yup.. Kunj went in washroom.

Chinki: Twinkle go and correct your lipstick and Kajal..smudge it 

Twinkle: why..

Asha: when you cry that time it’s become light go.

Twinkle:okay.Twinkle went in washroom.

Even Kunj was too in same washroom he cleaning his kurta.twinkle didn’t see him. She look at herself in mirror her eyes become red due to crying.. tears rolling down from here eyes. Kunj turned and found twinkle.


Twinkle:tum can’t you see I’m here come later.

Kunj:oyee madam I come first you think this okay.

Twinkle:okay whatever what are you doing it??

Kunj: cleaning this.. twinkle see kunj didn’t clean properly. She went near him.

Twinkle: stop I’ll do it. She take tissue and clean it kunj see twinkle eyes.. done..

Kunj:thanks..twinkle about to go kunj held her hand.Twinkle look at his faces asked him through eyes what happened??
Kunj cupped her face.He wiped her eyes.

Don’t cry see your eyes become red and on the top of your makeup too 😂😛.

Twinkle: I know I just come here to correct it back.

Kunj:good. Kunj take tissue and clean twinkle smudge Kajal. Now you look better.

Twinkle:huhh sadu.. she apply lipstick Kunj see her.

Kunj:can’t you girls stay without lipstick.

Twinkle:look at him while applying lipstick.

No we can’t.Even you boys too without alcohol you all must be planning about your bachelor party.

Kunj:Till now not thanks for remind me😛..

Twinkle: in angry tone but funny in sound..
Haa jaao go and dance with those cheapo

Girls. Kunj pulled her hand pinned towards wall.

Kunj:when you can do bridal shower why can’t I.

Twinkle:for your kind of information mr Sarna in my bridal shower only girls are there. There is no boys..

Kunj:he smile 😛.Yeah I know I see bride to be sash and all’s. Ab bachelor party hai now it’s our time to do fun you can come.

Twinkle:I’m not interested in party now I have more work to do.To do party better I spend time with my family.

Kunj:hmm this is also good idea. My pa didn’t like this alcohol and party very much and even me too.Twinkle look at him.He went near her ears. Don’t worry Mrs Sarna there is no girls in my party😋. He said this and went leave twinkle in blushing.Even twinkle too went. Tej call twinkle and Kunj.

Tej: mr Kapoor she is twinkle my daughter in law. Twinkle beta he is my good friend.

Twinkle:hi uncle..

Mr Kapoor: you are lucky tej got such a pretty daughter in law. Even you kunj.

Kunj:thanks uncle.Twinkle and Kunj went from there. All family members sit for dinner while twinkle just playing with food that Kunj and her family members can see It.

Tej:this wedding planner did really fabulous job.

Om:after all bade Papa everything your and twinkle choice.

Lata:today sangeet function I enjoy lot.

Usha:yes mummy ji I was shocked to see kunj and Priyanka most.

Rahul:yeah even me too. Our both silent killers today In real matter they kill it.. 😘😛In this game too Kunj Sarna win.

Aayat: where is our prize

Rahul: you wanted prize..

Aayat: yes..

Rahul: baby here is your prize. Point his hand towards twinkle..

Aayat:Arey miss twinki…

Rahul:yes Aayat baby your Bhaiya prize is twinkle only 😂😂.Whwhat What else he wanted more he winks Yuvi and rudra or Rahul did hifi.

Prithviraj:Aakhir pota kesh ka hai😎.. after dinner Sarna elders sit in cars just boys and girls standing.

Kabir:boys don’t forget to come in party. Twinkle look at Kunj.

Rahul: I’ll message 😜.. till then let first our wife’s sleep 😂😛.

Malika /Anjali together: no.

Kunj: let’s go guys.. they too left for Sarna Mansion. While twinkle just went in her room. She see all clothes packed in bags keeping in side she went and open her wardrobe there is no clothes just two..

Twinkle:they already make me feeling parai.😭.She went to dressing table started removing her jewellery’s in anger.
Than take her clothes went in washroom get freshen up.Come out and just look at her whole room.Babaji why I feel like there is no right of my left on room.

Twinkle went downstairs and goes to poolside and dip her legs in water and sobbing alone.

Kabir call Rahul what happened about party. At Sarna Mansion all boys sitting in garden. Rahul get Kabir call he looking at Kunj what to say him.

Rahul: kunj bol na it’s your bachelor party.

Kunj:I told you people I don’t want to celebrate. After see her face my mood all off and you kabir go and spend sometime with her call on speaker. Didn’t you see her stage inside herself she cried lot.We can do party anytime but this time never come back.

Kabir:first Kabir get happy so much that Kunj really care for his sister. Yeah you are right. Without twinkle no party. After wedding we’ll not leave you both husband and wife officially. Kunj smile..

Kunj:sure 😛..

Rahul: okay Bhaiya go and spend time with twinkle. They end the call..

Kabir eyes went on twinkle who sitting in poolside and crying slightly. He went in Rt and Leela room there he see Rt crying while Leela too. Kabir eyes become wet he went to them and sit beside them too.

Kabir:MAA papa😭.. Rt and Leela wiped her tears. Don’t hide this MAA and Papa.

Why you crying Papa. Rt get up.

Rt: you can’t understand my stage Kabir when you become father of a daughter than understand what I feel right now my daughter going to leave me.Who grown up in my hands now become someone wife.

Kabir:here you both crying there your daughter too.

Rt: Twinkle kaha.They too went to poolside and see twinkle condition..

Leela:you should be strong..

Rt:Leela what can I do.. they went near twinkle and sit beside her. Rt wiped twinkle tears but again her face drenched in tears. He hugged Rt and Kabir tightly Mahi come there see them..

Twinkle:Papa I don’t want to go please.

Kabir: pagali your sasural..is here 

Twinkle:without you all I can’t bhai. Mere Papa. Mere maan kesha lagega waha.

Leela:lagega puttar waha tera pati hai ab. Uske saath now you live your whole life twinkle.Aesha nahi karte didn’t you see malika haa. You can adjust in some days. Rt just numb didn’t said anything. He went from there he can’t see twinkle even didn’t control on his emotions.Mahi and twinkle or Kabir hug. Leela wiped twinkle face take her side twinkle see whole house with teared eyes.

Mahi: di you sleep now.

Twinkle: MAA can we sleep together last time with me😭😭😭😭. Kal toh me chali jaugi you both wanted this na.When I leave this house you both get relief..Kabir and Mahi giving smile..they went to twinkle room. Three of them rest their head on Leela lap. While she caress their hairs Rt come and sit and caress twinkle face.

Leela:ji no.they all sleep together.. twinkle cuddles her mother and father tightly.

Kunj who was tensed about twinkle he didn’t getting sleep.

Just her crying face coming in his eyes which make him feel guilty that he was the main reason behind her tears because he taking her away from her family.

Kunj went to avantika and tej. Already rudra and his other sibling teased them lot. Avantika can see kunj sad face she call him to come to her. He went and place his head on avantika lap while holding her hand tightly.

Avantika: today sleep in your mummy lap last time..


Avantika:because now your wife will come.

Kunj:so what no one can’t take your place. He get up and hugged his father and mother. Mummy Pa why girls leave their house..

Tej:that I too don’t know my son. You just understand one thing kunj now going to become someone husband very big duty my son. You have to fulfill twinkle all wish never let tears comes in her eyes it’s very painful to all parents too see their daughter. You become the best son grand son even Bhai too now new turn new relationship for forever kunj that too aache se nibana mera beta.

Kunj:yeah pa I’ll. You all with me na.

Avantika:we are at our place but your place in twinkle life is very important kunj. Give her time when she needs always there for her never ignore just for husband a girl leave her everything behind and come behind her husband start her new life make his family her everything.

Kunj:haa.. they kids cuddles avantika and tej and sleep with them only..

(To do party isn’t better than this priceless moments which going to teach you something).This night become so short.

Finally the most awaited day for Sarna family as well for Taneja’s that come today.

Is twinkle and Kunj wedding day finally.

Twinkle wake up with heavy eyes.She get up and get freshen up and went downstairs.Leela take her make her sit beside her father malika bring breakfast for them they all family members sit and have breakfast with twinkle last time.

Chinki:Twinkle after this we have to go salon.

Twinkle:no na I’m fine..

Malika:Arey makeover is very important.

Rt:yes you all go and take my daughter too.She just look most beautiful bride till now go okay twinkle she nodded her head in yes.They all girls leave for salon.There their make over started take all those beauty treatments.

Otherside Rahul and yuvi along with omru they take kunj too salon forcefully.

Rahul:today I’ll change your look.When twinkle see you she lost her sense..

Kunj:acha this good for you and di I’m already handsome 😛😎.. they did nice haircuts other things too.After long session twinkle makeover done they back to home.

In both the houses hustle and bustle going on. Servant and mothers even fathers working like anything.Twinkle went in her room. And do rest.Her wedding glow making her more beautiful today.. Kunj went to his dadu and dadi show them..

Lata:looking hot.😛😛.

Kunj:acha 😂😂😂. Kunj place box in her dadi hand..

Lata:what is this..

Kunj: open and you can see dadi.

Rudra:gift😛😂. Lata open and see one nice dress inside in box..

Kunj:this is for you dadi..first time Itself I buy something ladies clothes. How can I forgot my dadi. She take in her hand.

Lata: it’s so beautiful kunj. Kunj kissed on her forehead.

Prithviraj:now go and get ready today I’ll not give anyone single minute.

Om:yes dadu you just wanted to see your bahu 😂😂eagerly😍.

Prithviraj:yes today my dream going to true if I die today I’m so happy.

Kunj:dadu please don’t talk about death please.You both are very important for me without you both I can’t live 😇😇.. Kunj went to usha and avantika. My both mothers calm down please. We can’t both said together..

Usha: aaj mere bete ki shadi hai. 😍. How can I sit..

Avantika:yes kunj. Now we too going to become mother in laws 😎.

Kunj:haa become dailysoaps mothers in laws devil😂😂. They both give him slaps.

Usha: now you go and get ready.

All went in their respective rooms.Kunj take his sherwani went to washroom. Look at himself in mirror finally siyappa Queen Meri shadi hone jarahi hai man. 

Till now all family members get ready and come to in kunj room. Kunj come out of the washroom. Anjali take him Rahul and om Kara closed his sherwani buttons while rudra tie watch in his hand.Anjali and Priyanka tie turban on kunj head. Now Kunj is ready in his groom attire. Prithviraj and Lata caress his face.

Prithviraj:pata hi nahi chala kab mera chota sa kunj itna bada hogaya.

Lata:haa ji look at him in his sherwani.he take their blessing. Tej And avantika caress Kunj face.

Tej: to see my son in groom attire it’s best moments for me kunj. Mera beta.. itna bada hogaya sachi aaj my small Kunj who just love his study and work today uski shadi hai.

Avantika:I remember that day when he come in my hands my small Kunj.Tera jesha beta god give all mothers Kunj. I m bless you are my son.

Manohar: favourite of everyone.Tej and Manohar hug kunj tightly. Anjali did kunj aarti.

Manohar: chalo dulha raja your dulhan must be waiting for you 😂😛. Kunj give shy smile.They siblings take selfies with kunj.
Than they leave for Taneja Mansion to take twinkle.

Leela:chinki make her ready okay baraat

Is come.. just than they heard firecrackers sound and bandbaja too. Asha and Chinki make twinkle ready. Just her jewellery is left to wear her makeup is done.

Chinki: Twinkle we are coming okay. They both went downstairs goes in garden see the baraat. All Sarna dancing while kunj sitting on horse even Aayat too.Twinkle get up and went near window from window twinkle see kunj on horse. Remember Kabir words one day her dulha will come on horse to take her. The day has come.Twinkle crying tears didn’t stop she went back to dressing table wearing her jewellery while crying. I still remember our first meeting sadu mera pati hojayega aaj.

Whole Taneja Mansion decorated heavenly.

Wedding venue
Wedding stage

Didn’t leave single place.taneja,s went to do welcome of baraat.After dance Kunj come down on horse.They went ahead Leela was standing at door entrance. Holding aarti tali..

Leela did kunj aarti and apply tikha on his forehead along with rice.

Leela:ready kunj.

Kunj:hmm.Leela pinch Kunj nose all laugh even Kunj too.

Leela:now come inside damadji. Kunj went inside take all elders blessing.

Hansh:kush raho.

Bebe:looking awesome kunj.. they went toward stage Kunj sit and see here and there.Each and everyone looking so beautiful.

Omkara and rudra or Rahul wedding dress
Tej wedding dress
Anjali wedding dress
Priyanka wedding dress
Malika wedding dress
Mahi wedding dress
Avantika wedding dress
Usha wedding dress
Dadi dress


Guru ji: we should call twinkle now shadi ka shamehe horaha hai..

Rt: hmm with heavy heart..

Leela: malika and Mahi take twinkle. While Kabir gesture to Leela and Rt. They understand botwent upstairsrs.

Rudra: kabir bro finally aaj we take our bhabhi with us 😂😛.

Kabir: haa mera baap leja.. Teri bhabhi ko.

Rt and Leela entered in twinkle room find her sitting in front of dressing table both went to her..twinkle turned and get up looking her parents with teared eyes while to see twinkle in bridal dress making Leela And Rt happy but that pain she’ll leave them in some hours today. Tears coming from twinkle eyes Rt kissed on twinkle forehead.

Rt:my daughter looking so beautiful today in this dress.

Leela:haa she loved to wear bridal dress today standing in her bridal dress looking most beautiful bride twinkle you are. Twinkle immediately hug them.rt and Leela look at each other put stone on Their hearts. Now let’s go down twinkle everyone is waiting for you. Leela hide twinkle face in ghunghat.They hold twinkle hand take her down.

Background songs. Dulhe ke sehra play.. 

All turned and see twinkle coming but her face is hide.

Aah Aah Aah, Aah Aah, Aah Aah Aah
Shehnaaiyon Ki Sada Keh Rahi Hai
Khushi Ki Mubaarak Ghadi Aa Gayi Hai
Saji Surkh Jodi Mein Chaand Si Dulhan
Zameen Pe Falak Se Pari Aa Gayi Hai
Aah Aah Aah, Aah Aah Aah Aah, Aah Aah Aah
Aah Aah Aah, Aah Aah Aah Aah, Aah Aah Aah
Aah Aah Aah, Aah, Aah Aah Aah Aah Aah
Aah Aah Aah, Aah, Aah Aah Aah Aah Aah
Aah Aah Aah, Aah Aah Aah Aah, Aah Aah Aah

Malik and Mahi bring twinkle on stage. Stand her in front of kunj. Now it’s time for varmala. One side Rahul holding varmala other side for twinkle Kabir.Behind her ghunghat twinkle sobbing slightly.
Kunj take vermala in his hands. While Kabir and yuvi or abeer lift twinkle. All smiling.

Rahul:good brothers. Kunj ja show your height today. Kunj jumped and put the varmala in twinkle neck. Kabir and abeer see make faces. All clap

now om rudra and Rahul lift Kunj. Kabir and abeer too twinkle.with shaking hands twinkle take varmala. She try to put varmala in kunj neck can’t he is already so heighted now more. To see twinkle Kunj blow kunj down his neck all boys shocked while elders get happy twinkle put the vermala in kunj neck all clapping loudly.

Rudra:huhu Bhaiya.

Rahul: abhi se blow down his head in front of wife. Huhu. Kunj give smile.

The ceremony is not just the meeting of two souls, but is a union of two families, a merge of traditions, values and customs that make the entire wedding complete.

.Than twinkle and Kunj sit. Anjali come unveil twinkle ghunghat twinkle eyes were closed all see her she looking breathtaking today. She open her eyes and look at up kunj just freezes in her beauty.after see twinkle it’s worth to call her she is perfce beauty example like aaj chand aasman se utar ke aaye hai zameen pe..

Twinkle and Kunj wedding outfits

Anjali:so beautiful twinkle.

Rahul: he come near kunj. Aaj toh tu gaya yaar.
Kunj: acha jaane dena 😂😂.. they all click.Some pictures with twinkle and Kunj than. Time for shadi.. kunj and twinkle went to mandap.Both sit.Twinkle look at Rt. Pandit ji started mantars. He called twinkle parents they come..

Dulhe Ka Sehra Suhaana Lagta Hai
Dulhe Ka Sehra Suhaana Lagta Hai
Dulhan Ka To Dil Deewana Lagta Hai
Dulhe Ka Sehra Suhaana Lagta Hai
Dulhan Ka To Dil Deewana Lagta Hai
Palbhar Mein Kaise Badalte Hain Rishte
Palbhar Mein Kaise Badalte Hain Rishte
Ab To Har Apna Begaana Lagta Hai

Pandit ji: kaniya daan. Ki ji. Pandit ji explaining them what to do and they follow him. Rt take twinkle right hand give in kunj hand.


Kanyadaan – a key ritual where the father gifts away the daughter to the groom. …



After joining the two hands, ‘Hastamelap’, the Mother of the Bride pours sacred water on to the palm of her husband’s hands, allowing it to flow through his fingers onto his daughters hand and ultimately to the groom’s hand as well. Rituals are chanted during this process
Kunj can sense twinkle situation her hands so cold.Than Anjali went she ties the end of kunj scarf to the twinkle duppta.

Pandit ji: ab aap dono phera ke liye khade ho jaiye. Kunj get up and stand but twinkle can’t due to her heavy lehnga Kunj give her hand make her stand.they both stand for 7 vows now. Sacred fire is lit at the center of the wedding mandap and is considered to be the prime witness of the marriage rituals. Kunj hold twinkle hand.

They both circling around holi fire.

Ab To Har Apna Begaana Lagta Hai
Dulhe Ka Sehra Suhaana Lagta Hai
Dulhan Ka To Dil Deewana Lagta Hai
Dulhe Ka Sehra Suhaana Lagta Hai
Dulhan Ka To Dil Deewana Lagta Hai
Saat Pheron Se Bandha Janmon Ka Yeh Bandhan
Pyaar Se Joda Hai Rab Ne Preet Ka Daaman
Saat Pheron Se Bandha Janmon Ka Yeh Bandhan
Pyaar Se Joda Hai Rab Ne Preet Ka Daaman
Hain Nayi Rasmein, Nayi Kasmein, Nayi Uljhan
Honth Hai Khaamosh, Lekin Keh Rahi Dhadkan
Dhadkan Dhadkan, Dhadkan Dhadkan
Dhadkan Dhadkan, Dhadkan Dhadkan


First vow..To respect and honor each other

Everyone standing showering flowers on twinkle and Kunj.

Second vow: To share each other’s joy and sorrow.

Third vow:To trust and be loyal to each other. Now kunj come in front.

Fourth vowTo cultivate appreciation for knowledge, values, sacrifice and service

Fifth vow:to appreciate purity of emotions, love, family duties and spiritual growths. While taking vows twinkle looking at Rt and slightly tears rolling down.

Sixth vow: To follow principles of Dharma

Seventh vow: To nurture an eternal bond of friendship and love. Finally the vows end. Twinkle and Kunj again sit.

Pandit ji: ab aap kaniya ko mangalasutra panahiye. Avantika give Mangalasutra too kunj. He went near twinkle neck and tie his name mangalsutra in her neck.

Twinkle mangalsutra

Dhadkan, Dhadkan, Dhadkan, Dhadkan
Dhadkan, Dhadkan, Dhadkan, Dhadkan
Dhadkan, Meri Dhadkan, Meri Dhadkan


After he ties this necklace, he gives her the status of being his wife.The bride is expected to wear this necklace as long as her marriage lasts.This necklace is a symbol of marriage, mutual love and commitment of the bride and groom to one another. avantika give kunj sindoor (vermilion) box. While malika up twinkle maangtika so kunj can fills twinkle hairline. Kunj take pinch of vermilion he fills twinkle hairline with his name of sindoor.

Twinkle closed her eyes. Rt and Leela take deep breath now they going to listen their daughter is  married now.

Pandit ji: vivha sampand hua aaj se aap dono pati aur patni hai.. you can take blessing of your elders now.. all girls and boys hooting loudly. Twinkle and Kunj come to elders first they went to Prithviraj and Lata.both take their blessing.

Prithviraj/Lata: khush raho.They give hug kunj and twinkle. Than they went to Hansh and Bebe take their blessing too Tej avantika. Rt and Leela give their blessing to kunj and twinkle while twinkle looking Rt he gestured don’t cry.Now twinkle and Kunj went to stage both sit. All giving them good wishes and congratulations them.

Rudra:now I can call you bhabhi officially.

Twinkle nodded her head in yes.they all get busy in photos.Kunj look at twinkle face she looking so sad.

Aayat: Bhaiya looking here I’m clicking you picture. She taking their photo in her small camera while kunj give smile but twinkle looking other side. Arey look at here na.. BHABHI she said loudly all look at her like what she call.. 😱😱.

Rudra:what did you said Aayat.

Aayat: Bhabhi na..😛. Now let me click their photos. Happily twinkle and Kunj give pose than Kunj call Aayat he make her sit in his lap.

Om:aaj keshe bhabhi ??.

Aayat:haa woh na first I can’t pronounce but my pa help me lot so now I call her BHABHI. This bhabhi word sounding so cute from Aayat mouth.Twinkle kiss on her cheeks finally smile comes on her face.

All boys and girls entourage twinkle and Kunj.

Rahul: kunj see this.

Kunj: what is this now.

Kabir: Arey it’s help you.. tonight.

Rahul: I know you don’t know so see and learn something. He give his phone to kunj Kunj take the phone and see the video shocked and give them look and phone back too.

Kunj:shame on yourself everyone is here.

Yuvi:Arey Kunj see na yaar.

Kunj:I don’t want take your phone okay.

Asha:Twinkle I keep everything in your personal bag whatever you need for tonight.

Malika:good 😜😜. Twinkle and Kunj blushing on Their talks.

Rudra: chalo Mrs and mr Sarna let’s have food.They all went to dinning table.
Leela and rt sit beside twinkle. Both feed twinkle food with their hands. There is so many things in food all special chef make it you can see all type of food and sweet pastries juices etc… 


Twinkle: bas MAA.

Leela:why puttar.

Twinkle:no MAA I’m feeling like nausea.

Avantika: at least drink this juice beta. It’s gives you energy.. after this Kunj realised he isn’t wearing his shoes..

Kunj:where is my shoes.

Anjali:where you remove it Kunj.

Kunj:to mandap.

Aayat:I’ll see it. Aayat went and searched Kunj shoes but didn’t find it. She come back. Bhaiya no shoes. While Tanejas smiling with smirked. Rahul and om looking at Mahi and Malika.

Rahul: you guys give his shoes back.

Mahi: na na we don’t have.

Om: we know you hide his shoes.

Kabir:Acha go and find it.. chinki and Asha hiding Kunj shoes behind Their back tej see this.

Tej:here is your shoes Kunj.

Asha: nahi milege shoes toh.

Mahi: haa jiju if you wanted to take di with you than give us our nek.

Rahul: go and sleep you all will not get any single penny.

Malika: Acha in my wedding time you all get so happily. All girls hold Kunj. While elders laughing loudly. It’s happened saali and jija time to deal it.

Kunj: Arey.

Asha: Arey twinkle see tera pati kitna kanjoos hai.

Tej: Kunj give them they didn’t leave you.

Rahul:okay 100rupees is enough 😛😂.

Mahi: hoo so big business man and giving us 100 rupees.

Anjali: so what.. girls take.. Mahi making cute faces om smiling to see her. Kunj take out his wallet from his pocket. Before Kunj open it Kabir snatch from his hands. Boy oyye Aayat see this and started jumping.

Aayat: mere Bhaiya ka wallet give back. Started crying bas tears didn’t come out.

Kabir: Arey choti nanad of twinkle I’ll give your Bhaiya wallet back wait na.

Aayat: na first me give me pa.. Sarnas kids get happy Aayat make out their work Kabir give Aayat Kunj wallet. Aayat get happy. She give to twinkle all now more shocked.

Avantika:good Aayat. Twinkle take the wallet.

Kabir:superb Aayat now twinkle give us whole wallet is in your cage.. 😛😂.

Rudra:what have you done pidhi.. Aayat show tongue to Rudra while twinkle look at Kunj.She asked him through her eyes.
Kunj gives her permission in sweet gestures everyone like owww😂😂…

Twinkle take out some money.

Raj:see this girl saving her husband money from now only.Twinkle give them whole wallet money they all get so happy.

Rahul:beta Kunj tu toh
Gaya.tera diwala nikalne wala hai.Twinkle give Empty wallet to Kunj while giving this their hands touch. Both share romantic eyes lock (sajan ve play)…❤️❤️❤️

Surjit: Arey ladko why you shocked today.

Today Kunj taking only twinkle side na. Hmm😛😜😜😂. They didn’t expect their elders too teased them.

Rahul:true uncle 😂😜.. aaj bas twinkle ji ki hi chalegi haina Kunj nahi toh twinkle will not.he went closer to them in hunky voice. Not Allow you to do😂😛.Twinkthey  they make O face.They push twinkle in Kunj.

Kunj:you all become mad😂😂😜.than twinkle and Kunj alone photo shoot happened in that twinkle giving romantic pose with kunj.Than all family members comes together and take family photo..

Last ritual twinkle bidaai..

Bidaai) is a ritual of bride bidding farewell to her family and leaving of her maternal home. Literally translating to the phrase ‘Goodbye,’ Vidai is one of the most sentimental outburst of any wedding across the world. The last ritual of the wedding, this Indian ceremony marks the end of Bride’s life as a daughter and establishes her new role as a wife and daughter-in-law.

Avantika went to Leela and tell her do to twinkle bidaai now.to hear bidaai name twinkle heart beat started fast.millions of tears comes in her eyes. Hansh and Bebwent nearar twinkle. They both cupped twinkle face tears coming from their eyes.

[Mushkil Ashkon Ko Chhupaana Lagta Hai
Mushkil Ashkon Ko Chhupaana Lagta Hai
Dulhan Ka To Dil Deewana Lagta Hai]

Twinkle hugged hansh tightly.

Twinkle:dadu😭😭😭.. in shaking voice. Hansh console himself. He cupped twinkle face kissed on her forehead.

Hansh: aeshe nahi rote.. go and bright now your real house.. like our twinkle.
Bebe:yes twinkle god bless you. Meri
Bachi .Than twinkle went to Kabir who crying but controlling himself.but give up.

Twinkle cuddles him. Whoever  was standing there they too get emotional.

Kabir: twinkle 😭😭.. your makeup will be spoil don’t cry..

(Palbhar Mein Kaise Badalte Hain Rishte

Ab To Har Apna Begaana Lagta Hai)


Twinkle: you both wanted this na. See today I’m going 😭😭😭.. now you both are happy. Mahi and Kabir give painful smile nodding Their head in no.

Mahi: no di I miss you now with whom I share my everything.

Kabir:yes whom I fight very morning. Our morning started with your melody voice. Meri behan. I miss you twinkle like anything. Aeshe nahi karte twinkle. They three of them share hug cried lot in each other’s embrace. Malika went console Kabir and Mahi.

Malika:twinkle look at me even I too come.
(Dulhe Ka Sehra Suhaana Lagta Hai
Dulhan Ka To Dil Deewana Lagta Hai
Dulhe Ka Sehra Suhaana Lagta Hai
Dulhan Ka To Dil Deewana Lagta Hai)

Leela standing in corner holding pillar crying.Twinkle see her. Looking at her with love.

Twinkle:maa😭😭😭.. Leela wiped her tears give fake smile went to twinkle.

Leela: twinkle mat roh😭.see everyone with you. Anjali and Priyanka even your mother in laws like a mother.

Till the day she gets married, her mother is the backbone of her life. She could rely on her for each and everything. She knows that her mother would be by her side whenever she got unwell, or when she could not get good marks in the exam. How can she stay away from her ever-understanding mom who never asked to be understood by her in return? Now, as she leaves her mother’s side and herself take those responsibilities in her new family, she is not sure who will pamper her in the same way in her new family?

Twinkle:Nahi maa😭😭.. she hide her face under leela embrace mujhe nahi jana.

You all are very bad. Kunj feel bad to see twinkle.

Leela:chal ab bas you are a good girl na. Twinkle eyes were searching rt just. While rt went in his room.

Twinkle:papa.. Bebe bring rt.. as soon as twinkle see rt she run towards him so fast. Both father and daughter look at each other first their face drenched in tears.

Twinkle:haha papa😭😭😭😭.. twinkle hug rt crying so loudly break down in his father arms while rt condition is too same to see this Anjali and Priyanka get emotional both hug their father.

(Main Teri Baahon Ke Jhule Mein Pali BabulJaa Rahi Hoon Chhodke Teri Gali Babul Main Teri Baahon Ke Jhule Mein Pali Babul Main Teri Baahon Ke Jhule Mein Pali Babul Jaa Rahi Hoon Chhodke Teri Gali Babul)

Rt: twinkle 😭😭.. twinkle look at rt her face became all red.

Till yesterday, she was daddy’s little girl and now suddenly, she is grown up to take responsibility of a new family. Her father went on to any extent to bring a smile on her face. She knew that he left no stone unturned to fulfil her wishes and give the best to his daughter. The one, who taught her to walk and also to be independent in life, is now letting her go away from him. She is sceptical, if anyone would ever share that special place in her heart where her father lives?

Twinkle:papa I don’t want to go. I can’t leave without you. You are so bad send me away from you papa😭.rt is helpless father every father has to face this phase of life. How could you papa.

Rt: Nahi twinkle.. Twinkle started hitting on rt chest and clutch him tightly as much as she can.. Leela try to separate them but twinkle didn’t leave him. very emotional bid farewell. Twinkle totally lost her sense 

Twinkle: no papa.. twinkle about to falls down while rt held her they sit on their knees and twinkle cuddles rt fully.
(Khoobsurat Yeh Zamaane Yaad Aayeenge Chaahke Bhi Hum Tumhe Na Bhool Paayenge Muskhil).. Kabir make them get up and console rt. Rt remove his glasses. Cupped twinkle face.

Rt:no more you know your papa can’t see tears in your eyes. You are here only twinkle.

Twinkle:you sending me so far from you.not mahi

He kissed on twinkle forehead put stone on his heart take twinkle to Kunj give her hand in Kunj.

Rt: Kunj please take care of her I’m giving you my life.

Kunj:yeah I’ll more than my self,, rt fold his head in front of tej.

Rt:If any thing happened to  twinkle forgive her please.

Tej:I can understand this rt ji you just understand that she going in her another house there she get father mother love and siblings in our kids. Your twinkle is our now..

Prithviraj:yes. Beti leke ja rahe hai bahu nahi. Rt keep his hand on twinkle and kunj head..

Rt:jaa twinkle start your new life..Rudra hug his sisters tightly. Chinki bring rice tali.

Because she proceeds outside towards doorstep. Twinkle take rice in her both hand palms and while Leela standing while opening her joliTwinkle going and throwing in the backwards this comes on leela joli.. like this till end of the door..

She hugs all her loved ones and bids a final farewell as they cry with mixed emotions of giving her away & at the same time blessing her a happy married life.. last time twinkle see her house.

She has her special stories at every nook and corner of the house. How can she ever forget the place where she grew up? This is the place where she spent almost a quarter of her life, and now she will come here as a visitor. Her room, which she decorated with great passion, or her favourite chair on the dining table where she always sat for her dinner- she will miss all those little things of her house. The memories of the place that she called her home might soon fade out. And, she will call another home as her own. Why can’t she live in the same house forever?

Twinkle hug Rt tightly.

Twinkle:Papa I’ll not talk to you all now. 

Rt make twinkle sit in car while twinkle Didn’t leaving his hands somehow he.

And went in side twinkle looking at him.
Kunj console rt give him promise he take care of his daughter.

Kabir: kunj I’m giving you my sister you both devar ji don’t tease her.

Rudra:in funny manner now she is our Bhabhi see we take our bhabhi.

Kabir:haa jaa leja siyappa queen ko
Kunj too sit beside twinkle hansh come to see twinkle she wiped his tears. While rahul at driver seat and omkara along with Aayat beside him.kabir push the car while the family members look ahead till the car is finally out of sight…car left. Rt sit in side Kabir immediately went to him.

Kabir:papa Handle yourself. Sarnas too left leave the twinkle family sad.,

Episode end..



how was the episode guys finally wedding done twinkle become Mrs Kunj Sarna..

Please give your views I did my level best and hard work too.. please read everything. I don’t know very much about Hindu wedding whatever I know I write it down and thanks yashika for help me and tell wedding rituals..

Hope you like this emotional bidaai😛😭😭..


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