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Destined to be, a Raglak fanfic – Part 1


I know it is more ragsan fans here than ragalk, still I got this much support. I am greatefu for that. Thank you so much. Please do support me in future too.


Marriage, a beautiful institution which work on two beautiful things love and trust. A marriage is a failure if either of them is absent in either of the partners. It is an union of two souls.
Let us now move to the mandap were the heavenly couple is getting married.

Laksh was seated in the mandap. His face was showing many expressions all at once.
He was hurt, because he was being separated from his love. With this marriage, he will lose his rights to love her, the girl with whom he dreamed his life. He left miserable.

He was angry on his fate for tying him up with Ragini. The girl whom he wants as his sister in law is going to be his wife. Why? He so wanted to stop all these.

He was feeling guilty for he was sure that he is going to ruin Ragini’s life.

He was in his own world when she was brought to the mandap. He didn’ even look at her.

She looked breathtaking. So beautiful and innocent. She was very happy, she is getting married to the love of her life. The only man she ever dreamed off. Her love on him knew no bounds. She was grateful to her destiny.

Sanskar looked at the pair smirking. He looked at laksh, whose eyes where showing how terrible he is feeling. For a pinch of second, he felt miserable, seeing his younger brother, his soul brother in this condition. But then the flashes of that terrible day came to his mind.

Sanskar and Kavitha were about to get married when goons attacked them. He was beaten mercilessly and kavitha was pleading for him. He asked her to leave, but she didn’t. Then few more goons came there and they forcefully started to take him with them. He tried hard to protest, but in vain. And then, that terrible thing happened, they shot kavitha in front of him. His world shattered, he was not able to breathe. He tried to go to her, but they was being held tightly and also he was very week.

He felt so miserable, he couldn’t be with her, when she needed him. He was not even given the chance to be with her in her last seconds. He wanted to die then and there.
He was brought to MM, the whole family was assembled there. The goons were send by his bade Papa. He was shocked, how they knew of his marriage, he looked at laksh, he bend his head. He was beyond shocked. He felt betrayed and hence left the house.

FB ends.

Sanskar closed his eyes painfully. When he open them again, it was anger and revenge in them. Then he looked at Ragini, her innocence and her smile came to his mind. He felt guilty for ruining her life. She was not at fault, but how can he leave laksh?

Swara was looking at the pair with mixed emotions. She remembers both confessing their love. Ragini confessing her feelings towards and laksh confessing his love on her. From the time laksh confessed his feelings, she started to feel for him, but it was too late, Raglak’s marriage were fixed by then and she didn’t want to ruin her sister’s life. But isn’t her life being spoiled by this marriage?

Raglak are taking their vows. Ragini was taking the vows with all her mind and heart.

Laksh was not even realizing what is happening. He was in his own world. And in no time, as it appeared to laksh, the kandit announced them as husband and wife. Wife? Yes, Ragini is now his wife and now they are tied together. He was finding it hard to accept this.

Ragini was dancing in her mind when the kandit announced them as married couple. This was all what she dreamt of, being Mrs Laksh Maheswari. She was sure that she should have a wonderful life ahead with her laksh. She was very exited.

Then it was time for biday. Ragini felt terrible. She had to leave her family, her Papa, Ma, Dada, Dadi and sister and go from here, from her home were she was born and brought up. She can’t. She hugged Shekar and cried terribly. Every person present there felt sad seeing her.

It was only then that laksh looked at her, after he came here. He felt very bad seeing her so and his guilt feeling increased. She is leaving all her precious relations behind to start to a new relation with him. But how will he give her the life she ks dreaming, when he is in love with her sister and not her. He closed his eyes painfully and then opened again and looked at her.

He felt hurt seeing her crying. He knew she needs support, rather his support now. He went towards the father daughter duo and held Ragini’s hand assuring.

She looked at him and he smiled. Everyone was happy by his gesture. Shekar looked at him gratefully and also with many hopes. That evoked the guilt once again in Laksh. But he managed to smile.

Then they went to the car. Sanskar ran behind them calling his dupatte wali dosth. He told them that he is coming with them and stood adamant. He did that because he couldn’t see Ragini miserable and wanted to be by her side.

Laksh was still holding Ragini’s hand. Three of them sat inside the car such that Raginj was in the middle. She looked at their hands, and felt very happy. His small small gestures was making her fall for him deeply. Now she was sure of a happy and peaceful married life. She lean back to the seat and closed her eyes in content. She was peaceful.

A small smile came across laksh’sface seeing her peaceful.


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