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Bigg Boss 12 30th September 2018 Written Episode Update: First wild card entry with Romil

Bigg Boss 12 30th September 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Weekend Special
Salman is in gym, he says to actor that we have to have back strong as people backbite and dont wear tight pants like Shiv. Salman says dont quit like some inmates in house.

On stage, Salman welcomes everyone to show. Salman says this weekend is cruel, Kriti and Roshmi got eliminated yesterday and someone will get eliminated today too, we know it but inmates dont know it till now. He says Deepika, Karan, Romil-Nirmal are nominated. Salman connects call to house. Inmates greet him. Salman asks Deepak to sing a son. Deepak says I have made song on Bigg boss, he sings bigg boss ka ghar yeh. All enjoy listening to his lyrics and singing. Salman says many people have made song on bigg boss but Deepak you were the best, you gave it an emotional twist. Deepak thanks him. Salman

says there are cupcakes in store room. Karan and Deepika goes in store room and see that they are fake cupcakes of foam. Salman says you people have to make eat each other. Salman asks KV to make Shiv wear band which have sling then they will put cupcake on sling and swings it at face. KV swings cake at Shiv’s face. All wear slings. Salman says I will tell statements, you have to guess who said it and hit them with cake. He says that someone said Deepika is boring and is always in kitchen. Deepika guesses its Romil and hits cupcake on him. Salman says Deepika you were wrong. Salman says someone said she acts like she is my mother in law. Deepika says it might be Saba or Jasleen, she hits Saba. Salman says Deepak is alleged to change sides, Deepak says anup said it and hits him with cake. Salman says someone said that Deepak is mad and creates mess, Deepak says Sourabh said it and hits cake on him. Salman says Deepak you were wrong. Salman says someone said that Sristy changes her promises, she wants keep away from us. Sristy hits Deepika, Salman says you were wrong. Salman says someone said Sristy is rude. Sristy guesses its Shiv, Salman says wrong, Salman says to Shiv and Sourabh that someone said that I perform so much for them but they are useless. Sourabh says its Romil. Romil says I didnt say it. Shiv says it must be Saba and Somi. Sourabh hits Saba. Salman says Romil said it. Salman says someone said Sree is always angry and is a waste here. Sree hits Romil with cake. Salman says Sree behaves like he is great and all are stupid. Sree says Nirmal said it and hits him, Salman says wrong. Salman says Sree is destroying game. Sree says KV said it and hits him. Salman says we wont tell if you are right or wrong.

In house,
Sristy says to Neha that they said I am going away so it was obvious you or Deepika said it. KV says you are wrong.

Salman says Karan Patel went in house and gave them a task.

In house,
Karan comes in house. He meets everyone, Karan says you people will donate your qualities to each other. He asks Jasleen and Anup to donate their quality, Anup says I want to donate truthfullness to Deepak, he plays on both sides. Deepak says I am the most true in this house. Jasleen says I am patient and I am fair and franks. Jasleen wants to give frank quality to Deepika as she doesnt talk in open. Karan asks Deepika what you want to donate? Deepika says I want to give diplomacy to Neha. Karan says Neha cant even be spotted, you are not involved. Neha says my way is different. Karan says you have to change in this house. Karan says Deepika you are very well thought person, Deepika says I want Sourabh to think more, she gives thoughtfulness to him. Urvashi and Deepak comes, Karan says Urvashi you have so many qualities that you cant even donate here, he asks Deepak what quality you want to donate? Deepak says when I came here, I raised voice against wrong, I am daring and I want to give it to Anup, he plays safe. Urvashi says its right. Karan asks Sristy, Sristy says I give instant reaction, I am impulsive, I am out of box. Karan says it cant be seen on TV so you need to find your quality first. Sourabh is next, he says I think before speaking, Karan says its not seen. Karan says to Shiv that you dont talk about important issues. He asks Shiv to give some qualities to Sourabh too. Shiv says I want to give loyalty to Romil. Romil says Sree cursed Shiv and Romil. Sree says dont bring me in this. Karan says give quality. Shiv gives loyalty to Romil. Neha is next, Karan says you are not entertaining, Neha says I have let go quality, Karan says you are mentally strong so I want you to donate that. Neha says Sree is very emotional, he gets offended. Karan asks Sree if he thinks to control his emotions? you are mentally strong? Sree says I dont agree, I wont take this quality, I am real, I am not accepting it. Karan calls Saba and Somi, Somi says I want to give bindas quality to Somi. Sree walks away from there.
Sree says to KV that if I dont have mental strength then I wouldnt be here, first ask her to be real, I am too real to be here, I have trained to not be mentally weak.
Saba says Neha should be more talkative with others. Neha accepts it.
Sree says to KV that I can make her cry in public, I know so much about her. Deepak comes there and asks Sree to come. Sree says I dont want to come. Deepak hugs him. KV and Deepak turns to leave. Sree says to Deepak that you are most real here, you are more real than me.
In lounge, KV says to Karan Patel that I invest in people, I am very blunt when I have think to give my opinion, Karan says you are too diplomatic, KV says I am very clever, it takes time to play this game. Karan gives cleverness quality to KV. Karan says become selfish as there is only one winner in end, he leaves from there.

In house,
Sree says to KV that tell her to spend 20 minutes with me to see my mental strength. Deepika asks him to not take things to hearts.
Neha says to Sristy that Sree has been given clean chit and he keeps bringing it up again, he is weak mentally.
Sree says to Romil that I am sorry if you thought I pointed out something about middle class. Romil says you dont listen to things, Sree says I have high BP, leave me.
Neha says to Sristy that I am not sorry for what I said to Sree.

Deepak says to Jasleen that I heard Deepika and Neha talking, they were talking till when we will remain silent about Sree, I dont know what she shows and what she is.
Neha says to Deepika and KV that we have to babysit Sree daily.
Deepak says to Romil, Jasleen and his team that our next target it to push Deepika to come out.

On stage,
Salman says Ayush and Varina are here. We were in same car. Clip plays, Salman and Ayush are in car, they stop at Varina’s house and pick her. Salman welcomes them on stage, Ayush promotes their movie. They ask some questions to Salman and gifts him some puppies. Ayush and Varina leaves.

Salman connects call to house, Salman asks Sree to enjoy the game, its about presence of mind, you denied to do task when Karan came, all will suffer because of you, just enjoy, this is better than the places you were in, Sree nods. Salman says there will be a fight between Jasleen and Deepika in Sultani ring.

Deepika and Jasleen comes to Sultani ring. Salman says first will be verbal fight where you have to prove who is better than other. Deepika says I agree that I have more experience in handling in kitchen. Jasleen says Deepika is fake, she influence other team-members to not talk to us, she is dominating like mother in law. Deepika says she doesnt talk on time. Jasleen says she is bossy and I am open to all. Deepika says she has ego. Salman takes votes. Only singles vote for her. Pairs vote for Jasleen. Jasleen wins first round.
In second round, they have to push each other on ground, winner will get 2 points Deepika and Jasleen starts fight and try to push each other. Jasleen pushes Deepika on ground and wins first tick, then Deepika pushes her on ground and wins a tick, in third go, they both fight, Deepika pushes Jasleen on ground and wins second round. Deepika wins Sultani fight and gets luxury hamper.

On stage,
Salman says wow Jasleen is heavy weight but Deepika won. Salman says lets connect call to house. He congrats Deepika. Salman says one pair went home yesterday, you people dont know that there is another eviction today. All are stunned. Salman says nominated inmates are in danger. Salman says ROMIL AND NIRMAL come on stage. All are stunned. Romil and Nirmal meets everyone and leave.
Salman welcomes Romil and Nirmal on stage. Romil says I was going good. Salman says this is happening for first time, we are giving you one time offer, you can go in house again but only one will get a chance to go in house and other have to leave. Nirmal says I take the lead and I want to go home, I want Romil to go in Bigg boss house again, Romil says this is an opportunity, I will win. Salman says great Nirmal. Romil hugs Nirmal and thanks him. Nirmal goes home. Salman wishes luck to Romil. Romil goes back. Salman says we will see how Romil will play now.

In house,
Sristy says to Sree that I am angry, I want to talk. Sristy says when I hit cupcake on Deepika, Deepika said that I didnt say that one, it means she says a lot of other stuff? they pointed that you said that about me. Sree says thats why you asked me? Sristy says I was feeling alone this house. KV comes there. Sristy says Deepak talked to me and said that you look alone, I cried so much. Deepak says to Sree that dont be so carying, he whispers to Sree that Deepika and Neha were talking that you dont take stand, you have start talking and they are tired with you, I felt bad that you sat near jail for her. Sree says to KV that we are fools. Deepak asks Sree to not trust anyone.

KV says to Sristy that you were right, Neha and Deepika are one, Sree and I are one and you get stuck in middle. Sristy says thanks, you are accepting it, when I raised this point, they said that I have a problem with Neha and Deepika. KV says Neha’s attitude changed. Sristy says Deepika is playing too smart, she becomes very cold sometimes, I am a very good friend but even better enemy.

Romil comes back in house with a girl. All cheer for them. Girl is a wild card entry.

Salman signs off from show.

PRECAP- Wild card entry Surbhi Rana enters house with Romil. Deepika says to Neha that now game is on.
Deepika calls house and says to Jasleen that Anup is kidnapped by me, if you want to free him then you have to cut your hair to your shoulders, destroy all your clothes and makeup too. Jasleen have to do it to get saved from nominations, she cries and says what will I look like on TV, there will be no glamor. Anup sees it on TV while in abduction of Deepika and Neha, he says Jasleen decide if you want me or these things?
Jasleen cries and says this is not possible? how can I do it? Anup says so much love for clothes?

Update Credit to: Atiba

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